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Bamboo Craft

 Bamboo Craft
Created by Wacom

About the product

Digital scrapbookers, memory makers, and crafters: Bamboo Craft is Bamboo Craftthe perfect tool for unleashing your creativity! Get hands-on with your projects using both pen and Multi-Touch input for your computer. Multi-Touch enables you to navigate and work with your creative assets quickly and easily. The pressure-sensitive pen lets you create your own art, edit photos, add embellishments, and provide a personal touch with your natural handwriting and doodles.

Bamboo Craft lets you take a hybrid approach to your scrapbook and craft projects, combining the best of both worlds: working digitally with your tablet makes every creative idea possible and printing your work allows you to finish your craft with a beautiful, traditional result.

Bamboo Craft works with your existing computer: desktop or laptop, PC or Mac. Attach it to a standard USB port and set it comfortably by your keyboard. You can even customize your Bamboo Craft experience by assigning your own shortcuts to the four ExpressKeys™.

Available in a stylish silver color, Bamboo Craft is your complete scrapbooking and crafting companion. Bamboo Craft includes valuable additions to enhance your creative projects and turn your computer into a powerful creative craft workstation.

My Thoughts

I’ve always been curious in the tablets but never had the opportunity to had one in my hands.   So when I contacted Corel originally to review the Bamboo Craft which also includes the Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4.0 that I was hoping to review, they referred to me directly to someone at Wacom whom in turn agreed to send me a Bamboo Craft to review.

I was totally ecstatic about it.  This is my first opportunity to review a technology product other than software!

Back to the Bamboo Craft.   I love this tablet as it is flexible in many ways.   You can use it instead of the mouse, you can draw with it and you can do digital scrapbooking with it.

I first started by trying the digital scrapbooking.   This little tool has tons of possibilities but honestly it takes some getting use to have tablet.    At first I was at lost on how to use it but after reading the tutorial at, it was easy as saying ABC or 123.  The digital scrapbooking can be easily done with the help of Photoshop Elements which comes with the Bamboo Craft.

Strawberry Jam 2010 Since I try to take picture of our fun activities, I decided to use the pictures I had taken when we made our first batch of Strawberry jam this year.   Yes it it true – after 12 years of marriage, we never had tackle this experience!   But we love it and plan to do this again next year!   For now, please enjoy the scrapbook page I created…

Even though I still need to practice more with the digital scrapbooking, I am impressed with the results and plan to do more of it in the weeks/months to come.

Then I decided to try the Corel  Painter Essentials 4.0 with the Bamboo Craft.   Now please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional artist and I do this for fun.   So I experimented a few time before starting to get the hand of it.   

beach Using the Bamboo Craft is different than using the mouse.   It is easier to create something with it but at the same time it takes adjustment in our ways of doing it.   For example, I have more facilities to draw with pens, crayons and so on but I feel a bit out of whack when I use the tools with the Bamboo Craft.  However, with time I find it is easier to use and fun as well.  My 6 years old came and said “Cool!  You can do that with your BIG ipod?”   I had to laugh here and explain to him that the Bamboo Craft wasn’t a big ipod but a tool to help me to draw.   Being my artist kid, he wants to try it…  *grin*

I can see the possibilities of using the Bamboo Craft when you want to pinpoint smaller things while drawing.   I used a combination of the finger, pen and the mouse to do the drawing above.  

The Bamboo Craft can be used with the fingers or with the pen.   For the digital scrapbooking discovery I think I prefer using the pen.   It is faster and easier to handle.   However, for the painting experience I would tend to go toward using the fingers to do so.

Another particularity for the Bamboo Craft is that it is reversible for right- and left-handed users which is major bonus for me since I am a left-handed person when I write.   However, because of how I need to set it up, I find the cable to be in the way since I use the mouse with my right-hand.   But I just need to remember to place the cable when I use my Bamboo Craft so it’s no big deal.  

This product comes with three software for you to use;

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 for Windows/6.0 for Mac, for editing, retouching, enhancing and sharing digital photos and for digital scrapbooking.
  • Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4 (Windows and Mac) for creating natural media art and turning photos into paintings.
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 WE3 for selectively applying lighting and photo enhancements with the pen.

These bonus software definitively add value to the purchase of a Bamboo Craft.

In the months to come, I will have the opportunity to review a product that could help teaching writing using the Wacom tablet that I have.   I am quite curious about this and look forward to discover more possibilities with the Bamboo Craft!  I can see benefits to expand your own creativity or to use it in the homeschool setting.

This review was possible because I received a free Bamboo Craft from Wacom.

Wacom also produces other digital tablet for your personal use.  Simple go to for more details.

For Canadians, you can purchase the Bamboo tablets directly from Corel.   The Bamboo Craft is listed at the price of 129$US.  

Mandy and Andy Apps

Recently I have been offered to review some interesting apps for little ones.   Please read the reviews and watch for the special announcement at the end.

Mandy and Andy Renovating

Mandy and Andy Renovating is a fun little book based on…

You have two options of reading;  Read to Me will tell the story to the child who will listen while  I read Myself will let the child to read the story with the parent.  What is fun is that the app can be read in English, French or in Chinese.

The app has fun music as well as little things to discover as you go through the book.  We have listened to the English and French version and the quality of the reading is simply fantastic.   My toddler had fun to discover the hidden images throughout the story.   The quality of the graphics is stunning and will keep your little one’s attention for sure!

Mandy and Andy - The Seasons

This specific book continues the interactive Mandy and Andy series.  It will help your child to explore the seasons.   Mandy and Andy discover the seasons and learn to appreciate each of them.   The story can be listened to or read by the child.

Also included in this little app, you will find a task section which will allow your child to play games like matching the leaves or coloring a picture of Mandy and Andy having a picnic.   This section brings a new level of interaction with the Mandy and Andy books on iTouch or iPhone.

This app had many languages available; French, English, German, Japanese and Spanish.    I particularly like the fact that my kids could listen to the story in French and English but I am delighted that this story also has Spanish which is another language we are learning slowly.  


Each animated children’s book done by BeiZ and Satukustannus is fun and educational.  The children will improve their reading and listening skills with them.  

