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TOS Crew Blog Walk – Week 7




This is week seven of the blog walking of the members of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

1. Closing Time

Erin is the author of this blog and she is the mom of two little girls whom she homeschools,   She has just celebrated her 10th anniversary and her birthday within the past week.    She also participate to Tuesdays Unwrapped – celebrating the small things and she wrote a cute entry on tiny nachos back in early June.  It reminded me that my own kids react that way sometimes…

2. One Blessed Mamma

Amy is the mom of 4 kids.   In her blog she shares what is happening in their family life.    The entry I particularly liked was the one about free food at Chick-Fil-A.   I’m not sure I would be willing to go for this but I must admit I wore a crazy hat once to go to Michael’s and got a wonderful baking rack for free.   WoW!   I was impressed because this is not a small rack I got.   So way to go for you family Amy – Free food is always nice to get!

3. El Cloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet

April is the author of this blog.   She is a mom of seven kids and loves to scrapbook in her spare time.   She also shares the lessons she learned about homeschooling which I find very true.  On her blog not only will you read reviews but also life in her family like moving her mother-in-law and tidbits on how a week is going.    Get to know her better by discovering who she is via her blog!

4. Alive in Spirit

Barbara is the author behind this blog.   She gives a little glimpse in her life with two girls.   Recently she wrote an entry about quietness before the storm.   Aren’t we all there sometimes in life…    Either we know it or not – storms are brewing.    We can be prepared by trusting God.   Great reminder Barbara.  

5. Ozark Rumblings

BethBray is the writer of this blog.    Recently she shared about a VBS her son attended and I must admit this is one cool VBS.   It looked fun and very instructive to me.   A perfect combination for learning don’t you think?  Her blog also have reviews and homeschool entries.   

6. Army of 5

Chris is a mom of three kids and also a part time veterinarian.   WoW!   I always wanted to be a veterinarian but never completed that dream.    To think that she also reviews for the Crew as well as for publishers is incredible.   Here and there she post wonderful pictures – I saw cute picture of a horse and a duckling…   

7. Fenced In Family

Cindy is the author of this blog and recently launched a new business venture with her husband called A Homemade Heritage.    They are planning to sell homemade items like candles, lye soap, glycerin soap, laundry soap kits, bath crystal, crocheted pot holders, dishcloths and hair scrunchies.     I love it when creativity are part of an entreprise.  I hope that God will bless them in this new adventure…   If I go to West Virginia – I’ll make sure to look at fairs and purchase a few things.    The Garden Friends glycerin soap are very cute!

8. Debbie's Digest

Debbie is a mom of four kids ranging from 13 to 24 years old.   She participates to the Wordless Wednesday as well as the 365 project which gives a glimpse of the life of the author throughout the year.    I love this project but I learned about it later this year so I am keeping an eye open for next year.    That should be fun.   Recently, Debbie was able to add more books to the family library when she went to a surplus store and got 45 books for 10 cents each!!!  And in there you can find fabulous fun books too!   *sigh*   I wish this kind of store would be available here…  

9. Footprints in the Butter

Debra is a mom and homeschooler who also write reviews.    I think it is fun to see the same books that I have reviewed as well.   Debra also shares about her participation on the Bible in 90 days challenge.   

10. Got Chai?

Denise is a homeschooling mom of three.  Not only does she reviews but she works as well as the Media Relations Liaison for Vala Dancewear/Class Act Tutu and direct the Children’s Ministry at her church.   While looking her blog I’ve discovered that there is a new website dedicated to mommies using the Wii Fit to get in shape.   I used the Wii Fit to loose some weight last year and I know I need to get back on it… maybe this will encourage me to get back in shape.   Thanks for sharing the Wii Mommies site!  

See you all at the next blog walk!


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Discovering Digital Scrapbooking

I’ve discovered a new hobby.   Honestly I don’t know how I will keep up with my hobbies but this one is not really new – Scrapbooking has been part of my life on and off in the past few years.   But with four kids it is hard to find the time and the energy to do it.

Enter my opportunity to review a Bamboo Craft earlier this year and with it I got introduced to digital scrapbooking.  And you know what I think it is perfect for the blogs.   But I also like creating pages from hand and preserve them for my kids.

But this digital scrapbooking is fun.  I admit that I am getting hook on it.   So when I had a minute earlier this week, I googled and found a bunch of free scrapbook pages and embellishments.   What do you think I did? – yep download them!

And I played with it… for fun.   I am trying to redesign my review blog and found fun things for it.   And I played with the scrapbook part of it.  


This specific page has been done with a layout I’ve found at

Digital scrapbooking is interesting.   I love the flexibility of it and the fact that I don’t have to print tons of pictures to make my pages.    It is different than what I am used to but so much easier to put on a blog and share.  

New blinkie

Picture Smart Bible

Cover_NT Picture Smart Bible
Created by Dan and Juanene Peters

About the Product

Pictures work in these Bible lessons because they honor the picture-smart intelligence that all children and adults are created with. This is one of eight smarts we can use when teaching and learning.

Children with picture-smart or spatial strengths naturally think in pictures with their eyes. Because our young generation has been raised with visually engaging digital technology, many of them have this strength. That’s why the Bible activities using this approach are perfect for them.

Even if it’s not one of their strengths, all children do have the ability to think in pictures. The Picture Smart Bible will help these children use an intelligence they normally wouldn’t rely on. Therefore, it’s ideal for these kids, too.

Comprehension, retention, application, and enjoyment all improve when your picture intelligence is used.

Using pictures is refreshing for me even though I’m not very picture smart. My comprehension of how details fit together and how Bible heroes relate improves. My ability to remember details and history is enhanced. I always see something new in a book that I thought I knew because the pictures bring things to life in new ways.

The Picture-Smart Bible is a perfect stand-alone curriculum or supplement to something else you’re using. Learning with pictures works!

Who are Dan and Juanene Peters?

Dan and Juanene have a passion for the word of God. Having advanced in the field of graphics and marketing, in a rather surprising move, God impressed them to start a Christian school. Dan, who is an ordained minister, served as associate pastor and school administrator for 20 years, teaching Bible to both children and adults.

My Thoughts

When I discovered this product, I was quite curious about it because not only it was teaching the Bible from cover to cover but it was incorporating art at the same time.   So I asked if I could review the product and I got a positive answer.   I had the choice of reviewing the books which were getting re-printed (so a delay was expected) or the CD which would allow me to print as many copies as I needed for our homeschool.   With four kids and myself, I figure the CD would be more appropriate for our family.

