Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Steps to Knowing, Doing, and Experiencing the Will of God for Teens

9781433679834_cvr_web7 Steps to Knowing, Doing, and Experiencing the Will of God for Teens
Written by Tom Blackaby, Mike Blackaby, and Daniel Blackaby
Published at B&H Publishing Group

About the book

More teenagers than ever before seem to be spinning their wheels a long time before gaining any traction in life. Based on the world-renowned Experiencing God teachings of Henry Blackaby, Seven Steps to Knowing and Doing the Will of God for Teens provides students with relevant spiritual direction as they move toward adulthood.

Throughout, authors Tom, Mike, and Daniel Blackaby (Henry Blackaby's son and grandsons) utilize fun formatting with cartoon illustrations, jokes, real-life stories, and graphically engaging treatments to bring strong focus to a message teenagers need in their often random settings.

My Thoughts

This book was also part of a package deal with two other titles linked to the Experiencing God at Home.   If you are familiar with the book Experiencing God, you will immediately recognized the name Blackaby and know a bit of what the book is about.   After many  years of transforming believers throughout the world, the Experiencing God book has been adapted in order to help you transform your household.  Today, I am presenting the book that is specifically written for teens by non other than members of the Blackaby family!   The idea behind this book is  to allow teens to go deeper in their relationship with God.  Packed with cartoon illustrations, true-life stories, and fresh graphics I find that the book has a look that will grasp the attention of teens.

The table of content is simple yet direct at the same time.   It will start with what it means to know and doing God’s will.   I will be honest, I wish I would have read this book while I was in my teenage years.  But it wasn’t the case and I hope to instill a love for God to my kids.   We want them to experience God in their life in ways we haven’t while growing up.   My oldest son has just turned twelve this week and I want him to live a life fulfilling God’s plans for him.   Consequently, I have decided that this book will be part of his 7th grade homeschool curriculum in September.     The book will help him to discover God at work around him, to realize that He is pursuing him, that He invites him to be involved in His work, that He speaks through the Holy Spirit, and that obedience will allow to fully experience Him in our lives.

At the end of each chapter, you will find a section titled “Walking With God” which will  allow your teen to jolt down answers to questions based on the reading material he/she has done in the chapter.   These sections will allow your child to discover God in his/her life and help him/her to grow spiritually in a deeper relationship with God.

I strongly believe that this book will help many teens to understand God better and realize that He is not dead after all.   It is am amazing resource to guide your teen into experiencing God’s will in their own life whether they are going at school or being homeschool.  

7 Steps to Knowing, Doing, and Experiencing the Will of God for Teens is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


The book is also available for Kindle.


Disclaimer: Thanks to B&H Books for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sammy Experiences God

9781433679803_cvr_webSammy Experiences God
Written by Rom Blackaby and Rick Osborne
Published at B&H Publishing Group

About the book

Sammy Experiences God is a classically illustrated children's book inspired by the Experiencing God teachings of Henry Blackaby. It will help kids begin to understand that God is not far off or hiding from them, and that they can experience his love and involvement in their lives as they follow him.

One evening when little Sammy announces after his bedtime prayers that he is going to look for God, his parents soon enough understand that the boy literally means what he said. When events like a night of camping under the stars and a hike up a small mountain don't bring Sammy what he's looking for, mom and dad try to explain that God is everywhere. But discouragement and a lack of understanding follow.

One day Grandpa Henry figures out what everyone else is missing. Sammy wants to have an encounter with God like the ones he has read about in the Bible -- like Abraham under the stars and Moses at the burning bush after climbing a mountain. Like Jacob, like Elijah, like the disciples.

Grandpa tells Sammy of another Sammy from the Bible (Samuel at age 12), reaching the child with a simple explanation of how we can all experience God's love, wisdom, and help right in the middle of everyday life.

My Thoughts

I received this book in a package deal with two other titles linked to the Experiencing God at Home.   If you are familiar with the book Experiencing God, you will immediately recognized the name Blackaby and know a bit of what the book is about.   After many  years of transforming believers throughout the world, the Experiencing God book has been adapted in order to help you transform your household.  Today, I am presenting the book that is specifically geared to children.  The idea is to help kids to grasp the principles of Experiencing God at their own level.

