Monday, June 24, 2019

Grade 12 Completed...

As I sit down and write this, my oldest son is writing his last exam for high school.   The past year he was full time with an online school called Virtual Learning Center (VLC for short).

He had done it part time during his grade 11 and went full time for his grade 12.   Through this year he also went through the process of applying for university.

This particular semester was a bit heavy for him since he had four classes - Advanced Functions, Chemistry, Biology and Calculus and Vectors.   But he did amazingly well...

He applied in three different programs for university:
Choice #1 - Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical at UOttawa
Choice #2 - Bachelor in Health Science option Biomedical at Carleton University
Choice #3 - Bachelor in Health Science.

He was accepted in all three with scholarship.  So proud of him...

So next September he embark on a journey of learning in Biomedical.  He is looking forward to it.

We started homeschooling him officially when he was going to be in grade 1.   It was worth it in many ways and I would encourage parents to seriously consider homeschooling your kids during the high school.

One has finished.  I still have three at home...  but somehow I have a feeling of accomplishment when I know that he is pursuing his dream to work in the medical field.  He hopes to be able to go into Medical School but he already has backup plans.  

Congrats Alex!  So proud of you!

You're the One - Original Song - Instrumental Guitar Composed by my son!

Oldest has been composing music in his spare time.  This is the latest one he has done - other ones are on his YouTube channel including an adorable Happy Birthday one!