When I got the CD, I immediately printed the section concerning the Bible as a whole.   In that section we learned that the Bible is God’s inspired, that it was written over 1600 years, that over 40 authors recorded God’s Word, that three languages were involved and that the theme of salvation is found over and over again in the Bible.   The Bible is also a bestseller throughout the World.    This lesson also covered the fact that it is a lamp to our feet, it is a sword, that it is known as the bread of life, that reading and meditating on the word will help us growth our mind and much more.   It also gave a summary of all the books in the Bible and divided them into the two testaments and the different types of books (Law, History, Poetry, Prophets for the Old Testament and Gospels, Letters, History and Prophecy for the New Testaments).

When I embarked in this adventure, I had high hopes in the receptivity of my kids.   I had read that it was more appropriate for grade 4 and up kids but part of me was hoping my kids would be different.   I got quickly reminded that I shouldn’t expect perfection from the younger ones.    I know Jasmine wouldn’t be able to trace so I had printed the full page for her so she can color while we go through the lesson.   We had to do the lesson in two days but I think in the future I will spread it in three or four days.    Jérémy, age 4, had no problem to trace the page but when came the time to color it, he had lost his interest.   I think that next time, I will print the full page for him and ask him to color the parts as we go through the study.   Dominic, age 6, had a bit of lack of motivation at one point due to the fact that I was trying too much.  In the end, he said he enjoyed learning more about the Bible and wanted to do more of the lessons.   Alexandre, age 9, was eager to learn and discover more about the Bible.   He had the most facility with the lesson and look forward to do more as well.    He really enjoyed it.   He was also able to remember the scriptures learned from Awana last year when we came upon some of the ones he had learned.    He was very happy to be able to recite them without problem.

Below, are the pages we have done during our lesson on the Bible as a whole.   You will be able to see the differences between the kids.    Mind you, now that I know the attention span of my younger ones, I will adapt the future lessons accordingly.

Photobucket Photobucket
Mom Alexandre - age 9
Photobucket Photobucket
Dominic - age 6 Jérémy - age 4
Jasmine - age 2 1/2  

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely.  Not only is it a wonderful way to learn the Bible for children in an homeschool environment, but it can also be a fantastic tool for Sunday School, Christian Schools, and whole congregations as well.    The kids are not the only ones who can learn from this product, adults will benefit from it as well.

The Picture-Smart Bible is available directly from the website -   Other products can be purchased but the Picture-Smart Bible prices are as follow:

  • Old Testament Manual for  $59
  • New Testament Manual for $51
  • Both OT and NT Manuals for $99
  • CD of OT and NT Manuals (PC and Mac) for  $75
  • OT and NT Manuals and CD for $130
  • OT and NT download  Introductory offer for $59

This review was possible because I received a copy of the CD of OT and NT Manuals of the Picture-Smart Bible from the creators of the product.

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What the Bible is All About for Moms

whatbible_kpride What the Bible is all About for Moms
Written by Kathy Pride
Published at Regal
About the book
Renowned Bible teacher Henrietta Mears had a dream: to make the Bible accessible to everyone. What the Bible Is All About realizes her dream, and that book has become an essential companion for students of the Bible for more than 50 years. What the Bible Is All About for Moms is the second devotional based on Dr. Mears classic study guide. These 66 readings, one for each book of the Bible, will bring God's Word into the homes and hearts of moms of all ages. Each chapter includes mom-specific excerpts from Henrietta's original text, suggested Scripture reading for daily or weekly study, a devotional reading to connect the days verses to the everyday lives of mothers, a few ideas about applying God's Word to the reader's life and a suggested thought or question for further reflection. Moms are in the Bible from beginning to end, and now the Bible can be in the hearts and minds of moms!

kathypride2010_blogtour Who is Kathy Pride?
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m trying to decide how to introduce myself… I have lots of energy (although I feel tired a lot), am decidedly middle aged (although I still seem to think I am in my twenties) and wage a losing battle with wanting to drop ten to fifteen pounds which have settled between my naval and my knees.

I worship at Community Mennonite Fellowship in Milton, Pennsylvania where I serve as the Director of the Missions/Outreach Ministry. I accepted Christ the very first day I showed up at this church on June 10, 2001 and am privileged to serve as part of the church with a group of people who walk the talk.

I grew up in New York City and now I live in a small town in Pennsylvania where I moved with my husband, Howie, in 1986. We chose Danville, PA because there is a large medical center and it is where my husband completed his residencies and now practices as a pediatric dermatologist.
Howie and I met at Brown University, where he graduated in 1980, and I graduated in 1982. I did not study English, journalism, or writing, (a question I am frequently asked) but majored in Health and Society. When we moved to Pennsylvania I continued my education, earning my BSN from Bloomsburg University and have spent over twenty years teaching huff and puff (childbirth education) classes.

We have four children, two big boys (OK, young men) in their twenties, and two daughters in elementary school. The quip is that we missed our generation completely, having our first two children as young fools, and our second two as old fogies. Our older daughter is Vietnamese, joining our family when she was five months old. Our other three children are birth children, our second son and second daughter red headed look a-likes.

My writing journey started in 2002 when we were in the midst of struggles with our son and I felt compelled to share a hand of hope and healing to other families who were struggling with substance abuse. The directive to share was very clear, as if I had heard an audible voice. I ended up writing the book I needed to read Winning the Drug War at Home. And that was the beginning of my writing life, which I love and find myself knee-deep in it.

What else can I tell you about myself? In an attempt to get rid of those nagging extra ten pounds I love to exercise but need a goal to keep me motivated. So my husband and I recently decided to join the world of short distance triathlons. I used to be quite competitive (swam at the National Level) but now my goal is simply to finish.

I love to travel and we have gone to Honduras on Medical Mission trips. Recently I did a high ropes course, and all I have to say is it really is a good thing I only had a vague idea of what I was getting myself into. I have never participated in sky diving (although our son Matt has; he also went down in a cage to visit with sharks and want to get his Avalanche certification…) but I have gone paragliding in the Swiss Alps.