I personally think that these two stories would be a wonderful addition to your apps if you have little ones ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old.   My daughter who is 2 1/2 really enjoys discovering the hidden images in both stories.   And she had a blast coloring Mandy and Andy having a picnic.

These two apps are perfect to entertain your child while you wait for an appointment.    I strongly recommend to you take the time to check them out.

They are currently available for the price of 99cents each on iTunes.


I am pleased to tell you that the creators behind Mandy and Andy apps have offered to the first 15 people commenting on this post the two Mandy Andy apps for their little one.

Contest is open until tomorrow (June 29th) 12pm (EST).

To be eligible, you will have to leave me your email address so I can gift the apps to you.


Preparing for Adolescence

Preparing for Adolescence products
Written By Dr. James Dobson
Published at Gospel Light

The Products

0830738304 Preparing for Adolescence CD Pack

How to Survive the Coming Years of Change Contains one parent CD with a message from Dr. Dobson regarding the use of the material. James Dobson interviews three couples who have gone through the "preparing for adolescence" process (with comments by some of their children.) Six additional CDs contain content from the best-selling paperback book, Preparing for Adolescence. An additional CD answers questions teens ask most in order to equip parents to spark discussions with their teens. The CDs can be used as an audio replacement for the book content when desired. There are 8 CDs which are approx. 60 min each.

0830738274 Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide and Workbook

How to Survive the Coming Years of Change This workbook is designed to accompany and reinforce the best-selling book Preparing for Adolescence and the Preparing for Adolescence Family CD Pack. The workbook contains 20 lessons, designed for one-on-one parent and child sessions. It helps parents present the content of the Preparing for Adolescence book in a user-friendly way to the children. The Family Guide is purposefully designed to be a parent/child shared resource. The manual contains 20 lessons, approx. 10 minutes each.

Who is Dr. James Dobson?

James C. Dobson, Ph.D. is founder and chairman of the board for Focus on the Family. His internationally syndicated radio program, Focus on the Family, is heard daily by more than 200 million people. Dr. Dobson is featured in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and has authored many best-selling books including, Emotions: Can You Trust Them? and Preparing for Adolescence. He and his wife, Shirley, have two grown children and reside in Colorado. 

My Thoughts

This year we are going through changes in our family life.  Since last Friday we have now a tween in our household and three other kids are following the footsteps of their oldest brother.  

Consequently, it made us realized that we might not be ready for adolescence.   And knowing that Dr. Dobson has a wonderful product for both parents and teenager, I requested the opportunity to review the Preparing for Adolescence CDs and Family Guide and Workbook.  To my delighted surprised, I received both through the mail without knowing if I would be granted this request.   Thank you Gospel Light!

The series has been done for kids ages 10-14 years old depending of the level of maturity.   Dr. Dobson himself strongly suggest to go through this series while doing a small trip with the child going through puberty.  I so love this idea and planning is something we like to do.  So we can now planned for next year when our oldest will turn 10 years old. 

The CDs can be used at home or during a special trip with the young person.   We are planning a special trip with Dad for the boys and a special trip with Mom with our daughter when the time comes.  The CDs will help you have a conversation with your child about topics such as  growing up, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, inferiority, love and identity.  I like the way the CD set is setup.  The first CD is for parents only and will prepare you on what to expect and what to say.   This CD is encouraging for parents and gives you ideas, suggestions as well as helps you to remember your own passage through puberty.

Cds 2 to 7 are for young people and for parents together on various topics.   These are perfect for the special trip I mentioned above.  Then the last CD is for parents to listen and contains answers to questions your child might ask.  It is an optional CD which you have to review BEFORE going on that special trip with your child.   Pretty neat don’t you think?

The family guide & workbook contains discussion starters as well as activities and ideas that will help you talk about the issues found in the CD.   This workbook is linked to the book or the CD.  However, at the beginning of the workbook it is suggested to go see the corresponding CD segments at the back of it and the list is not there.   It is a bit disappointing I find.   I have contacted the publisher about this missing information and I am confident that they will send me the listening guide for the CDs. 

As for the activities included in the workbook, I can say that I wished I had had something like that when I was going through the teenage years.   I think it would have helped me to deal with a multitude of emotions and events.

I think Preparing for Adolescence is a curriculum that should be in every household.   This will help not only the young men and women to go through a hard period of time but also it will help parents to prepare to the roller-coaster years of adolescence.

Also available in this series are the book itself and the group guide which can be used in a church setting.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Preparing for Adolescence CD Pack and Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide and Workbook from Gospel Light.

738274: Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change
Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change
738304: Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming  Years of Change -audio CD
Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change -audio CD


Sunday, June 27, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walking – Week 3


This is week three of the blog walking of the members of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

1. All American Family

The design of this blog is all about bring American.   I love it!  The red, white and blue all over is simply fabulous.   In this blog, you will learn more about another homeschool family of 3 kids.   They are passionate about their American heritage and you can sense it in this blog.  

2. Growing Fruit

This is the blog of Amy, Queen of the household, and Prince Andrew, her son.   From what I can understand, Andrew is a special need child.  And reading on how someone is going through raising a special need child remind me of the challenges my sister-in-law and her husband will go through raising their own special need child, my nephew.  

3. Learning to Teach

Learning to Teach is a new blog on the block.   The author is a mom of 2 kids which she homeschool as well as a foster mom for a young woman who goes to a public high school. She loves to scrapbook (hey!  another scrapbooker!) crochet, decorating, reading and vacationing with her family (another similar point in common with me!). 

4. Codex Young Author's Publishing Program

This site belongs to brothers who purchased back in 2008 The Tutor.   I suspect that one of the owners will be reviewing for TOS Homeschool Crew this year.  

5. Stairsteps Homeschool Academy

This is the homeschool blog of Little Farm Mama.    You can discover their activities and life at Stairsteps Homeschool Academy.   I particularly enjoyed reading about the volcano project (which reminded me that I need to do something similar this coming year with my own kids).

6. Kingdom Academy

Meet Brandy and her family who lives in Florida.   She has two boys whom she homeschool and she is a former teacher herself.    This blog is fairly new from what I can see.   Brandy writes about what happened during the week and what special lessons they boys are going through.  