You can read the book with your kids and then have other fun activities to do with it – Bible stories to explore, conversation starters, find the frogs that are hiding through the pages, decode secret messages and discover the Looking for God feature.   This book will allow the kids to experience God not only in their head but in their heart and lives as well.    This book will permit them to understand His ways and His will for our lives.  

The illustrations accompanying the text are simply fabulous and colorful which will definitively grab the attention of your child.  The story itself is simple to read and fun to go through with your kids.   I strongly recommend that parents sit down with their kid for the first reading and take the initiative to daily go through the Bible stories in order to explore together the Word of God.

This book would make a perfect gift for a dedication or a child baptism.    I think it would be a perfect book for the personal library in your home.

Sammy Experiences God is available at your favourite bookstore, even at and


The book is also available on Kindle.


Disclaimer: Thanks to B&H Books for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jesus, the One and Only

9781433678837_cvr_webJesus, the One and Only
Written by Beth Moore
Published at B&H Publishing Group

About the book

In Jesus, the One and Only, best-selling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore invites you to know Christ personally. Watch and listen as He breaks up a funeral by raising the dead, confronts conniving religious leaders of His day, teaches on a Galilean hillside, or walks on the waves and calms the storm.
Like a ragtag band of followers two thousand years ago, you will never be the same again after such an up close and personal encounter.

“He is Jesus, the One and Only, transcendent over all else,” writes Moore. “To know Him is to love Him. To love Him is to long for Him. To long for Him is to finally reach soul hands into the One true thing we need never get enough of . . . Jesus Christ. He’s all you need.”

Available for the first time in trade paper, this new edition also features an excerpt from Moore’s Jesus, the One and Only Bible study.

Who is Beth Moore?

Beth Moore is a writer and teacher of best-selling books and Bible studies whose public speaking engagements carry her all over the United States. A dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters, Moore lives in Houston, Texas, where she is president and founder of Living Proof Ministries.

My Thoughts

I am profoundly  touched by this book and I have decided to take it one chapter at a time because there are so much to glean from it.   Once again Beth Moore has written a priceless book as it will allow you to dig deeper in your Bible and discover a new facets of Jesus and God’s plan.  The book mainly concentrates on the book of Luke but will bring forth Scriptures from throughout the Bible depending of what is covered in the chapter you read.

I have decided to read this book and jolt down information in my Bible as I discover Jesus and develop a deeper relationship with him while I read this book.  Since last year, I am discovering God as my Father and alongside with this learning I also have to learn to relate to Christ as my brother.  You see I never had a sibling while growing up and though my father was present physically, I never quite relate to him on other levels.   I am on a journey of discovery and learning to trust Him.   This book arrived at a great moment in my grow as a Christian as I also needed to learn more about Jesus himself.   As I said the reading of this book is taking some time because I want to take as much as I can in my heart.    I know from experience in the past that I can expect Beth Moore to present me a new side of Christ that I didn’t expect. 

I consider this book as a devotional as well since I am reading, digging in my Bible and pondering on what I have read as I advance in it.  The book is divided into ten parts, each containing 5 or 6 chapters.   Each part will highlight a particular time during the life of Christ and his work on Earth.  

  • Part 1 – The Word Made Flesh
  • Part 2 – The Son of God
  • Part 3 – The Way and the Life
  • Part 4 – The Esteem of Man
  • Part 5 - The Christ of God
  • Part 6 – The Necessity
  • Part 7 – The Infinite Treasure
  • Part 8 – The Answer
  • Part 9 – The Lamb of God
  • Part 10 – The Risen Hope

This book is simply fabulous if you are looking into learning more about Jesus and deepening your knowledge on him.   It will challenge you and encourage you at the same time.   I find that it speaks to me on levels I wasn’t expecting when I first received it.  It’s interesting to discover Christ on a whole different level than what I am used to.   This book definitively opens up my eyes on who Jesus is for me and allow me to build up my relationship with Him – not only as my Saviour but also as my brother.