An Interview with Kathy Pride
First, a little bit about me and how this book came to be…

So, let’s chat. I love chatting! And meeting new people, especially moms.
I am a mom, I have a mom, and I have worked with moms for years as a childbirth educator. And my writing style is much like my teaching style, telling things like they are with truth, humor and transparency.
I hated it when the instructor told me in Lamaze class that the contractions wouldn’t hurt. That was simply not true. And I vowed then and there that everything I did in life had to be truthful, but that sometimes the truth hurts so humor tempers lots.

Anyway, I have four kids, two adult sons, 28 and 25 and two younger daughters, eleven and thirteen, and for those who wonder about the gap, our third child was actually the only one truly, truly planned for the time she arrived, as she was adopted and brought home from Vietnam at five months of age.

My husband and I have been married for almost thirty years and met in college and have hung in and on ever since. We live in a small town in Central PA where he is a physician and I spend most of my time after three pm in the car.

The opportunity to write this book came to be as a result of a totally divine happenstance conversation I had with editor extraordinaire and grace dispenser Kim Bangs who invited me to submit a concept sheet and then proposal for this book.

Well, what about that soft spot for moms?

Moms have a tough job, don’t you think?

We do have the Bible, and not to minimize that as an instruction manual in right living by any stretch of the imagination, but it tends to come in after friends and family and all their free advice, that can be pretty costly…

So the question arose, how can we take Biblical wisdom and stories, role models and examples, and weave them into relevant (and funny) stories to encourage moms? I know I need encouragement! Everyone else’s kids may be perfect, but mine are NOT. And, shocker, neither am I. But guess what? Neither were many of the moms, ok, all of the moms in the Bible. Remember, Jesus has the corner on the market in the perfection department, so God has provided lots of examples of moms and how they dealt with different situations, similar to what current day moms deal with. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. But, the story of the Bible is one of redemption, and moms need to remember that.

So, the opening story for Genesis, is titled, “E is for Eve and Epidurals.”

So, tell us a little bit about how the book is laid out, and who is Henrietta Mears?

The book is inspired by the writing of Henrietta Mears, renowned Bible Teacher from Hollywood Presbyterian Church in the 1940’s and on. She believed in making the Bible accessible to everyone, and wrote her hallmark publication, What the Bible is All About, and was the founder of Gospel Light Publishing, Regal’s (the publisher of this book) parent company. So Regal has now published two devotionals inspired by her writing.

The book is comprised of 66 chapters, one for each book of the Bible, each one bit sized for busy moms.
Each chapter starts off with a brief section entitled “Snapshot from Henrietta” which serves as a basic overview for that particular book of the Bible. It is then followed by selected Scriptures, also inspired by the writing of Miss Mears, with one specific Scripture from among her selections highlighted. This Scripture is one that has particular relevance to moms.

A short one sentence synopsis precedes each story under the heading, “Momento” and then is followed by the story under the heading, “Mama Mia” which focuses on a mom or mom theme.

Each story is followed by an encouragement, “Lightening the Mother Load” and then closes with questions for reflection under “Musings for Moms.”

Tell us a little about the stories; some of these titles make me laugh.
I am so glad they make you laugh. Every mom who has gone through labor can relate to labor pain. Well, it says there right in the Bible, women will experience pain in childbirth, so E is for Eve (the grande dame mama) and epidurals…

Then there are others, like, “Bath”-Is That for Bathing or Bathsheba? (Being noticed and admired…); “White Teeth and Plastic Surgery” (paying attention to appearances); “Mean Girls 101” (raising great daughters); and “Too Much Idling Will Ruin Your Engine” (Gossiping).

But the stories are relevant, honest, and will result in many nods of recognition. I am simply the scribe (oh, and experiencer of most of the stories, which are all true, although some names have been changed….)

But aren’t Moms too busy to read?

I will be the first mom to admit that we are busy…and I often fall asleep at night, sometimes drooling, while trying to read. But these chapters are bite sized, uplifting and include lots of Scripture, and can be read on the go. They are great for the car or purse. Plus, with the Bible overview, if you have friends who don’t think the Bible is particularly relevant, or not for them, this is perfect to introduce them to the Bible as the real deal!

Is this for all moms, or just young moms?

The challenges that moms face are really universal throughout their lifetime. It may be a different story, but ultimately it is the same script. It may be sleepless nights with a colicky baby, but problems and not understanding what is wrong continues with your kids through a lifetime (sorry, if you have young kids you probably didn’t just want to read this…)

It includes single moms, young moms, older moms, and moms who aren’t yet moms. There are struggles in yearning to be a mom and God’s answers and timing that are also written about with bittersweet honesty.

Have you had experience with tough times in parenting?

Absolutely. But because God is in the grand business of redemption, while it doesn’t condone wrongs, He will use mistakes to help us reach out to others. I have experienced crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss, infertility, adoption and motherhood as a young fool, and older fogie…remember, we have seventeen years between number one and four. Our adult sons have had struggles (one son’s struggle with substance abuse is what paved the way to my relationship with Christ) and just real life issues, which would make it into my annual Christmas letter, and is why I no longer write one (no, I write a book instead…)

How has this book been redemptive to you?

That’s a great question, because the first draft of this manuscript was, well, a little let’s just say, sharp (ok, downright caustic in some places) and that showed me, through the eyes of another, that I still had significant healing to go through in my relationship with my own mother. And it is amazing how God has accomplished that, through allowing me to write, re write and then learn from Him through the writing of this book.

What kind of feedback have you had so far?

You know, it’s been really encouraging. Moms are relieved that they are not alone, that there is someone else who will acknowledge that they don’t have it all together (and don’t drive a clean car, either…) I have had so many women remark that they felt like I was just chatting with them over coffee, that the stories are so real to life. And that’s what we need isn’t it? Encouragement from others that we journey through life together, God loves us, will redeem our mistakes, and then enable us to share with the next sojourner on the journey of life.

What else would you like to share?

I would love for people to join the conversation, come stop by for a visit at my web site:, also known as The Mennonite Diva. Friend me on Facebook, although there I listed my “full” name for some unknown reason, Katherine Pride (so formal) follow my blog on the home page of my website, and just hang out.

Wait just one minute…did you say Mennonite Diva? Tell me about that.

Sure. First of all, my message of encouragement to women is that they all need to release their Inner Diva’s. They are Divinely Chosen, Inspiring, Valued and Amazing. I worship at a Mennonite Church where I also serve as the Outreach and Missions Director, and I love pink and having fun. So please drop by!