7. Living Sola Gratia

Here’s another lady named Brandi (different spelling though!) who has four kids.    I am always amazed when mom blogger who homeschool list their menu of the week and recipes.   I mean where do they find the time to do so?   Honestly I wonder but I also enjoy having new recipes so I am pleased to see recipes on this site.  The Super Yummy Taco Bake looks delicious…  Thanks Brandi!

8. Wynfield Christian Academy

This site is an accredited K-12 program for homeschool students.   I am suspecting that the owner of this site is also part of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  If you want to learn more about Wynfield Christian Academy check out their website.

9. The Cow Queen

The name is funny, the site is hilarious.   Well the images at the top are….  It is always nice to have a site that will bring a smile to your face and The Cow Queen did that when I came  to visit.  Beverly is the author of this site.  So where the name comes from you might wonder?   Well about 20 years ago, she was crowned the National Jersey Jug Queen.   The Jersey is a breed of dairy cattle.   Hence the name of the blog.   Which I think it totally cute!   I love her blog title Spring in the Kingdom – go see it to see how it finishes.   Smile!

10. Peace Creek on the Prairie

Here’s the blog of a mom of 6 little ones who is a farmwife as well.    I suspect that her life is quite busy with 6 kids and a farm.   I am looking forward to discover life on the farm with this family during the coming year.

Voilà!  Week three is wrapped up.   Follow me next week to discover another 10 members to the TOS Homeschool Crew.  Until then – have a nice week!

The Homecoming

PhotobucketThe Homecoming
Written by Dan Walsh
Published at Revell

 About the book

A reluctant war hero returns home and encounters a new chance at love.

No sooner has Shawn Collins returned home from the fighting in Europe than he is called upon to serve his country in another way--as a speaker on the war bond tour. While other men might jump at the chance to travel around the country with attractive Hollywood starlets, Shawn just wants to stay home with his son Patrick and his aging father, and grieve the loss of his wife in private. When Shawn asks Katherine Townsend to be Patrick's nanny while he's on the road, he has no idea how this decision will impact his life. Could it be the key to his future happiness and the mending of his heart? Or will the war once again threaten his chances for a new start?

Dan Walsh does not disappoint in this tender story of family ties and the healing of a broken heart.

 Who is Dan Walsh?

Dan Walsh is the author of The Unfinished Gift and The Homecoming. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Dan is also a pastor and lives with his family in the Daytona Beach area.

My Thoughts

Oh the joy to reconnect with beloved characters of a previous novel you have read.   I had previously reviewed The Unfinished Gift along with a bunch of other Christmas Novel last year.   Well this book, The Homecoming, is picking up exactly where The Unfinished Gift left you off.  

So it was a pleasure to reconnect with the Collins and their neighbor as well as Miss Townsend.    Once again, you are swept through history and back during the World War II times.   This novel will make you discover the war bonds, which I didn’t know existed until now.   Also you will experience the dramatic setting of a bombing scene in England when the main character Major Collins brings his son and his nanny there.  

I enjoyed reading the second installment with these characters.   This novel is a love story but it is written in such a way that you will enjoy many events throughout the novel before encountering the romance part of it.   You will follow the characters through a sudden assignment of a father who had just came back from war, the relocation back in England, the sickness of grand-pa, and much more.

I loved reading this new novel from Dan Walsh and hope that I will be able to reconnect with the characters in the future.  

A reading group guide is also available at Revell.  To access it, simple click on the download button at this link.

The book, The Homecoming,  has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

The Homecoming is available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, including and

733896: The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Friday, June 25, 2010

Motherhood and birthdays

9 years ago, I became a mom.  My first born came into the world via cesarean and was frank-breech (which means bottom first and the feet close to his face).  

He got welcome with these words from his Dad "Welcome to the real world!".

Can anyone guess which movie inspired Dad?  

So today I am having a tween officially.  A tween who looks forward on what God has in store for him in the future.  A tween who has a heart to help and loves his siblings even if sometimes they do get in his stuff.  A tween who is growing up so fast that I need to catch my breath sometimes.

I love you Alexandre!  Tons and more. xoxo

To celebrate his birthday, I've put up a little something to show how he grew in the past nine years.  Enjoy!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Alexandre9
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

TOS Homeschool Crew is launched

We have officially started on voyage toward discovering homeschool products in the months to come.
Our first assignment will be to review one of two e-books produced by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner June 2010 Module titled Travel The World!



Travel Kits – A Simple Way to Bless Others


So watch for the reviews from the TOS Homeschool Crew in July to discover two wonderful resources.  In the meantime, since you might be looking for new products to include in your homeschool, visit the BLOG of the crew and discover the products reviewed in the past two years.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TOS Homeschool Crew – My Mini-Crew

As I have said before, I am a First Mate for the new year of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  My mini-crew will be part of the younger group ages for the products to be reviewed.

I have four ladies part of my group and here are their blogs.




Many mini crews part of the TOS Homeschool Crew have decided to name themselves and then create a button for their crew.  I liked the idea and started thinking about famous ships…

Enterprise came to mind but not everyone are trekkers.   Consequently, I started thinking some more.
And then I realized that as Canadians we have a ship on our dime.   The Bluenose which was a Canadian fishing and racing schooner from Nova Scotia.  Mind you I am not from NS but I am Canadian.   My crew members are not Canadians but they seem to like the Bluenose.   So our official mini crew name is the Bluenose.  

For more information on the Bluenose, please check out this page on Wikipedia;



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walking

Since the new cruise has started, we are busy to get to know each other, discover the new members on the TOS Crew and slowly learning which vendors will be part of the voyage.

This is my third year on the crew and this year I am a First Mate which means I have a mini-crew of 4 wonderful women under me.    As a First Mate, it is my duty to help them is questions arise and remind them that a review is due in the days to come.   Since my kids are quite young – ages 2, 4, 6, and 9 – I am part of the younger crew.  

This year we are divided in two crews – the younger one and the older one.   The older crew will review products for high schoolers while the younger crew will cover the products for preschool and primary school.    I am so looking forward to this new adventure.   Already there are some interesting vendors that I can’t wait to review.

As part of learning about each, someone on the crew suggested that we do a blog walking.   It is an interesting idea and since I have missed week 1, I will post for the two weeks right now!

