Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bible Trading Cards

Bible Trading Cards
By Creation By Design

About the cards
Creation By Design's mission is to create Biblical products that enable children to connect with God's word in an exciting and fun way. In a time where Creationism is debated in the United States as an option to be taught in public schools and the secular culture in inundating our children with the latest in video games, television and trading card fashions, we must find new ways for the next generation to bond with Scripture.

Taking the latest in computer digital graphics and a fresh narrative voice, My Bible Cards stands as an alternative to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Creation By Design has devised a Bible Card trading series that can be used as a teaching tool to help children understand the Biblical narratives without forgoing their sense of the latest gaming trends.

  • 100% original 3D digital computer-designed Art
  • 100% original textual story content
  • Fun facts and Timeline sections to tie the information all together
  • Kids will want to collect them all!
My thoughts
I had the opportunity to evaluate this product through PTPA Media, Parent Tested Parent Approved and since they have just release their Holiday Campaign Winners, I can now present you this wonderful card games.
I think this is the best solution for parents who don’t want their kids to be exposed to other card games on the market like Pokemon for example. My oldest was introduced somehow to Pokemon cards when he was going to senior kindergarten. I thought it was a bit too young for this show (not the cards) and since we are not hockey fans per say (we love Olympics hockey though) – I just couldn’t figure out what kind of cards he could “collect”.
Enter My Bible Cards from Creation By Design. When I learned about them, I had just signed up for PTPA Media which allows parents to test and approve products. You receive the product, you test it (use it) and then you answer a questionnaire about it. So I received and e-mail from PTPA Media asking for families who have children aged 7-12 and who ideally are Christians and homeschooling. Which is exactly our situation… So I communicated with them and I received a box of the Old Testament.
Geared for boys and girls whose age is within 5 and 12 years old, these cards will permit them to visualize the stories of hte Old Testament. Each cards has a 3D artwork on the front and 3 sections on the back. The Narrative section which describe the card itself. The Fun Facts which gives more information about the subject of the card in art, literature, history, science and animals. The Timeline which places the event of the card in relation to other trading cards and world history.
I used the cards as a reward when my 5 and 8 year old would behave properly during the school time. I went to the dollar store close to my house and bought them sleeves so that can store the cards and refer to them. We then got a binder to store the sleeves in it. My oldest got in his mind to place the cards by numerical order. So now the cards are in order in the binder and it's easier to refer to them when we look into the Old Testament events. For example, the kids are going through the days of creation at AWANA and we can take the binder and look at the cards related to the Creation days. Pretty neat!
Right now only Series A is available on the market. A packet contains 5 randomly selected cards out of a series of 100. Price of a packet is 3.99$. In a box of 24 packets you would have a total of 120 cards. There is a full set of 100 series A guaranteed in every box. Price of a box is 85$.
Also, you will find in the fun section of their website free wallpapers as well as coloring pages.
I strongly recommended the Bible Trading Cards for whoever who wants to make it more realistic for their kids.

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  1. Again, another post I can relate to. I too am not a fan of Pokeman or Bakugan... I have been deterring him for over a year now from buying cards so if he continues to ask us, this will be a great alternative for us to suggest to him!
    Cheerio! Shannon :)