Jesus, the One and Only is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and





Kindle Edition


Disclaimer: Thanks to B&H Books for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eyewitness DVD Plant

9780756628307HEyewitness DVD Plant
Published by DK Canada

About the DVD

Here is a an original and exciting new look at the fascinating natural world of plants. Stunning real-life photographs of flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and more offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the natural history of plant anatomy and growth. See the biggest flower in the world, where a seed develops, what the inside of a plant stem looks like, how a flower attracts insects, what a plant's reproductive organs look like, and how a dandelion spreads its seeds. Learn how plants defend themselves, why flowers are brightly colored, how a plant can climb, why some plants feed on insects, and why some plants have no seeds. Discover why some plants have spines and stingers, what plants looked like millions of years ago, how plants survive in the desert, how plants turn sunlight into energy, and much, much more.

My Thoughts

We really enjoyed watching this DVD one gloomy morning during the month of June.   We learned quite a bit while listening to the narrator proceeded to explain everything relating to plants – from the seed to the various types of plants we can find on the planet.   We were amazed to be presented with stink plants which doesn’t grow on a yearly basis, to discover how carnivorous plants eat their prey, how the dandelion can be useful during war time and how a cactus can be affected by lighting in the desert…

This dvd was an eye opener to the world of plants and I think it would make a fabulous addition to your personal dvd library if you are homeschooling.   We have a book on Botany that I am thinking of using next year and I will definitively re-watch this dvd with the kids when we study the plants in more details.  The dvd can also supplement your studies of insects as you will see how they can help with the reproduction of plants.

If you are wondering how to entertain your kids during a rainy day or how to can feed their brain with educational information during the summer months, this dvd will allow them to learn quite a bit about plants.  

The Eyewitness DVD Plant is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore, even on and


Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from DK Canada.. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Healing Foods

9781465408532HHealing Foods – Eat your way to a healthier life
Published at DK Canada

About the book

Take control of your life and your health through what you eat with Healing Foods — an indispensable resource that shows you exactly what foods are best, and how to optimize their super-food potential.

With more than 200 healing foods, from carrots to clementines, and 150 easy-to-prepare recipes that heal, Healing Foods empowers readers to practice optimum nutrition, and shows how certain foods can be incorporated into daily life to target specific health issues.

My Thoughts

A few years ago, I had stumbled on a book highlighting the benefits of certain vegetables and fruits for people dealing with cancer.   I personally don’t have cancer but I thought it was a good idea to have written a book on the benefits of healthy vegetables to help fight a sickness that is rampant.   Imagine my delight when I saw a book in the new DK catalogue on healing foods.   Healthy eating can be beneficial for numerous sickness and ailments.  

The table of contents is easy to follow and well organized.  The first section of the book deals with the kind of foods that heal (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, cereals and grains, dried beans, spices, fats and oils, fermented foods, meats, oily fish, other foods like algae, seaweeds, and so on) while the second part of the book will highlight special recipes that will help you to heal various ailments you might have.   Now please keep in mind that though this book can suggest food that can help with healing,  I wouldn’t suggest that you strictly use it for complete healing.  I believe that it is wise to follow your doctor’s advices if you deal with a difficult illness.   However, I do believe that eating healthy will help the process of healing.  

The book also highlight the dietary benefits for different health areas for the food and recipes presented in it.  Consequently, you will see special icons that will inform you how the food and recipes can help you.   The icons are for heart and circulation, digestion, urinary, respiratory, detox, metabolic balance, immune support, energy boost, muscles and joints, skin and hair, mind and emotions, eye health, men’s health and women’s health.

image  image

As soon as I received this book, I explored it and was telling my husband and kids about various food that would be beneficial for us.  One of the food that heals that I was surprised to learn about was the Aloe Vera.   I wanted to purchase one because I knew the benefits it had for healing small cuts.   But I hadn’t had the time to go to the store and purchase one.   But I was surprise to learn other benefits for the plant.  Apparently, it contains potent antiviral substances, it helps ease bronchial complaints and it helps balance the intestinal flora.  The page on the Aloe Vera also suggest a quick recipe to make juice from the plant.  Not long after reading this information, I headed to my local Home Depot and purchase the biggest Aloe Vera they had.   Knowing that I have a tendency to have bronchitis I knew this plant would be a great addition for my house.   Besides, the plant has also anti-inflammatory benefits to help you deal with allergic conditions and has potential in helps with conditions like arthritis (which I sometimes have to deal in my hands and feet joints.).