Week 1: June 14-18th
1. Reaping a Harvest
Alane is the author of this blog.   She is a mom of three boys (which reminded me of my life before the birth of our little girl).  What striked me when I came to her blog were two things: the word harvest and then a bunch of dandelions…  *grin*   Somehow I never thought of putting these two together.  LOL  Her blog is bright and makes me think of when I look up to God to guide me in my day to day live.  
2. Pink & Orange Coffee
Lexi is the author of this blog.  She is the mom of one great kid who is 7.     Through this blog you can learn of her homeschool life, review that she will be doing during the coming year as well as jump over to her blog which is all about food.   (I love food and discovering new things so I will definetively jump to Big Momma and Me!)
3. Live, Laugh, Learn!
Alina is a mom of two kids who enjoys wearing multiple hats (well who wouldn’t when you are a stay-at-home mom?).    I love the title – Live, Laugh, Learn!    So true when you think about it.   We live.  It is important to laugh at everythin and anything – even ourselves.  And learning is an ongoing process for anyone…  In her blog you will discover who she is and how she keeps herself busy.
4. Mrs. Mandy's Musings
This blogger is a military wife and homeschooling mom of three kids.   She loves being creative and crafty (and her blog shows that very well!).   I think we would get along together as I also like to scrapbook and create cards.    While going through her blog, I discovered an interesting timeline that they have done during the year.   This timeline is very creative and follow the steps while going up and down the stairs.   I am not setup for this kind of possibility but I always love to see the ideas of other moms.   Thanks for sharing Mrs. Mandy!
5. The Fantastic Five
The first word that popped out of this blog was SUPERHERO.   LOL   And then that’s when I saw the picture of Wonder Mom…  So darn cute!  I also loved the journaling of the bird’s nest and the babies even though the end is not so joyful. 
6. Refined Metals Academy
The author of this blog is a mom of one superhero and two princesses.    Amber is a busy mom who also homeschool her kids.    Refined Metals Academy is the homeschool of the family.  In here, you will have a direct link to their family blog as well as learn about their adventure in homeschooling three kids.    She also shares a lot of interesting ideas on how to involve the little ones in the homeschool.    With a preschooler in my own house, I will enjoy seeing what Amber is doing with her kids.
7. Just A Moment in Time
Amy is the author of this blog and she uses it to preserve memories, share ideas and connect with other mommies.    This year she will also share her adventure on the crew.  Right now I’ve enjoyed discovering another family who likes to camp.    Maybe some days we could meet up…
8. Providence Farm
Farming!  Yeah!  This family has a farm located in Frankston, Texas and they are specialised in grass-fed beef, farm fresh eggs, garden vegetables, homemade bread and jelly, seasonal fresh cut flowers, U-Pick strawberries and field trips.    WoW!  Talk about being busy like bees…   I would love to visit their farm and join forces to grow something.    Sounds like an adventure.  And I would love to taste grass-fed beef, farm fresh eggs and vegetables.     Yum!  
9. My Journey
Meet Angela.    Mom of three kids she is also on the crew.   On her blog she also share reviews and their homeschool like.  She was part of the crew the first year we sailed to discover new homeschool products and I am pleased to see her part of the crew again this year.      
10. Petra School
The author of this blog practice relaxed homeschooling which makes me think of the way we do school during the summer time.   Relaxing. Fishing. No stress allowed.   So why do I stressed out during the Fall/Winter months I wonder.   I look forward to discover more about Petra School and their adventure in homeschooling.
Now!  Week one is completed…  *grin*   Here’s week 2 blog walking.  
Week 2:  June 21-25th
1. Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning
The author of this blog is a mom of 4 who also have an interesting life in teaching her kids.  I like it when there are tons of pictures from the family.   It like we enter their world and see a bit of their life.     And this blog display lots of pictures of the kids having fun, things they made and much more.   
2. Surviving The Testosterone
Amanda is a mom of three boys and there is tons of Testosterone in her house.    I really like the fresh look of her blog and I look forward to get to know her better.   I like the fact that she includes discussions she has with her boys.   Fun and different.
3. Family Style School
Here’s a mom who manages a homeschool of 4 kids (well I can related here for sure!).    Once again you learn from people thanks to their blog.  And here not only you will have reviews but also tidbits from their family life.   I look forward to discover more from this mom.
4. School Around The Bible
Here’s Amy’s blog.  WoW!  This reminds me of my high school and university agenda.  *grin*    I liked the style of her blog as soon as I saw it.  I still am like this with our homeschool agenda where I write, staple and use clips to hold things together.   Amy is a mom to three kids and is a former teacher.   The title of the blog “School Around the Table” reminds me of our situation as well.  The dining room table is our official place to write and do work.   *grin*   And the living room is the place where we read…  
5. 1628 The Story of The Goebels 5
Andria is the mom of three kids and is new to the crew this year.    And I see that we have some things in common already – like CAMPING!   Yeah!  Another family to eventually meet to camp with.   Super!
6. Morris Family Madness
6 kiddos are making a full homeschool for this mom.  The blog is full of their experiences on a daily basis and is fun to read.    I find this mom very talented in sewing wonderful clothes for her kids.   I love the dresses the girls have.  I wished I had the patience to tackle something like that.  
7. Homeschool Musings
April is a mom of three kids who also homeschool.   She is mostly using Sonlight Curriculum but is also part of the crew this year which means she will get a variety of new products to discover with her kids.   I look forward to get to know her better in the months to come.
8. Homeschooling (and then some!)
Meet April and her family.  This blog will bring details of their daily life as well as their homeschool days.     She seems to be excited to be part of the crew and to discover new homeschool products.   Remind me of how I felt the first year I was picked.  *grin*  It will be a great year April.  Guaranteed!
9. Heartfelt Homeschooling
OH!  I recognize this bright and fun blog setting.  It’s the same one as School Around the Table…*grin*   Did I mentioned to you that I loved it?   Seriously though April shares her life in many ways.  Like for example, her husband has ordered her a trophy for her titled Queen of the Pool!  How cute is that?  (okay to know the story behind this trophy you need to go read the blog…) I think it is a fun way to celebrate dedication to her family.   Congrats on the trophy April!
10. following Him home
Apryl is the author of this blog.  She is a mom and homeschooler who is also talented in drawing.  The drawing of her grand-mother made me think of my maternal-grandmother.    And then I got all nostalgic because I miss her even after all those years.    *sigh*  

Voilà!   I’ve completed the first two weeks of blog walking with the crew.  With over 200 crew members I will continue to present you the rest of the folks who are part of this wonderful adventure.    Stay tune for more blogs to visit…

Momology – A Mom’s Guide to Shaping Great Kids

29436-Momology Momology – A Mom’s guide to Shaping Great Kids
Written by Shelly Radic
Published at Revell

About the book

Your go-to book for successful mothering!

