Thursday, May 8, 2008

Construction zone!

Yep!  My house is a construction zone these days.   It will be a week tomorrow since it's started.   I'm a bit sick of hammer and saw but it has to be done... so I suck it up!  

It is taking shape though....  Love it!   Can't wait to have the walls all done.   We will have an extra bedroom, an office area, a rec room, a bathroom and closets as well as storage.   One specific storage will be for the comic collection we have.    There is a wall next to it...  Might ask my father-in-law to paint it white so I can paint some heroes on it...   It's tempting.  Will I have the patience though?  

Then when this is done... Rob will bring back his office downstairs.   The old room of Alexandre and Dominic will become my office which means I need to get the walls painted...    Mmmm!   Then even though their clothes will stay there as well as their desks, my office will go up and I will have a scrapbooking area.   Yeah!

Once my office is upstairs, my actual office will become the schoolroom...   Painting again here!   Maybe convincing the hubby that a wood floor be nice - especially for crafting time.

I'm excited about it - even though I feel extra tired lately.   

Then when all this is done... maybe we could paint the dining room...   probably not this year but a girl can dream no?

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