I seriously think that Healing Foods is a great book to have in your home.  Not only will you learn how certain food can help you heal but you can have interesting recipes to do as well.  

Healing Foods is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from DK Canada.. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Being quiet….

I will admit that I have been a bit quiet in the pass couple of weeks.   So much is happening that I barely have time to spend on the computer to do reviews.   As I am writing this, I am taking a little break from packing my office (i.e. room #4) in order to be able to put some laminate flooring on it next week.    And for an homeschooler/blogger it means emptying the bookshelves and pack everything so we can move the furniture.

This week – we did two rooms (out of four!).  My sweet daughter Jasmine was the first room we did then the boys’ room followed the next day.  Let me tell you that after two days of doing floors my oldest son was a bit tired.   So taking a break is definitively a good idea.   Once my office is done, we plan to move things around from the school room into the boys room and this former office.   You see, we plan to let my oldest son take residence in the office room and my office will go down in the school room.  This mean lots of moving furniture around and figuring out where to put what – like for example to two big armoires in the school room will more than likely go upstairs in two different rooms.

To be honest I am glad to see the carpet go.   It’s a long job but so rewarding…  Laminate floors change the look.

Jasmine’s room before the floor.


My 2nd son, Dominic removing the wood pieces that kept the carpet on the floor.


Monday morning…. it has started.


Dominic painted the quarter-rounds in the front yard.


The room advancing well…


Jasmine helping a bit at the end.


And the boys room getting done.


Other changes that I am planning to do in the weeks to come will be to merge our homeschool blog to the Canadianladybug Reviews! blog in order to personalize it a bit more.     This is just a matter to take a few minutes to merge the two blog together.   

A new year is coming… and I hope to be able to plan our school year as well during the summer month.  We are still homeschooling and look forward for new challenges to come.

Having said that… I should get back to packing.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Star Wars Identities

Last week, it was our 15th wedding anniversary.  Unbeknown to me, my husband had decided to take a day off.   What should we do during the day?   There was one thing I hoped to be able to go see before the exhibition leave town – The Star Wars Identities exhibition at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, ON.   We decided to go visit it with the kids that day.   I wasn’t sure what to expect and let me tell you that we had a blast during our visit.   We had agreed that we would take our time and enjoy the exhibit as much as possible since we have to pay extra to see it.darth-vader

The whole exhibition will allow you to interactively discover and learn more about Star Wars on a whole new level.   You will also have the possibility to build up your own character of Star Wars during the process.  It took us about three hours to go through the exhibit at a relatively slow pace.   We took the time to read as much as possible, listen to all the interactive spots, and answer the questions to create our own Star Wars character.

Star Wars Identities base the interactions of the exhibit on a simple question:  How did Luke and Anakin, who share similar genes and grew up on the same planet, become such different people?  Through explanation based on the science of identity, you will explore what can make fictional characters who they are – and at the same time what makes you who you are.   In all ten components are presented for you to better understand the word identity and build up your character – species, genes, parents, culture, mentors, friends, events, occupation, personality, and values.

In this exhibit you will be able to see over two hundred original costumes, props, models, and pieces of artwork.   My kids were delighted to see all their favourite characters and costumes.   You will be able to see numerous objects from all six Star Wars movies as well as from the television series Star Wars The Clone Wars.