Mothering is part art, part science, and always a work in progress! Backed by more than thirty years of research-based ministry at MOPS International, Momology is designed to help you be the unique mother God created you to be--because better moms make a better world.

Who is Shelly Radic?

Shelly Radic is Chief of Staff at MOPS International, author of The Birthday Book, and a regular contributor to MOPS publications. Her writing is informed by her education, mothering her four children, and twenty years of MOPS experience. She lives in Colorado.

My Thoughts

The first reason why I pick this book to review was mainly because of the cover.  It is bright, fun to look at and reminded me of my fridge at times.

What I didn’t expect is to find a well of information for moms in this little gem of a book.  The information is incremental which means it starts with your core as a mom and goes outward and toward our Father in Heaven.    Mind you, I think I would have personally started with the relationship with God first for personal reasons.

But it is also important to understand our background and how it is affecting our role as a mom.   Which is what the author is doing here.   In the first section, she even talks about forgiveness for things of the past and how totally and completely forgive someone or a group of person can be healing in the end.    I particularly enjoyed this section as I am discovering that there is some things I need to forgive from my past and more recent events from the last two-three years.  

Then the author goes on to bring you the subject of finesse which is also important as your everyday life will need adjustments when  you are raising children.  The comes the touchy subject of circles.   What do you find in your circles of influence and how to address some issues from individuals within the circle. 

Finally, you discover the grandscape which is God’s plan for you and your kids.    Not an easy one to discover but you need to trust the Creator in what he is doing.   And in the end, whatever happens is good.   Not necessarily at first when we have an event in our face but after time goes by we can understand and see what God was doing.   I know because we went through some though times on various levels in the past and now we see why it happened and how we grew through these events.

I enjoyed reading this little book and it encouraged me to pursue our decision of homeschooling our kids.   As a homeschooler, I sometimes have doubts and discouragement but this little gem reminded me that God called us to pursue this road and to continue to walk on it for the time being.   I don’t know what God has in store for the future but right now spending time to teach me kids is a priority.   My oldest son will be turning 9 this week and we realized this week-end that he is half-way to being 18.  WoW!   I cherish the time I have with him to get to know him and discover his personality.  He is gifted in many areas and I can’t hardly wait to see how God will use him in the future.

This review was possible because the book, Momology,  has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

Momology is available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group including and

734497: Momology: A Mom"s Guide to Shaping Great Kids
Momology: A Mom's Guide to Shaping Great Kids

Available @

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SimAnimals Africa

SimAnimals Africa SimAnimals Africa
From EA Games

Game Info

Journey to the heart of Africa where you control the wild kingdom! Interact with exotic animals in the wild including lions, elephants, gorillas and more as you explore the jungles and savannas of Africa. Discover the animals’ secret abilities. Solve challenges to earn new items, animals, and levels. Collect unique items to receive badges. Get in touch with your wild side and discover the ultimate secret of the kingdom with SimAnimals Africa!

My Thoughts

If your kids like the games that involve simulation, you are in for a treat with SimAnimals Africa.   This game is perfect for kids as they learn how to manage a savanna with animals.   

It reminded me of the old simulation games like SimSafari or Zoo Tycoon.    My oldest son is enjoying these games and I am certain that my 6 year old will love to discover the animals living in Africa with this wonderful simulation of a savanna.

What I also like about this particular game is that I can easily incorporate it in our homeschool.   While studying the country of Africa, I can take this game out and let the kids go ballistic trying to get their savanna to grow in size and in animals.    Perfect!   And it will introduce them to the food chain existing in Africa.

You will start with a specific section and one type of animal and as you manage this section another one will open eventually with more animals.    The kids will deal with elephants, lions, meerkats, zebras and much more.

What I like the most about this particular game is that any of my kids could play it when they know how to manage the animals…   It is rated E for everyone!  The game is available for the Nintendo DS and the Wii.

This review was possible because I received a copy of SimAnimals Africa for the NintendoDS from EA Games.

SimAnimals Africa is available everywhere even on

Intercessors Arise

IntercessorsArise Intercessors Arise
Written by Debbie Przybylski
Published at NavPress

About the book

Intercessory prayer connects God’s power with the needs around us. This type of prayer needs to be cultivated with passion and discipline.

Using teachings that build on each preceding concept, author Debbie Przybylski shares how to expectantly and purposefully wait on God and identifies the obstacles that keep us from drawing close to His heart.

Who is Debbie Przybylski?

Debbie Przybylski is the founder and director of Intercessors Arise International, a part of the ministry of the Elijah Company, Inc. Her background in missions includes over twelve years of serving with Operation Mobilization, ministering to people from all over the world. Her wide range of experience includes coordinating and teaching people in evangelism from 40 nations, evangelistic and motivational speaking, and training others in intercession, 24-7 prayer, leadership, and in the skills needed for living and relating cross-culturally.

Visit Intercessors Arise - founded by Debbie.

My Thoughts

It took me a while to pick up this book and read it.  Why?  I am not exactly sure but when I was ready, I remembered this book and grabbed it.

I wonder now why I waited so long to read it.  Perhaps I wasn’t ready just yet.   My heart needed to have some healing to be done before I enjoy this book.   But the healing process is complete and now I can savor what is written in the book, ponder on it and take action.

And I am currently taking action on a daily basis.   My intercession is personal since it is family linked.   But my greatest desire would be to have my mom with me in Heaven one day.   And reading this book made me realized that I had not prayed enough about – sort of giving up on this hope I had.   But the book rekindled the hope and my trust that God can do amazing thing.   So now after I wrote my thanks from the previous day, I make sure I pray for my mom in my journal. 