My Thoughts
I see this book as a companion of the original What the Bible is All About.   Why?   Simply because I consider it more like a devotional that goes along with the original book written by Henrietta Mears. 
What the Bible is All About for Mom’s gives a snapshot of what Mrs. Mears has written in the original book and then you get a devotion with questions that will make you think and ponder on what you have read.  

I enjoyed reading the devotions of the books of the bible that I selected and look forward to pursue my discoveries in this book.   I am fortunate to have the original book from Mrs. Mears as well so I can take both and discover the Bible through a different way.

Getting to know your Bible from cover to cover should be a priority for every mom.   After all, how can you encourage your children to discover God’s Word when you yourself don’t take the time to do so?   Reading on a daily basis will show them that getting to know God is a priority.   This book will help you to discover how it can be applied in your life while you do through the devotional part of it.  

This review was possible because I received a copy of What the Bible is All About for Mom’s from Christian Speaker Services.

What the Bible is All About for Mom’s is available everywhere even at

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I was working very slowly to transfer the old posts of Life at Oak Grove which was hosted by Homeschoolblogger.   

I had swtiched a long time ago to blogger and wanted to bring the old posts as well.  Unfortunately when I started this transfer I couldn't export the blog.   Well since then Homeschoolblogger has gone to Wordpress and now exporting was possible.  However, I couldn't import it into blogger.

After searching a bit on google, I found a website that does a temporary conversion and then I was able to import the older blog entries here.

I'm so happy and relaxed now.   No need to cut and paste...  YEAH!

The Hole in Our Gospel

The Hole in Our Gospel – The Answer that Changed My Life and Just Might Change the WorldBy Richard Stearns
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book
"Preach the Gospel always. Use words if necessary." - St. Francis of Assisi
It's 1998 and Richard Stearns' heart is breaking as he sits in a mud hut and listens to the story of an orphaned child in Rakai, Uganda. His journey to this place took more than a long flight from the United States to Africa. It took answering God's call on his life, a call that hurtled him out of his presidential corner office at Lenox-America's finest tableware company-to this humble corner of Uganda.

This is a story of how a corporate CEO faced his own struggle to obey God whatever the cost, and his passionate call for Christians to change the world by actively living out their faith. Using his own journey as an example, Stearns explores the hole that exists in our understanding of the Gospel.

Two thousand years ago, twelve people changed the world. Stearns believes it can happen again.

Who is Richard Stearns?
Richard Stearns brought nearly 25 years of corporate experience to World Vision when he became its president in June 1998.

Stearns holds a bachelor's degree form Cornell University and an MBA form the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His professional career began in marketing with the Gillette Company. From 1977 to 1985, he held various roles with Parker Brothers Games, culminating in his appointment as president in 1984. In 1985, he became a vice president at The Franklin Mint, then joined Lenox in 1987 as president of Lenox Collections. In 1995, Stearns was named president and chief executive officer of Lenox Inc.  As president of World Vision Inc., Stearns is responsible for U.S. operations, which include fund raising, advocacy, and program development.

Stearns and his wife, Renee, have been World Vision supporters since 1984. The couple has five children and live in Bellevue, Washington.

My Thoughts
Speechless.   Moving and disturbing.   These are the words that comes to my mind when I think about this book.    It is a wonderful book that will be an eye opener for any Christian who is willing to let the Spirit be in their lives.

Because honestly,  you won’t be the same when  you finished reading this book.   Part autobiography and part teaching, this book will make you want to do more for the poor – close to home or elsewhere in the world.   You will read how God move Richard Stearns in the current position of president of World Vision, how Mr. Stearns became a Christian and how he lived while being young.  You will be torn to read about the stories in the book from the little boy who had lost his legs to the woman who was disfigured and forgave her attacker.   I admit that I cried while coming to certain parts of the book.   The chapter that moved me the most is certainly chapter 12 where you learn more about the importance of water.  Water is indeed life.   And to hear how  Richard’s wife prepared herself to a speaking engagement on the subject is moving.   It got me thinking of the importance of water in my own life and how sometimes we take it for granted.

I would strongly recommend any Christians to get this book and to be moved by it.  Be open to the Holy Spirit to touch you in places you do not expect to react.   It is a life changing book – guaranteed.    You won’t be the same after finishing reading this book.   I know I am changed. 

Canadians can give to World Vision easily over the internet.  Go to

The Hole in Our Gospel has received the ECPA 2010 Christian Book of the Year Award.

This review was possible because I received a copy of The Hole in Our Gospel from Thomas Nelson.

The Hole in Our Gospel is available everywhere – even at

What Your Son Isn’t Telling You

SON_MECHANICAL_CS3.indd What Your Son Isn’t Telling You: Unlocking the Secret World of Teen Boys
Written by Michael Ross and Susie Shellenberger
Published at Bethany House

About the Book

Keys to Understanding Your Son's Heart and Mind

Your son struggles with the constant pressure to prove himself--in the classroom, on the playing field, and especially among his friends. And while he may put up a tough exterior, deep inside he hungers for family support and connection. You long to be there for him, but chances are he's put up a formidable wall of silence, leaving you wondering how to break through.

In What Your Son Isn't Telling You, teen experts Michael Ross and Susie Shellenberger offer a rare glimpse into the secret lives of teen boys--behind-the-scenes footage you might miss in the day-to-day life of your son--accompanied by practical advice on how to provide the support and connection your son desperately needs.

Packed with real-life stories and emails from teen guys, this must-read will give you a new understanding of what your son isn't telling you.

Who are Michael Ross and Susie Shellenberger?

Michael Ross is a veteran youth communicator and former editor of Breakaway, a national magazine for teen guys published by Focus on the Family. His online advice column--"HEY MIKE!"--was read by thousands worldwide each month. Michael is also the author of more than 18 books for young people, including the Gold Medallion winner BOOM: A Guy's Guide to Growing Up and a bestselling devotional, Faith That Breathes. He and his wife, Tiffany, live in Colorado Springs with their young son, Christopher, and two cats.

Susie Shellenberger was founding editor of Focus on the Family's Brio magazine for teen girls in 1990 and continued to serve as editor for more than two decades. A former youth pastor and a high school teacher, she has written more than forty books, is in demand as an international speaker for women's groups and teens, and started the Brio Mother/Daughter Cruise for Focus on the Family. Susie lives in Colorado Springs and recently launched a new magazine for teen girls, Susie.