IMG_7634 IMG_7672




I think the highlight of our visit there was definitively the high quality of the interactive visit we had.   When we came in, we were given a little device which goes around your neck, a hearing piece to clip around your ear and a bracelet containing a digital chip in order to save your decision during the ten stations allowing you to build your own Star Wars character.  I personally really enjoy seeing the artwork and models and see the behind the scenes process of making the movie.   The kids were in awe in seeing the costumes, the characters, and having the opportunity to build their own Star Wars character was the highlight of their visit.


Did we have fun?  You bet.   It was very different than the exhibit we are used to have in the area.   The kids had a wonderful time as well as the parents.   Even though the website of the exhibition has a link for upcoming museums, nothing else is announced at this point in time.  So if you would love to see this special exhibition on Star Wars and discover more about what made the person you are today, I strongly recommend that you come and visit the capital of Canada this summer.  There are other fun places to visit in Ottawa, ON and numerous festivals as well.

The Star Wars Identities exhibit started May 10th but will be held until September 2nd.  So it’s a good time to come and visit Ottawa, ON this summer!   The exhibit is open Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 6pm and from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm.   As I mentioned previously, attending this traveling exhibit is above you regular entrance to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.   You can find the prices on their Planning Your Visit page.

This special exhibition is worth exploring with your family even if it means that you have to spend extra money to get in.   It is an exhibit out-of-the-ordinary that will bring much entertainment to Star Wars fans.  I strongly suggest that you visit it during the week days as soon as it is open because you won’t have as many visitors at that time.   We really enjoyed walking at our own pace and being able to take our time to explore and discover all the different facets of the exhibit.    Everyone in the family enjoyed it and thought it was a fun way to learn more about identities and Star Wars.

And if you are wondering what kind of character we created…. here’s our personalized Star Wars characters we made during our visit!  You can also send the information directly to your email once you have completed the ten stations.




Sunday, June 9, 2013

Smithsonian Universe

9780756698416HSmithsonian Universe = The Definitive Visual Guide
Published at DK Canada

About the book

From the fiery mass of the Sun's core to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, Universe takes you on the ultimate guided tour of the cosmos. Full of stunning out-of-this world images reflecting recent advances in space imagery, you'll go on a journey from our solar system all the way to the farthest limits of space.

With information on the nature of the universe, the study of cosmology, Earth's motion, modern telescopes, astrophotography, and even a comprehensive star atlas, this groundbreaking encyclopedia takes a dazzling and expansive look at the Universe and is a must-have for both students and astronomy enthusiasts.

Includes a comprehensive star atlas that covers all the constellations and planetary charts showing their positions right up to 2019, with entries on each of the 88 constellations and notable celestial objects that lie within them, and a monthly sky guide showing the night sky as it appears throughout the year.

My Thoughts

Father’s is just around the corner and DK Canada has a special boutique from which you can select books for your father or the father of your children.     I selected one title from the Dads Rock Boutique to review – The Smithsonian Universe.  Okay I will admit that this book will be mostly for our homeschool as it present the universe and would be perfect to complement our exploration of the solar system and the rest of the universe.   But if the man in your life loves to learn more about the universe and be transported through it via stunning images and interesting facts, this book is definitively for him.   After all with over 528 pages in a book put together by none other than the Smithsonian, you can expect a fabulous visual guide to space. 

The book contains detailed profiles and amazing visuals which also includes the most recent images from space probes and telescopes, it will guide you in determine the equipment necessary for amateur observation and offer numerous maps that will allow you to explore the night sky as it is seen from all parts of the world and at all times of the year.

I will admit that this book is definitively not creation based but still I think it contains breath taking photos, information that can allow you to discover the planets in the solar system and could be a great addition in your personal library.  I believe strongly that homeschool kids should be presented the evolution information as well as the creation point of view in order to defend their faith when they attend higher schooling institution.   We constantly talk about this when we watch videos and discuss information in our books during our teaching time.   Even when we drive long distance, we discuss various situations with them as they grow up.    Having said that, let’s explore the table of contents together, shall we?