My prayers have changed as well.  I am more specific, more particular in my prayers for her.    And our phone conversations are better these days.    We had a rough time in the past few years.  I am hoping to restore our relationship as well as having her in God’s family for eternity.

The book also made me realize that prayer is important for anything, anyone and anywhere.   It gave me a new perspective of the important of praying for our leaders, nation and the world.  

If you find that your prayer life sucks (sorry if I am offending you with this word but I think it pictures well what I mean) and  you don’t see God on the move around you, your loved ones and elsewhere in the world, I strongly recommend that you pick up this book and read it.   The Spirit will stir you in ways you won’t expect.  Believe me.  I am a proof of that!

This review was possible because I received a copy of Intercessors Arise from NavPress.

Intercessors Arise is available everywhere even at

Friday, June 11, 2010

Going back home

May 27th – We are leaving Massachusetts today and will drive back to Treasure Isle Campground.    2010_05_27_09_45_34 But before leaving we had a final encounter with the swans…  Papa swan was blocking the road and Mama swan was walking with the kiddos.   Somehow, one little swan is missing this time.  My previous pictures showed three of them while now only two are there.   I wonder what happened to number 3.   Maybe a wild animal ate it…

Back at Treasure Isle, I was wondering how the baby robins were doing and how they will look now.    There were three of them in the nest.   While I was walking toward the play structure, one flew away and went hiding in a pile of wood near by.  

So I climbed the structure and look in the nest.   The two other ones were there, waiting for something…   They didn’t move probably scared to death of the kids and the giant next to the nest.   They were grown now.   Incredible what ten days do in the life of a robin…


May 28th - We are driving back home (home being Logos Land where we park the RV).   So we  drive and got stopped at the border.  Somehow they had decided to search the RV.   The kids were great.  The agents friendly.   It took some time but it was a much needed rest I think.   I suggested to them to put a play structure for family.   They even gave a bracelet to the kids!  

And this is the end of our trip.

Our last outing - Boston Children’s Museum

May 25th – Destination Boston Children’s Museum.   A wonderful museum if you ask me.  Tons of activities to do and to discover.  We were here two years ago – it hasn’t changed much.  The kids had a blast.   That’s what is important.   Unfortunately at the end of the trip both Alexandre and hubby got sick but on a different way that Dominic and Jasmine.   So our
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: BostonChildrenMuseum
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We are driving back home soon…. After 10 days – we need to get back home.  

Plymouth – where the Pilgrims arrived…

Plymouth – we came two years ago and couldn’t see the “rock” because of construction around it.    So on a small day after doing a bit of outlet shopping for the kids, we decided to drive and eat in Plymouth and maybe pursue to Cape Cod.   Once again our plans got changed.   We stayed longer in Plymouth this time and decided, wisely if you ask me, not to drive to Cape Cod (which we had visited about two years ago!).
Plymouth is beautiful.   You can experience lots of things there.  They even make cranberry wine if you are interested.   We just enjoyed the scenery, ate some mussels, walk a bit around, and bought some soft shell crabs and fish for supper.
Enjoy the slideshow of Plymouth, MA!
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Our trip is almost over.  One more BIG day and then we are heading back home to Canada!  Keep reading…

Discovering Boston

May 22nd – Destination Old Boston area.   We are planning to walk the Freedom Trail.   Have  you caught the word planning?   Because plans sometimes are changed… and once again during this trip our plans got changed.
So we are planning to walk.   And discover the freedom trail.  But we were not planning to realize that we were close to the Boston Garden and Beacon Hill. 
So we were set to discover Boston…
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May 23rd – We got visitors at our camp site.    Ducks are walking freely on the grounds of Canoe River and they are not shy.   They 2010_05_23_18_54_20come directly to you in the hopes to get some food.   And the kids gave them plenty of bread…. *grin*   The same ducks tried to come back later in the week – probably hoping we would gave them more…

Destination Connecticut

May 21st - Talk about not being organized.   I way prefer knowing what to do when and being flexible.
Hubby had looked to see if there was a Bass Pro Shop in Boston because he wanted to buy a fish finder.  He didn’t see anything about it so we looked into Cabella’s.   Two were found at about 1 hours and half in Connecticut and 2 hours in Maine.    We decided to go toward Connecticut with the thought that there was some activities to do.   Well I wasn’t prepare whatsoever.  
So the drive wasn’t good because I was moody and stress and hubby wasn’t happy either.  
But we got to Cabella’s and got the fish finder.   Then we went to the Children’s Museum (free again thanks to our membership at home).   Little Children’s Museum which was okay but I’ve seen better.  
But the kids were able to run, explore and learn about what certain animals eat.   They were able to see the lady feed some of the animals, discover how to fly an airplane, dig like an archeologist and much more.
Here’s an highlight of the day.
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Continue reading me… more to come.

Arrived in Boston, MA (Part 2)

So we arrived safe and sound but wet on May 18th.   May 19th is the day were my patience and stress will be tested as we need to back up the RV in our site.  Shall I say to you that in the two years we had the RV, we never really backed it up in a site?   We always managed to avoid it somehow…  But God in all His wisdom has decided to change this.   Okay.  So let’s do it.
It took a few minutes but we were able to do it.  Problem is the site is crooked…  and somehow we can’t get the truck unhook.  Not good.   So I take the kids for a walk.  We saw Canadian geese with babies.   There is even a swan family on site.    Pretty neat.   
2010_05_19_12_07_44By the time I got back the trailer is unhook BUT somehow the tongue slipped and now the trailer is down.  Yikes!   But the RV people were very nice and came to help.  We were now able to set up.  
That was day 3 of our trip…
Remember I told you that Jasmine had been sick.   Well Dominic got it too at some point early in the trip.   Again it lasted only one day.   These empty ice cream containers can become handy in these kind of situation – let me tell ya…
2010_05_19_15_16_50 This picture above show you papa swan stretching out near the lake.
Day 4 – May 20  Destination Boston Science Museum.  Which was almost free by the way since weMore to  have a pass at the museums in Ottawa.   Almost because they asked we pay for one child…  They don’t have the same rule there it was 2 adults 2 children while ours is a family package – parents and all the kids.   Oh well…
The highlight of this visit was the on site explanation we had for how the human heart works – thanks to the generous donation from a sheep…  did you know that a sheep’s heart of about 90% similar to a human heart?   It was very interesting – let me tell you.   At first Alexandre wasn’t too sure about the heart but he enjoyed the information he learned that day.
Here’s some of the pictures of the day!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Boston Museum of Science
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More to come on our trip to Boston!