My Thoughts

Having three sons and one that has turned 9 this year, I realize that the teenage years will be knocking at our door quickly.    Consequently, when I was offered to review What You Son Isn’t Telling You I jumped on the opportunity.    I think a parent should always be prepared for adolescence and it is never too early to get started.

Right away, I live the credentials of the authors.   We love Focus on the Family and knowing that both authors worked with the teen magazines from Focus means a lot for me.   And honestly, I think this book cover about every aspects of the teenage turbulent years that a young man can face.   From issues like sex, lust and dating to problems like anger and depression, this little gem of a book will guide you on how to connect with your son, how to encourage him, how to help when needed and how to be there for him as well.    It reminds parents that it is normal to go through hard time while the body is changing and what needs to be re-affirmed for the young man in your life.

This book also contains real-life stories, and emails from teen guys.   For each subjects approached in the book, you can read what teen guys are thinking and what issues they face on a day-to-day basis.    It’s not easy to be a teen and parents needs a refresher course I think.  This book does that.  

Personally, I didn’t have any siblings so I was clueless about the issues a teenage guy can face during those years.   Now I am more educated and willing to be flexible when the time comes.   I suspect that I will have to re-read this book in a couple of years just to be more ready.    And with three boys I think I will have to refer to this book quite often in the years to come.  *grin*  

I also discovered that a version for girl is available.   And since we also have a daughter in our family, one of these days I would like to get the girl version.  But for now, I will enjoy her as she is two years old.  

This review was possible because I received a copy of What Your Son Isn’t Telling You: Unlocking the Secret World of Teen Boys from Bethany House.

What You Son Isn’t Telling You: Unlocking the Secret World of Teen Boys is available everywhere even at

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Psalm 148

*To see what the Lord is teaching some other sisters in Christ check out the Walking with Jesus Meme over at Guiding Light Homeschool.

Have you looked around you lately? I mean really look at what is out there…

Recently I was reading Psalm 148 which is a praise Psalm for the God who created everything. And I realized that wherever we go, whatever we are doing, we can see God’s handprints around us.

Think about it a minute…



Babies and children

Sunsets and Sunrises


Witnessing a turtle laying her eggs

Birds, fishes, animals and insects


Trees, plants and flowers

Wind, rain, snow, and any kind of weather


Fruits and vegetables

Us – human beings

Anything and everything that surrounds us shows how God was creative and ready to do anything for us to discover Him. God has thought about every aspect of each created things; complexity, purpose, originality, colors, and the list could go on and on.

When a child discovers and explores the world, he sees everything with new eyes. So why as adults do we miss all this. Perhaps we don’t take the time to stop, observe and discover God with brand new eyes. Have you done so lately? When was the last time you saw a sunset or observe ants for that matter?

Go out today and look around you as if you have the eyes of a child. It could be in your backyard, on your street, in the park down the road, in the field, in the forest – anywhere. Go camping with your kids. Discover fishing. Enjoy taking a walk outside or biking or simply sitting down on the beach and watch the waves come in. Go visit tide pools, take the time to admire each animals you encounter whether in the park or at the zoo. Smells the roses (and other flowers too!). Go pick strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples and any other kind of fruit or vegetable that you can go pick yourself. Smell the dirt. Dig your toes in the mud after a rain. Go dance in the rain. You will discover a God who loves you dearly and who wishes to spend time with you. Take the time to thank Him for all the created things in the world. And praise Him. Wholeheartedly.
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What’s In The Bible? 3 Wanderin’ in the Desert

WanderingDesert What’s In The Bible? 3 Wanderin’ in the Desert
Created by Phil Visher
Distributed by Tyndale

About the DVD

In What’s In the Bible #3, Wanderin’ in the Desert, Buck Denver and his cast of friends take us through the next three books of the Bible—Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—helping kids understand how these books fit in with Genesis and Exodus to make up the Pentateuch and to set the stage for the trials and victories of God’s people. The question “Did this stuff really happen?” is also answered.

From the man who made vegetables talk (and sing and dance and tell Bible stories) comes this third release in the engaging new series that walks kids through the entire Bible! Each DVD is filled with an entertaining cast of characters who bring the most powerful Bible stories to life using humor, creative storytelling, and fun songs. Join VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer on a wild and zany journey and see the world’s most amazing book come to life.

Who is Phil Vischer?

pic_lg_vischer_phil In 1990, 24-year-old computer animator Phil Vischer sat down to create a group of characters that could teach Christian values to kids in a delightfully weird way. Hence, a tomato named Bob and a cucumber named Larry were born. VeggieTales would go on to revolutionize Christian filmmaking, selling more than 50 million videos and placing Phil's faith-filled stories in one in every three American households with young children. Phil is highly respected by key leaders across the Christian landscape, from Joel Osteen to James Dobson. His company, Jellyfish Labs, provides faith-based daily programming via the Internet at The characters from the What's in the Bible? series are featured, but the content is not specifically from the DVDs. Phil continues to pursue innovative ways to integrate faith and storytelling through Jellyfish Labs. He chose the name Jellyfish as a reminder to remain pliable to God's plans and not his own. Phil lives with his wife, Lisa, and their three kids in Illinois.

My Thoughts

I previously had the opportunity to review the first two dvds of What’s In The Bible?   When I had the opportunity to apply on the blog tour for the third DVD, I did so.   However, this time I have to investigate the opportunity of using this in an homeschool setting.      Would I use this series for homeschool?

My answer to this question is quite simple: TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY!   I mean this wonderful series is very informative on what the Bible is all about that even adults would learn from it.   I am serious.  For this particular DVD, I sat down with my husband and watched it.   My kids are already fond of the characters you see.   So we watched it and I enjoyed my husband laughing and saying “WoW!  I am learning things here and this is wonderful.   I want to watch the two first ones…” (coming from a guy who has been a Christian for over 20 years and knows about the Bible quite a lot).

This DVD completes the first five books of the Bible and the children will even learn about the different laws God has made for His people as well as the term Pentateuch.  The video is made in such a crazy and fun way that the lesson will stick in the head of the kids (and adults) for years to come.   

As a homeschool parent, I am always on the lookout to find products that will help me and the kids to understand and learn the Bible.    What’s In The Bible? will help you to complete your regular bible teaching.   This is not to replace the devotions and the prayer time.   No, it is to provide a resource to introduce the children (and sometimes the adults as well) in a better understanding of what is the Bible, who is God, and why has he made so many rules…   I’m sure that the future episodes of What’s In The Bible? will answer even more questions that children (and adults) can have about this marvelous book.

