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Written by Eric Walters
Published at Penguin Books Canada

About the book

This first book for young readers about Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope, written by one of Canada’s best-known writers for young adults, is a blending of fact and fiction, fully endorsed by The Terry Fox Foundation. Hundreds of thousands of young Canadians participate in the Terry Fox Run each year and this book will further enhance their knowledge of Terry’s epic journey. Run introduces a national hero to a new generation of readers.

In his trademark page-turning style, Eric Walters, bestselling author of Trapped in Ice and Camp X, tells the story of Winston MacDonald. In trouble again after a suspension from school and a runaway attempt, Winston is sent to spend time with his father—a journalist who hasn’t been around much since his family split up a year ago.

Travelling to Nova Scotia with his father, who is covering what he thinks is just a human interest story about a man trying to run across the country, Winston spends a day with Terry Fox and his best friend, Doug. Their determination to achieve what seems like an impossible goal makes a big impression on Winston, and he takes courage and inspiration from Terry’s run. He is overjoyed when his father’s article about the Marathon of Hope ignites public interest across the country.

But when Winston discovers that his father’s next article about the Marathon of Hope will characterize Terry and Doug in an unflattering way, he is furious with his father and fearful of betraying his friends. Unsure of what to do or where to turn, Winston decides it is time to make a run for it himself...

Our Thoughts

Historical fiction has a way to stir my heart.  I love reading books based on historical events or historical people.   This book from Eric Walters has been an incredible journey for the author himself as he has been the only author to have received the authorization to write anhistorical fiction for young readers about Terry Fox and his journey to raise money for cancer.    This book will encourage kids to learn more about a great Canadian who is recognize yearly with the Terry Fox run but it will give them in insight in the life of Terry Fox during his attempt to run through Canada back in the year of 1980.   Historical elements are nicely intertwined with fictional characters and story line but in the process of reading this book, the reader will learn more about Terry and discover his drive in wanting to complete the run.  

I enjoy the way Eric Walters writes – it is clear, concise and captivating.    At the end of each chapters, you will want to know more and keep reading.   The fact that this book is linked to an event from Canada’s part makes it even more interesting in my eyes.    Back in 1980, I was eleven years old – funny now to think of it I am almost the age of the main character – and I remember seeing Terry Fox running in the news when he came to the province of Quebec.    I remember learning about him getting sick on the run and having to leave.  I remember learning about his passing.   All events that somehow I have lived while growing up.   Now, my own kids will have the opportunity to live it while reading this magnificent book from Eric Walters.  That’s why I have given the book to my oldest son to read recently.   Here’s what he has to say of the book.

Eric Walters’s book Run is absolutely incredible.  It is very interesting and I couldn’t wait until I could continue my reading when I had to stop.   It gave an amazing perspective of Terry Fox’s story.  It is an amazing book.

At the end of the book, you will find more pages which I would encourage the reader to explore as it will gives you more information on how the author wrote the book.   You will also find a letter from Terry requesting support for his run as well as his journey while running and a section about facts on this amazing young Canadian man.

This Christmas consider giving a great historical fiction for your child.   I strongly believe that having good book will encourage kids to read.  This is a marvelous book that will give an insight on an historical event in Canada.


Please note that the book was recently republished with a new cover under the Puffin Classics Edition.

Run is available at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: Thanks to Penguins Book Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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