We are going to … BOSTON, MA (Part 1)

Since we were done with school back at the end of April, we started planning a mini-vacation (which we needed badly due to various reasons…) to Burlington, VT.   Yes, I know…  you might be wondering about the title, right?

Well we were planning for Burlington and had found a wonderful RV site as well as tons of activities to do.   BUT since we waited to the last minute to reserve (a first for us…) we quickly discovered that it simply wasn’t going to happen because ALL the sites with sewage were not available.   Roadblock #1.

So we quickly changed our gears and tried to figure out were to go.   We went through Boston for a couple of days two years before during our transition from PA to PEI.   Oh the story we have with Boston and the RV.    Imagine missing an exit on the highway and almost getting stuck under a LOW bridge to finally being able to get out of downtown Boston with only scratches on the top of the air conditioning.  OUF!  But that is another story…

So we found a RV site near Boston and decided to drive to somewhere in NY state for a night while driving to MA.    Found a site with no sewage but perfect since we leave the next day right?   Problem is, we were planning the vacation from May 17 to May 31 BUT we had not taken into account that the last week-end of May was Memorial Day for the Americans.   Consequently, we had to shorten our trip to May 17 to May 28.  Roadblock #2

Another thing happening on May 17 was the 50% sale at Value Village (a second-hand store) which doesn’t happen often.   And we were planning for me to go since our oldest needed pants (incredible how fast one child goes through pants when the knees keep piercing…).   Fortunately, the sale also means that the store is open at 7am.  *grin*   So off I go for a quick run at the sale and found amazing clothes for my oldest and my youngest as well as a couple of things for the two other boys.

2010_05_17_13_23_34 Pack the kids and off we go… While driving and enjoying the view, Jasmine got sick – mmmm!   Not once, not twice but more than likely at least four times while we were driving to Treasure Isle RV Park.   Poor little girl!   She didn’t understand what was happening.   Who would at the age of 2?

We finally arrived at Treasure Isle and the site is interesting.  Very close to a little river actually.   Very quiet.  A play structure close by and plenty of space for the kids to run.   Hubby didn’t want to unhook the trailer since we were leaving the next day (but we did remove the electrical plug though!).   However, our plans were changed once again when Jasmine barfed another time.  Okay we definitively need Ginger Ale.  Thanks to our GPS – hubby went with the boys to a Wal-Mart in Rome.   Yep!  That’s the name of the city close by.  Rome, NY.   Weird…

2010_05_17_19_34_10 After that first day of driving, the highlight I got was to catch a few pictures of brand new baby robins in a nest that was located in the play structure.   Sweet!   I love creation and the bright colors.    God gave me indeed a sweet memory for me and the family.

Lo and behold, little girl was fine after that.   Great!   But just for2010_05_17_18_42_36 precaution, we decided to wait a bit the next morning before deciding to pursue our trip.   We left at around 10ish with no more signs of sickness.

Unfortunately, we hit another roadblock at one point… well more than one that day actually.  So May 18 Roadblock #1 – when the road goes up and there is a railway track there, slow down if you are pulling an RV.   We didn’t went that fast but too fast for the RV who took the jump too fast… RESULT?  Load bangs about 10 minutes after passing the tracks.  We though – flat tires…  Nope.   We pursue the drive until someone needs to go to the bathroom.  We pulled in a  rest area and then I realize the damage done in the trailer.   The top 2010_05_18_15_20_18bunk beds had the hit.   They are NOT in their place.  Uh Oh!    Called hubby to come and check.   We need to stop to eat – mind as well stop at a Home Depot…

So we stop thinking 1 hour and 30 minutes would be long enough to repair the problem…   It actually took more than 3 hours!  Yikes!   And we still have to get to Boston…

2010_05_18_15_19_42 Repairs done we get back on the road.   But now it starts raining or should I say POURING hard.    Not fun.  Definitively not fun….  But the time we arrive to Canoe River Campground near Boston, it is past 10pm and we discover that we need to back up the RV in our spot.   NO WAY we are doing this in the pitch darkness and pouring rain.  So we took the liberty to set up temporarily in a pull-thru for the night.  We are tired.  The kids are tired.  We need sleep…   So off to bed we go.

Keep following our trip in the next entries…


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest – June 2010

June10MollyCoverSM Molly’s Money-Saving Digest June 2010 Published at The Old Schoolhouse
Home business.   This information only hit a spot in me.   Why?  Simply because we do have a home business.   Our business is in IT (Information Technology) and we mostly build databases or websites for various clients (mostly government departments/agencies in our city).   But we also have released a new website this year and I was curious to see what this digest had to say about starting and managing an home business.
First, let me tell you that you will also find the usual information in this digest; what is on sale this month, the special dates of the month, tools for organization as well as the famous recipes!
Ah! For the recipes only I am blessed this month.   Amidst of the menu suggested for a week, I discovered a lemon pie and a Key Lime Cheesecake.    Yum!
On the craft side – the subject of using old wool sweaters and “felt” them is touched briefly.   I would like more details on this – more like a step-by-step process as this is very interesting I find.   I wouldn’t mind trying it out to make a dress for my daughter.
Now on the topic of home business you will find a detailed article with interviews with adults, interviews with kids as well as suggestions on some home business you can explore.    There is also an real-life story of two homeschool moms who started a home business together called Activity Bags, LLC. 
Once again, the Molly’s Money-Saving Digest is packed with interesting ideas, recipes and something to inform you on how to make money from home.
Do you want to get the Molly’s Money-Saving Digest June 2010 titled Home Sweet Home (Business)?   It is simple.   Just click on the link ( and you will go directly to the page where you can purchase it.   Wondering what the price is?   4.95$ only!   And it contains many ideas on home business for you or your kids.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BlueWater Seafoods

13607CX Recently while I was on vacation I was contacted and offered to review some of the BlueWater Seafoods.  I agreed as we like fish and was looking forward to discover the new products that they had.