I want my kids to understand their Bible more than me when they are grown up.   I wished that I would have had something like this series when I was a child.   I am glad that I can enjoy them with my kids when they are watching it.    These DVDs will be included in our homeschool curriculum so that our kids can have a solid ground on understanding the Bible and the God behind it.

My only disappointment is that there isn’t any subtitles.   Sometimes the puppets are talking so fast that I miss some of the information.    For people who have earring problems, having the subtitles would be a major bonus.

I strongly recommend the What’s In The Bible? series for homeschoolers and for non-homeschoolers.   This will increase the knowledge of the Bible of young and old in your household.   Be prepare to be transformed in your mind so that you will get to know God better and be closer to Him!

For more information, simply go to

The loving characters of What’s in the Bible? can be also found at


Coming in October 2010 – What’s In the Bible? 4 Battle for the Promise Land

This review was possible because I received a copy of What’s In The Bible? 3 Wanderin’ in the Desert from Tyndale.

What’s In The Bible? 3 Wanderin’ in the Desert is available everywhere even at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walk – Week 6

Here’s the time for the weekly blog walk among the participants of the TOS Crew.

1. Deanna’s Corner

As the title of this blog suggest, Deanna is the author of it.  She has been blogging since 2007 and has done reviews before.  On her blog she also shares coupons, part of their life and more.   She has written an interesting post on commercials and TV.    The junk that we found now on TV lead us to decide to remove the cable and choose the shows our kids would watch.  The money we save on cable and such permits us to get DVDs which are appropriate to our children’s ages.  Besides, we also avoid the whole commercials issue.   I like reading her thoughts about it.

2. Light, Liberty, and Learning

Denise is the mom of four kids who has started her blog this year. She shares a little bit of their homeschool journey, photography and more.   This month she shared about making a chocolate chip scones which look totally yummy to me.   I love chocolate, I love scones… looks like a perfect recipe for me to try!  Thanks for sharing it.

3. Bunny Trails

Dianne is a recovering Dr Pepper addict and mom of two teenage boys.   She is also an amateur photography enthusiast (nice to meet another one) as well as a Scrabble junkie.  I love her pictures that she post for every wordless wednesday.    Beautiful work!

4. Flowers N Plaid Homeschool

Donna is a mom of 6 who homeschool the three youngest kids in the house.  And to top it off, she lives in Australia a country that I would like so much to visit one day.  Don’t ask me why but I’ve dreamed of this since – FOREVER!   She has an entry that is a good reminder for everyone who have a family – the importance to have a will and affairs in order if something happen to you.   

5. Gadow Ohana

Doreen is the author of this blog.  She is also new on the blogosphere and seems eager to embark on our adventure of reviewing homeschool products.   As she said it “As I dip my toe into this new adventure of doing curriculum reviews for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, my head is spinning both with confusion and excitement.”   Take your time to learn the blog world, Doreen.   You will have more than the toe dipped soon….  *grin*

6. His Wonderful Works

Elinette is the mom of three kids – 2 boys and a girl who  like me never thought she could homeschool.  She has two interesting entries on travelling games.   Being a family who travels with our RV, I am always open to find new opportunity to entertain the kids on the road.  Thanks for sharing these games!

7. Expand

Elizabeth is a mum of two kids and is a new blogger in the blogosphere.  She loves Starbuck and is looking forward to discover the products aligned for the upcoming reviews.  Welcome aboard Elizabeth!

8. Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica has tons of fun activities to do with little ones.   I particularly liked the Rainbow Eraser Painting because I have the exact same book in French.   What a neat idea to mix a story and art together.    I’m going to use some of her ideas I think (I also have some Rainbow fish books at home and I love her craft….  very creative!).  I also enjoyed her entry on making strawberry jam because it reminded me of our first experience of doing so ourselves earlier in June. 

9. The Sojourner

Erica likes good deals and I TOTALLY understands her.   On her blog, she lists the specials in the various grocery stores around her place – which is very interesting.  From the specials going on I wish I would live in her area.   I tip my hat for her to take the time to list such good deals on her site.    

10. A Full Heart

Erin is the mom of 5 boys and believe me when I say she must have her hands full…   From her heart you will discover her family, their homeschool and whatever happens in their life.    I smile when I saw the Wordless Wednesday entry she had recently – boys are indeed monkeys don’t they?    LOL  It reminded me of my oldest son climbing the walls near the living room and declare himself to be Spider-man.   

Next walk will be next week!

underWAY and Smart for Life products

Recently, I receive 8 bottles of two popular underWAY flavors (Acai-Pomegranate and Grape) PLUS a variety pack of Smart for Life products.

This specific blog tour is mostly to spread the news about a underWAY which is a  supplement drink, infused with special HeroFiber and heart-healthy vitamins, that works to suppress your appetite and quench your thirst.   underWAY curbs your hunger two ways. Its special formulation not only takes longer to be absorbed by the stomach, it also slows the absorption of what's already there, making you feel fuller, longer. It contains no preservatives, sodium or caffeine, with only 10 calories and 2 grams of carbsper 8 oz. serving. HeroFiber, a soluble dietary fiber, helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol, glucose andinsulin that are already in the normal range and promotes slower absorption so we feel fuller longer.

As part of the blog tour, I also received a bunch of Smart for Life Product.  In the package, I found cereal, soup, shake, bagel, cruch, as well as the famous cookies and cupcakes on which the diet is apparently based on.

Invented by the same heart doctor as underWAY, Smart for Life all natural, 60% organic products offer great snacking on-the-go, containing necessary nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and HeroFiber, with zero trans fat and making you feel fuller, quicker.

My Thoughts

I am overweight – I admit it.   And last  year, I lost almost 30 pounds and went down two sizes.   I have more to loose.   I am realistic and totally honest about it.   I would like to get another 20 pounds or so off.   So when I had the opportunity to discover new products to help me I decided I would give it a try.

The day after I received my box of products, I decided to try some of them.  

First I had the Chocolate Berry Cereal bowl.   It was tasty and very chocolaty but I found that it was a bit dry (even with the milk in it).    However, it did fill me up during the breakfast.