The book has three main sections in it:

Introduction: In the introduction section, you will find three chapters.  In What Is the Universe? you will find information about the scale of the universe, the celestial objects, matter, radiation, gravity, motion, orbits, space and time as well as the expanding space.    Then you will learn more about the beginning and end of the universe.  That’s where you will find information about the Big Bang,  life in the universe, and the fate of the universe.   Finally, the section closes with a chapter on the view from earth and learn more about how earth moves through space and how to become an amateur astronomer.

Guide to the universe: This section will allow you to explore from the comfort of your home the solar system, the milky way, and beyond the milky way i.e. other galaxies.    Each planets of the solar system are individually presented in the solar system chapter.  I am a bit disappointed in the fact that Pluto has been relegated to the pages on the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud.   It does mention that it was classified as a planet for a period of time.  I think it would have been interested that Pluto had its own section where you could read more about the process of declassifying it as a planet.   Maybe in another update in the future.  In the meantime, you could read more about this on the Wiki page of Pluto.

The night sky: I consider this section specifically incorporated for amateur astronomy observers.   Essentially, it will present you the various constellations you can find in the night sky and then provide monthly sky guides that will allow you to find the constellations at any time of the year.

See some of the pages from the book Smithsonian Universe.




The book is definitively packed with interested information and stunning images from cover to cover.  I think everyone could learn quite a bit about space with this book – even if you don’t believe in evolution.   If you are a Christian and believe in creation, this book will permit you to discover part of the universe that the Creator has put in place for us to discover his works.     Seeing the images taken by the telescopes and the space probes allow me to ponder on Him and realize how creative He was. 


Your dad doesn’t like to learn things of the universe?  No problem.    DK Canada has numerous titles on sale at 30% off in the Dads Rock Boutique.    You would be able to find title about aircraft, motorcycle, car, birds, sailing,  photography, giutar, woodwork, do it yourself, wine, beer, food, history, bike, exercises,  or television shows or movies.   There are even titles on comic books characters and Lego!    If you purchase directly from DK Canada, their delivery is rapid.

The Smithsonian Universe is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from DK Canada. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boy and Girl Books of Adventures

Boy’s Book of Adventure & Girl’s Book of Adventure
Published at Barron’s Educational Series

About the books

barronseduc_2264_2559621Boy’s Book of Adventure – the little guidebook for smart and resourceful boys

Here’s an exciting book packed with facts about nature, ideas for outdoor activities, and fun-to-do crafts projects that will keep boys interested and busy all year around. It’s filled with color illustrations and diagrams that teach kids—

  • How to recognize different kinds of insects and observe their activities
  • How to identify different kinds of rocks
  • How to read a topographic map
  • How to construct a camper’s backpack
  • How to tie sailors’ knots
  • How to build a periscope . . . and much more
Camping advice and instruction includes ways to protect against the weather, first-aid for injuries, advice on using a compass, tips for studying the night sky, identifying birds, and much more. The book’s wide array of topics and sturdy construction makes it an ideal outdoor companion for hiking and camping excursions. An elastic band bound into the back cover can be stretched over pages and used as a place marker. Color illustrations on every page.

Girl’s Book of Adventure – The Little Guidebook for smart and resourceful girlsbarronseduc_2264_2793609

Girls who take pleasure in crafts activities, and who enjoy the outdoors and nature will love this activity book. It’s packed with color illustrations, things to make and do, and ideas for outdoor activities. Instructions, tips, and information on some of the book’s many topics include—

  • How to identify seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • How to take professional-looking photos and create good-looking photo albums
  • How to make paper jewelry
  • How to make herbal teas and delicious fruit desserts
  • How to dress and pack for hiking and camping activities
  • How to construct imaginative musical instruments
  • How to weave containers and baskets
Here too are instructions for outdoor games, ideas for hiking trips and nature watching, first-aid instruction, and more—a total of 60 themes that are of special interest to girls. This book’s sturdy construction makes it ideal for taking along on outdoor activities. An elastic band bound into the back cover can be stretched over book pages for use as a place marker. Color illustrations on every page.