So when I got back in town, I had an envelop waiting for me from BlueWater Seafoods.  In it, there was free product coupons as well as two collapsible shopping bags.

The bags are quite interesting.   They fold intopouch_for_site themselves creating a small pouch that could easily be put into a purse, a diaper bag or a business bag.   It will be handy when you go to a store that sells the plastic bags… Instantaneously you would have your own bag to carry whatever you have purchase.

BlueWater is located in Lachine, Quebec and has been in the business for over 50 years.  Let me tell you that they know about seafood and they make sure that they have yummy meals for the family.
Whether you look for shrimp, solle, haddock, tilapia, or salmon, BlueWater Seafoods have a variety of products to tempt your palate and fill your tummy.

So I embarked on a shopping spree one afternoon and discover the variety of products that BlueWater offers in the freezer section of the grocery store.

Here’s the products I got: two bags of Multigrain Tilapia, one box of  potato crunch fillets and one box of lemon herb.

15039CF The Multigrain Tilapia Fillets is a flaky, premium Tilapia fillets strike the perfect blend of oats, barley, and wheat to deliver a delicious crunchy texture that is not dry or bland. The result is a perfect combination of hearty grains and great taste.  This is the one that I particularly like.   The fish was very yummy and savory.   It was melting on your tongue while you eat it.   Also, you feel very full when you have finished supper because of the multigrain.    My husband arrived late that night when I made the tilapia for supper and I almost grabbed his plate and ate his fish after I was done with mine.    Me – who before couldn’t stand eating fish but over the last few years has expanded my palate to enjoy fish more!  *grin*

The Potato Crunch fillets are flaky, whole white fish fillets, coated in a unique extra crunchy breadcrumb made with real potatoes! It has an irresistible potato chip flavor, with the perfect blend of fish and potato.   I can’t wait to taste this one.   Sounds delicious to me.  I have heard of recipes of chicken and potato chips but it never occured to me to do the same with fish.  Sounds very delicious to me!   I’m sure my kids will love this a lot.

Finally, the lemon herb fillets are thick, flaky, white fillets, dipped in the perfect batter, and blended with a special blend of herbs and real lemon. We had this flavor before and enjoyed it a lot.   Served with rice, thai sauce and vegetables, it will make a hit on your table.

AHOY! A CONTEST…. I know that most people nowadays are not too fond of fish and seafood in general.    But fish and seafood are good for your health.   And to help my readers to expand their tastebuds when it concern fish and seafood, BlueWater is offering 5 of my readers the opportunity to win a collapsible shopping bag AND one free product coupon. 

All  you have to do is jump aboard the BlueWater Seafoods website ( and tell me which product you would buy with your free product coupon.  

OPEN TO CANADIANS ONLY!   The winner has to have a Canadian address to receive the collapsible shopping bag and the free product coupon.

Deadline:  June 11th, 2010 
The winner will be selected with the help of

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Take your best shot – Do something BIGGER than yourself

315154_1_ftc Take your best shot – Do something BIGGER than yourself
written by Austin Gutwein – Founder of Hoops of Hope with the help of Todd Hillard
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book
Discover how you can respond to God's call in your own life, whether it's in your own town or on the other side of the world.

Teen Austin Gutwein has taken his best shot several thousand times to help AIDS orphans in Africa and in the process has built a school and a medical clinic!  Take Your Best Shot tells how one boy made an incredible difference in the lives of those without hope while challenging the reader to do the same. 

The interactive dialogue will leave space for the reader to respond. By the end of the book, the reader will know the testimony of Austin and other teens from around the world who are committed to a life of sharing Christ’s love, and will have begun to search for God’s voice in their own lives. The book will also equip and challenge readers with information on a variety of ministries and organizations around the world to help people, animals, and the environment. 

Who is Austin Gutwein?
Austin_Bio_Pic Austin Gutwein was moved when he learned there were more than 15 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  He organized a free-throw marathon and now his organization, Hoops of Hope, has raised over a million dollars to build a high school and medical clinic in Zambia.

Who is Todd Hillard?
Todd Hillard is a free-lance writer from San Antonio, Texas, where he lives with his wife and five kids. A former youth pastor and missionary, he is passionate about taking the dreams and stories of others and bringing them to life on the written page.

Todd was born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, received his BS in Pre-med studies and psychology from the University of Utah and his MA in English from Arizona State University. He and his family lived in Turkey for two and a half years. He has 17 years of pastoral experience and has written more than 12 books.

My Thoughts
This young man is simply amazing.  He had an idea and God opened up the doors for him to do what he was called to do – even when at first the adults thought it was a bit too much for him…

The book reminds me of what the Harris brothers say in their Do Hard Things book and Start Here book.  Austin talk directly to teenagers and tell them bluntly that they can do difficult task for the Lord as well.  And while he writes about this in each of the chapters, he also gives examples based on his experience with Hoops of Hope.  

I find it interesting to follow his story and discover that even though he had some difficulties, God provided with opportunities to make it possible and to grow.  

My oldest son is turning 9 this month and I want him to have good examples of how he can make a difference in the world.   Austin’s book will be one of the books I will ask him to read.   The book is written in such a way that even a nine year old can be touched by it.   Also included in each chapter, you will find a section called Take Your Best Shot which will guide the reader in reading God’s Word and ponder on some questions.   There are also challenges that are thrown to you in various ways.

I read this book while we were in vacation and every once in a while, my son, Alexandre would pick it up and look at the cover and read the back.   I think he is ready to dive into such a book.  Not sure if he was attracted to the basketball on the front or if is gentle spirit is touched by the kids in need on the cover but he seems to be interested in reading it.   Recently, while we were doing a garage sale, he had the idea to put up a lemonade stand and ask for donations for Haiti.   The results were fantastic and encouraged him to continue to find ways to help those in needs.

I want my kids to be willing to sacrifice and do hard things to help others.   And this book will encourage them and guide them in ways they won’t even expect it.  I know it touched me and stirred me inside.  
I recommend this book to every parent and younger person that I know.  Prepare to be move by the story of Austin and Hoops of Hope!


Hoops of Hope is organizing various events throughout the year.  Please visit their website at for more information.

Listen to what Austin has to say about one of the events from Hoops of Hope.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Take your best shot from Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications Inc.

Take your best shot is available everywhere even at