Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back into routine...

Well... it's being two week since we got back from our month trip...   We had a great time and these days I miss being on the road and discovering new places.   We learned a lot - like living the six of us together in a small space (no place to be alone for sure), how to drive with the RV, how silly it is to stress when there is nothing you can do about it, how God brings help to you when you think there is nothing that can be done in a VERY quick time... (boy what a lesson that was).    We met some friends, got H.E.A.T. discovered in the States and in the East Coast (we get lots of reaction from the truck when we are driving with it...), and had a blast everywhere we went. 

I miss Heidi already and her family...  Wish I could drive back soon.  Wish I could do some things that I wanted to do but couldn't due to a lack of time...  So we will have to go back someday for sure!

I miss PEI.... the red dirt, the potato fields, the calm you experience when you are there, being able to see the sea from your camping site.  *sigh*

I need to get back to my routine...  Wish I could clean up my office but no...  I can't because the basement is not yet finished (almost) - then hubby will bring his office in the basement, we will paint the room where he was, I will move in there, then paint the room where my office is right now which will become the school room.   I'm excited about that!

Basement story - we were looking for the flooring everywhere.   I really liked Wild Cherry color but unfortunately all the Home Depot here didn't had them.   So I called outside the city no luck on the Ontario side... MmmmM!    I check the closest cities on the Quebec side...  Called Vaudreuil - nope but the guy told me that Acadie got a lot of them.   I called there and yes they had it!  Yeah!  Did they had enough for 900 sq ft?  Yes.   So mother-in-law and I drove 2 1/2 hours to get the flooring for a REALLY good price too! Turned out that my mother-in-law bought some for her basement as well... LOL    Good thing I had the truck!   We saved a lot of $ even though we drove to Montreal to get the floors.   What a story - we had 70 boxes of laminate flooring in the truck plus 16 underlining packages and some lights.    THe most important thing is that we had fun!    The person who helped us in the store said it was a fresh breath of air for them because they saw that we get along well... while most of the time people of *****ing and complaining in the store.   Very rare in Quebec for in-laws to get along apparently.   I believe it since I experienced it in my own family when I was younger.  It hard... I'm very glad that I get along with my in-laws...

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  1. Maybe you can plan a yearly trip to PA!