Later, I had a grape underWAY drink and I found it very tasty as well.   You could taste the grape inside your mouth and I felt refreshed afterward.   It would be a good drink to have after having done exercises.  What I particularly liked about it is that there isn’t any salt in it like other well known drinks recognize to help quench your thirst after exercises. 

During the day I also tried the smart crunch and one chocolate mountain cupcakes.   Again, you have the fullness sensation when you eat these but honestly I wish it would be not as dried in your mouth when you eat it.

To be totally honest with my readers, I find the Smart for Life diet a bit bizarre – based on eating cookies and/or cupcakes???   To me it is bizarre.   Besides, when reading the documentation, you learn that you are not supposed to eat fruits, specific meats and vegetables.   Personally, I prefer a weight control plan that will teach me how to limit the quantity of food I eat rather than limiting me in the kind of food I can have.  I understand that fruits have natural sugars and that eating too much of them can result in gaining weight.  But to stop me to eat some while I am trying to loose weight – no way especially during summer time where fruits are abundant.   Concerning the the underWAY drinks, I find them interesting and fun to have at hand when needed.  

I will leave to my readers to discover the prices of the products by themselves.   I can tell you though that I find the products quite expensive when you think that it is food and drinks.  

You can learn more about the Smart for Life and underWAYproducts, developed by physician Dr. Sasson Moulavi, at and

To help spread the excitement, a rebate is also offered for whoever wants to order online - Get 10% off online purchases until August 30, when you use the code MCCAN10OFFUW at and the code MCCAN10OFFSFL at!

Great News!

I am excited to announce that with this review I also have free underWAY products for 10 lucky winners

Follow the “rules” to get a chance to win…

1) Leave me a comment telling me why you would like to try underWAY and/or Smart for Life products.

Details to pay attention to when entering contests at Canadianladybug Reviews! .  Required entry MUST be done to qualify, not following this entry will result in all entries being deleted.

  1. Winner will be picked at random by Random.Org
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Open Canadians residents ONLY!  Readers may enter the contest on multiple blogs but are only eligible to win once as part of the underWAY blog tour contest.

DEADLINE: Aug 4th @ 12pm (EST)

Disclosure – I am participating in the underWAY program by Mom Central on behalf of Better Health Beverage, LLC.  I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

The Gardener and the Vine

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! If you wish to join the FIRST blog alliance, just click the button. We are a group of reviewers who tour Christian books. A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author and a full chapter from each book toured. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for young, or for old...or for somewhere in between! Enjoy your free peek into the book!

You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today's Wild Card author is:

Andrew McDonough

and the book:

Zondervan (January 15, 2010)
***Special thanks to Pam Mettler of Zondervan for sending me a review copy.***


Andrew is the creator, writer, and illustrator of the Lost Sheep series. Way back in 1989 as a young Bible college student, Andrew was asked to give the dreaded “children’s talk” at a large church. Andrew possessed one talent: he could draw sheep. He bought some overheard projector sheets and drew up the story of Cecil and the Lost Sheep. The congregation loved it, so Andrew continued to draw stories to use with kids and adults. Other student, pastors, and teachers started borrowing the stories.

Product Details:
List Price: $4.99
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Zondervan (January 15, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0310719461
ISBN-13: 978-0310719465


My Thoughts 
This book was well received from my kids.   We sat down one morning and read through it.     My 9 year old got an ah-ah moment when he realized that Jesus was the vine.   He had heard the story before but never really understood it.    While reading this book and discussing it with the information found at the end of the book, it was like a light bulb appeared above his head…  
It is so neat to see the understanding come in your kids when it happens.   This time my son realized that to grow we need to be grafted to Christ.    He has accepted Christ as his savior a few years ago but getting a explanation of the vine had made his day.   He had just finished reading the book of John and had came across this specific scripture.  
Cecil explains the meaning of it very well.   It is a beautiful book with plenty of creativity that the kids will enjoy reading with mom and dad.
The Gardener and the Vine is available everywhere even at

Monday, July 19, 2010

His Princess Girl Talk with God

Girl Talk His Princess Girl Talk with God - Love letters & Devotions for Young Women
Written by Sheri Rose Shepherd
Published at Revell

About the book

You're the daughter of the King!

Like a loving father, God holds you in the palm of His hand. He loves you no matter what you wear, what you say, what you've done, or how you feel. And He wants you to live a wonderful life.

In His Princess Girl Talk with God, Sheri Rose Shepherd helps you experience God's unending love for you through forty devotions. Sheri remembers what it was like to be a teen girl, and she connects your experiences with God's love. Through these stories, love letters from God, Scriptures, and prayers, you'll feel just how much God treasures you--His Princess.

Who is Sheri Rose Shepherd?

Sheri Rose Shepherd is the founder of His Princess Ministries and the author of several books, including the bestselling His Princess: Love Letters from Your King. She was the popular subject of a prime-time Billy Graham special and will be touring with Extraordinary Women in 2010. She lives with her family in Orange County, California.

My Thoughts

First let me state that this book is very girly in many ways.   The writing is in pink, there is flowers on the devotions and the scriptures are in white letters over a pink page.    So if your daughter doesn’t like pink – well she better brace herself…

The devotions are short and direct.  They will cover a multitude of subjects that are important for young women.   I also find the letters to be personal and appropriate with the devotion linked to them.   Even the scriptures have been carefully selected.

Honestly, I can see women of all ages reading this little book.    I think many would need the encouraging words and the uplifting words that can be found in it.   I’ve read a few of the devotions and found that they were touching me so much that I decided to go through the devotions for the remaining of the year.    Hey!   I’m in my 40s but I need encouragement sometimes too!   Personally, I particularly love the letters from God and I am amazed on how much they touch me.

Curious about this book?  You can read an excerpt here.

The book, His Princess Girl Talk with God, has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

His Princess Girl Talk with God is available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group- even at

My Living Stories Apps


About My Living Stories

Living Stories animated storybooks bring new and classic children's tales to life on your iPhone™ or iPod® Touch.

My Living Stories apps combine beautiful artwork, narration and interactive features in an easy to use platform that is perfect for preschoolers to read along all on their own, without any help.  My Living Stories are a great solution for entertaining on-the-go or as an aid for teaching children to read at home. 

The apps allow for your child to read along with English or French narration or read the stories themselves.  Interactive sounds and animation bring stories to life, which is perfect for younger kids.  If you want, you can even record your own voice to go along with the story (this feature requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with microphone capabilities). 

