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NIV Integrated Study Bible

_225_350_Book.948.coverNIV Integrated Study Bible (NIVISB) – A New Chronological Approach for Exploring Scripture
by John R. Kohlenberger
published at Zondervan

About the bible

More than just a chronological Bible—not only are passages of Scripture arranged in their sequential order, but so also are individual events, and includes multiple interpretations for deeper revelations.

The NIV Integrated Study Bible shows the Bible unfolding in a new way as the landmark events are set in parallel. It’s more than just a chronological Bible—not only are passages of Scripture arranged in their sequential order, but so also are individual events. And multiple interpretations allow for deeper revelations. For instance, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John’s telling of Jesus feeding the 5,000—presented in four columns right next to each other—take on a new life. David’s story about hiding from Saul in the wilderness is paired with the relevant psalms. In this new, hardcover edition, the NIV Integrated Study Bible will prove to be a lasting and invaluable resource for your customers.

Features include:

  • The entire text of the NIV translation with the order of events arranged chronologically
  • General and sectional (e.g., Pentateuch, History, Prophets, Gospels) introductions on chronology and dating, including comparative charts of major systems and schemes
  • Brief commentary in the form of transitions to help navigate the chronology

My Thoughts

I was curious about this Bible because I thought it was an interesting way of presenting the Scriptures.   When I received it I proceeded to explore it and read the introduction.  I have discovered that this bible is unique for reading and for studying the scriptures.   The NIVISB presents the Bible in a chronological order for reading with the books of poetry and prophecy and the New Testament letters integrated into the history in which they were written.   It also presents a parallel passages for study in a side-by-side format.


The NIVISB is presented in seven major historical sections:

  1. Creation Through the Patriarchs  (Genesis and Job)
  2. Exodus to Conquest (Exodus to Deuteronomy, Psalm 90)
  3. Conquest through United Kingdom (Josiah to 1 Kings 11, 1 Chronicles 10 to 2 Chronicles 9, 129 Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)
  4. Divided Kingdom and Exile (1 Kings 12 to 2 Kings 25, 2 Chronicles 10-36, Isaiah to Daniel 9, Hosea, Amos to Zephaniah, Psalm 102, Psalm 137)
  5. Return to the Land (1 Chronicle 1-9, Ezra to Esther, Daniel 10-12, Haggai, Zechariah, Joel, Malachi, 18 Psalms)
  6. The Life of Jesus (Matthew to John)
  7. The Early Church (Acts to Revelation)

A Chronological timeline is included at the bottom of each page of this Bible so that you can easily visualize where in history the Scriptures refers.  A triangular pointer will marks the approximate date of the event each page is presenting.  Also, throughout the NIVISB you will find special charts that are strategically inserted – Patriarchs, Exodus and Conquest/United Kingdom, Divided Kingdom/Exile/Restoration/Between the Testaments, Rulers of the Divided Kingdom of Israel and Judah, Christ’s Early Life/Christ’s Ministry, and The Early Church.   Some of these charts also contains World history information which makes it interesting to study as you learn when in history the events of the Bible were lived.  Having parallel passages is also interesting while you study a certain passage of the Bible.   You will find chronological parallels, genealogies as well as conceptual parallels in the NIVISB

I find this bible very interesting and worth discovering when you want to read the Word in a different way and explore the scriptures in a chronological approach.    Even my thirteen years old son is liking the idea behind this Bible.    While reading this special edition of God’s Word, you will see the Bible unfold in a new way as you explore the integrated approach.   These pages are presented in various ways – 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns.  For example, when David is in the cave in 1 Samuel 22:3-4 and Psalm 142 you will read both scriptures in a 2-column presentation while when you read about the feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:1-13 you will be able to explore these scriptures in a 4-column presentation. 

The NIVISB has been put together in order to encourage you to read and study the Word of God.   However, further resources are needed if you want to have notes, commentary, historical, cultural, and practical insights.  Zondervan has numerous titles that could help you in deepening your study of God’s Word with the NIV Study Bible, the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, the NIV Application Commentary, the Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible and Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary.  Needless to say the NIVISB is a good tool to have in your personal library in order to get a good understanding of where in history the events of the Bible occurred.    

No everyone will like the way it is presented.   I personally find that this Bible opens up a new way of reading the Scripture and will be worth discovering.  It can be a wonderful gift for a graduate or for a baptism.   The NIVISB is also a great addition in an homeschool personal library as you can visualize the scriptures historically.  Experience the interconnectedness of the Scriptures from Genesis through Revelation with the NIV Integrated Study Bible!

The NIV Integrated Study Bible is available at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: Thanks to Zondervan for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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