My Thoughts

As the final school days are approaching I know that some parents will wonder how they can entertain their kids during the summer months.   For us, I think we will do a bit of science intertwined with camp/VBS/family reunion and so on.   But I recently received two marvelous books that could help many parents out there to entertain their kids during the months of June/July/August.   These two books are packed with fun activities and cool facts from cover to cover.   The books are The Boy’s Book of Adventure and The Girl’s Book of Adventure.

First let’s take a look at the one dedicated for boys.   In this little gem of a book, your child will be able to discover plenty of adventurous ideas for outdoors as well as fun-to-do crafts projects.   Essentially, this is an outdoor activities book.  With all the publicity emphasis the fact that kids are not spending enough time outside, it’s nice to discover a book that encourages the kids to explore the outdoors.  Here’s what you will find in the table of contents:  little insects in the grass, bike safety, secret codes, make your own wallet, morse code, awalé, protect yourself from the sun, wild geometry, trail signs, don’t lose north, rescue techniques, shells, cool drinks, outdoor traveler’s toolbox, most beautiful rocks, adventurer’s shelter, poisonous snakes, make a periscope, music of the sea, first aid, taking care of plants without wasting water, reading a map, karate sudoku, native American way, pond in your backyard, make a water mill, music of the world, snail race, what will the weather be like tomorrow, your head in the stars, races on the water, make an herbarium, mystery of cherries, adventurer’s pouch, how to catch a fish, bird-watching, sailors’ knots, animal tracks, garden, send news, martian, and removing salt from seawater.   *deep breath*  

As you can see, there is a ton of interesting subjects to explore during the summer time.   Some of them remind me of things I have done while being in the girl guides.   Each subject has colorful illustrations and fun facts.  I am very impressed with the project of hunting for bugs during the night!


Now let’s explore the book that is specifically for girls.   This one is packed with activities and fun-to-do projects.  A little bit different that the boy one, this book will encourage your girl to explore things that she never did before.  Here’s what you will find in the table of contents: cooking with honey, make a swing, sailor’s knots, beauty tips, discover Yoté, paper jewelry, photos like the pros, careful: poison, well-protected fruits, hiker’s toolbox, flowers on your plate, precious photos, birthday piñata, herbal and wellness teas, predicting the weather, discover Furoshiki, candles all year long, organic calendar, Japanese-style breakfast, when the winds blows, homemade potpourri, woven pot, secret messages, games you can make, summer sarong, recycle yogurt containers, seasonal drinks, crazy game: Monkey Quarters, real magician, identifying wild flowers, celebrating music, fairy headpiece, hedgehog superstars, flower for decoration, beach comets, party projects, scent of times past, your jewelry bowl, dream catcher, my notes – my sketches.

Plenty of things to do with your girl don’t you think?   Again, this book is well designed and contains fabulous illustrations.   I am very impressed with some of the activities and I will make a flower for decorations for my daughter’s hair.   I am certain that she will ask me to make one for her special doll, Léonie as well. 

image image

Did I mentioned that both books contains more than 50 stickers?   No?  Well here you go.  More fun for your child because stickers are included.  But seriously, I think the books can be used by siblings to encourage working together.   My sweet daughter is a bit young to do it herself so I am thinking of asking her big brothers to do some of the activities with her.   And when the boys explore something I don’t see why their sister can’t join them.   Both books contains things I have done while in the girl guides…  and it is interesting that they don’t repeat themselves on the activities.  In a way they kind of complete themselves… though some activities in the girl book wouldn’t be fun for a boy and vice versa when it comes for the boy book for a girl.  But I can see my daughter having fun catching bugs in the night and the boys enjoying a swing in a tree (if only we had a big enough tree that is… and then again there might be argument on whose turn it is to swing – make it would be better to have four?).

Both books are sturdy and can be carried for a trip or camp.   I really think that the kids – boys or girls – will enjoy discovering the activities included in these books.  They would make a great surprise book to give at the end of the school year and could help your kids to discover new fun things to do.

The Boy’s Book of Adventure and The Girl’s Book of Adventure are both available at your favourite bookstore, even and



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