Monday, November 24, 2008

Counting down the days...

... only two more days and then it will be the surgery.   I admit that I am a bit stressed...  I wonder why?   I went through worse than that.   I guess it is just the fact that I am having yet another surgery and I am not looking forward to it...  Hubby says that I will be glad next summer that it is done.   Sometimes I wish that I wouldn't have to go through it. *sigh*

Here's the number of surgeries I had in the past...

5 year old - tonsils removed,
Teenager - left knee surgery because of a tored ligament
17 or 18 - removal of the bunion on the left foot - crappy job done... but hey it doesn't hurt
1997 - Gallbladder
June 2001 - c-section for Alexandre
Feb 2004 - c-section for Dominic (he was 10 days late so no induction because of previous c-section)
Nov 2005 - c-section for Jérémy (can't vbac anymore because of previous c-sections...)
Dec 2007 - c-section for Jasmine (three weeks earlier than due date because of previous c-sections)

and now this week - Nov 2008 - a forefoot reconstruction with bone graft.

2 days not walking on it... 6 six no driving...  and after 6 more weeks no impact sports or dancing.   But I will be ready for summer!  *grin*

I am thankful to have the best surgeon in the city to do it.   I trust her ... even if I met her only 2 times so far.   She knows what she is doing...   after all she has cases worse than mine.  It was a long wait but it was worth it.

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