Saturday, January 11, 2014

VOTA Special Request For Their New Album Love Found Me

For a few months, my husband has been using RDIO to discover music from new artists based on his music preferences.  So far he is quite pleased with RDIO as he has discovered new artists that he is enjoying quite a bit.

Through RDIO, he has stumbled on VOTA a Christian rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska which features Bryan Olesen who was a former guitarist with the Christian rock band Newsboys.   When I started going out with my husband, he introduced me to Newsboys and we had the privilege to attend two of their concerts in the past.   Needless to say, we are fans of Newsboys and we introduced our kids to them since then.  

Discovering that one of their former guitarist was part of VOTA immediately triggered my husband to check out their songs and he got hooked.    VOTA was originally founded as Casting Pearls back in 1997 but in 2008 the name was changed because of the confusion with Casting Crowns another Christian band.image

My husband says that VOTA is one of his favourite now.  On January 8th, VOTA released a new album – Love Found Me.  Though you could purchase this album on places like, Best Buy,, Rhapsody, iTunes, RDIO, as well as AmazonMP3, I would like you to consider another option – getting it for free in exchange of a donation.

WHAT DID SHE SAY?  Did I just read the word FREE?

Yes.  Free.

All you need to do is go to the website Love Found Me, watch the video of Bryan presenting Meena and her story as well as the plan that VOTA has to save girls from human trafficking in Nepal.

All you have to do is jump to and let God speak to you (as he did for my husband – I don’t see my husband in tears very often but this video definitively touched his heart.    And after watching it myself, I was touched to the point that tears were coming freely too!) as you watch the video.

For a simple 15$ of donations to help rescue human trafficking in Nepal and save girls, VOTA will give you not only their new album Love Found Me but also include a second album No Plan B as a thanks for your donation. 

100% of all proceeds are going to Tiny Hands International.


Interested in getting not one but two albums from VOTA? Quickly go to LoveFoundMe, watch the video and be touched by the story shared here and how VOTA is planning to rescue 3000 girls.  Together we can do it. Please join us to fight human trafficking in Nepal. 


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