Living Stories is the perfect way to entertain kids and to help them learn to read, whether you are at home or on-the-go!

My Living Story classic stories include Princess & the Pea, King Midas, The Tortoise & the Hare, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

My Thoughts

Thanks to Mom Central I had the chance to review 3 stories from My Living Stories.

First I need to tell you that I am very pleased with the fact that the stories are available in English and French.  The only negative point I would like to underline is that it is clearly easy to spots the modifications made in the French language to include the accents needed when speaking the language.   

King Midas and the Golden Touch

The story of King Midas is well known for people my age and I am more than happy to share it with my children.   It has a wonderful lesson to learn from it.   Every pages of the story there is a place where the child can touch and interact with the story.

 KM Screenshot 2010.01.25 16.13.31 KM Screenshot 2010.01.25 16.14.44

 The Tortoise & The Hare

Here’s another classic story that children will love to read and/or listened.     It is well done and interactive at various places.   It is a good story to teach the importance of being humble and not brag about ourselves.

TH Screenshot 2010.02.11 09.05.27 TH Screenshot 2010.02.11 09.06.13

 The Princess and the Pea

Of all the princess stories I’ve heard, I think this one struck me somehow when I was younger because I remember it.    This story is well done and very colorful.    I can’t wait to show this one to my daughter.   I think she will enjoy it very much.

PP Screenshot 2010.01.11 11.29.03 PP Screenshot 2010.01.11 11.30.28

  These three stories are read by a child in English and by a woman in French.   It would have been interesting to have two children to read the stories.   The English version has expressions in the reading than the French one but both are very well done.

 Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears are also available on the iTunes store.  Each story cost 1.99$ US.


I am excited to announce that with this review I also have a giveaway for ipod/iphone users – a 25$ iTunes card.  

itunes Follow the “rules” to get a chance to win…

1) Leave me a comment telling me which My Liviing Stories story you would like the most.

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6) Tell me which app you think is the best for kids. 

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Open Canadians residents ONLY!  Readers may enter the contest on multiple blogs but are only eligible to win one iTunes gift card as part of the My Living Stories contest. 

DEADLINE: Aug 6th @ 12pm (EST)

Disclosure – I am participating in the My Living Stories program by Mom Central on behalf of Decode Entertainment.  I received 3 free apps and a gift card as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

Picture Me Cooking

Picture_Me_Cooking The first children’s book to combine a cookbook, photo album and activity book all in one! Cook along with your children, take photos of who they cook with and what they create, then slide photos in the provided pockets and you have an heirloom in the making!

Picture Me Cooking is perfect for kids of any age.  Each recipe has a full color photo to help encourage kids to make the dish and every recipe page has a photo pocket to slide in the photos you take. The book contains 54 family friendly recipes.
One very special feature is the Family Section of the book. It's where you can have your loved ones handwrite in cherished family recipes to pass on in a safe and protected spot to the next generation - Years later when folks look back they will just adore having those family favourites in the handwriting of loved ones.
The book has many other treats as well, like Did You Know's and Fun Facts about food and more as well as a multifaceted measuring chart easy for kids to understand.
Cooking with your children is a wonderful way to build memories and spend quality time together.  And to top it off, it is an excellent homeschool opportunity as well.  Why?  Simple because while cooking, your children learn reading, math, science, organizational skills and so much more.
My own kids have participated to cooking class at a local grocery store near my house.  They started in the little hands class where I need to be there and my two oldest are now in the older class where they cook without my presence.     They love the classes and can’t wait to participate to more of them.
Whenever possible we involve them in the cooking at the house.   Recently they observed while mom and dad discovered the joy of making jam for the first time.    My oldest son sometimes ask for permission to cook the supper by himself – he is 9 years old.
I find cooking to be a life skill that all children should learn so that they can cook by themselves when they left home.
The Picture Me cooking book is fantastic and very innovative. 
You can won two copies of Picture Me Cooking by participating to a contest.   Check it out by clicking on the image below.  

Hands-On Bible

HandsOnBible Hands-On Bible – Updated Edition
Published at Tyndale

About this Bible
Jesus taught with hands-on lessons and illustrations. The Hands-On Bible uses the same experience-based learning to communicate God’s Word in an active, understandable way. This new edition features updated tip-ins, a more portable size for kids, an attractive cover, and online parenting helps. With hundreds of fun, memorable activities (A “Do-It” activity in EVERY feature!) and the full New Living Translation text, the Hands-On Bible is packed with activities and experiences that invite kids to crawl inside the Scriptures and “do” God’s Word!

My Thoughts
This bible is not only for reading but for experiencing it as well.   I knew about this bible.  In fact, our church plant has ordered one so we can use it with the kids during the services.   And since that copy belonged to the church, I didn’t had it at home for homeschool.  In fact, I was seriously thinking of purchasing a copy so I can do the various activities that you can found in it.  Imagine my surprise and my excitement when I learned that Tyndale was organizing a blog tour for the updated edition.

This bible is …. how can I express it? ….  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

This bible contains not only the New Living Translation text of the Bible, but also experiments, crafts, snacks, journals and so much more.    The kids will also have a 52 key verse activities to help them learn, understand and live the Bible truths.

This wonderful and innovative bible can be used as a daily devotion/weekly activities during the year.   It is also perfect to complement homeschool learning in a fun and creative way.    We are planning to use this bible when the new school year starts. 

And there’s more.   A website has been launched and contains tons of fantastic devotions, reading plans and songs.   You will also find a parents section where you can share what you’ve done with the Hands-On Bible.  Simply go to to discover all the fun that you can have as a family!   I’ve already downloaded the devotions, reading plans and songs on my ipod.   I look forward to use them with my children during the upcoming school year. 

Curious about it? Check it out for yourself by reading the first chapter

This review was possible because I received a copy of the Hands-On Bible from Tyndale.

The Hands-On Bible is available everywhere even at

The wonderful people at Tyndale provided an award certificate so that one person can win a copy of the Hands-On Bible.     Isn’t it fantastic?

Here’s what you have to do.
1) Go to and check out the Hands-On Family Devotions.   Come back and tell me which one would be fun to do with your family.  (PS you will have to sign up to access them - It's FREE!).

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Open to US and Canadians residents.

DEADLINE: July 30th @ 12pm (EST)