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Miracle on Voodoo Mountain

_225_350_Book.1464.coverMiracle On Voodoo Mountain – A Young Woman’s Remarkable Story of Pushing Back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti
By Megan Boudreaux
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book

"It took months of God waking me up in the middle of the night before I realized I was the one He was calling to leave my comfortable American life and move to Haiti."

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain is the inspirational memoir of an accomplished and driven 24-year old who quit her job, sold everything, and moved to Haiti, by herself-all without a clear plan of action. Megan Boudreaux had visited Haiti on a few humanitarian trips but each trip multiplied the sense that someone needed to address the devastation-especially with the children, many of whom were kept as household slaves on the poverty-stricken and earthquake-devastated Caribbean island.

God guided her every step as she moved blindly to a foreign land without knowing the language, the people, or the future. From becoming the adoptive mother of former child slaves, to receiving the divine gift of the Haitian Creole language, to starting, building, and running a school for more than 500 children, "the amazingness of what God did after I made the choice to be obedient is incredible," said Megan.

Three years later, six acres on Bellevue Mountain in Gressier is the home of the nonprofit Respire Haiti at the former site of voodoo worship, and in the area that many still come to make animal sacrifices, Megan and her staff of nearly 200 are transforming this community as they educate, feed, and address the needs.

Who is Megan Boudreaux?

Megan Boudreaux, at the age of 24, founded Respire Haiti, a non-profit to fight for the freedom of Haiti's estimated 300,000 child slaves. Megan followed God's call to begin a feeding program and transform a barren hillside into a refuge and a school for 500 children. A medical clinic is nearing completion with future plans for a church, community center, and library. Megan has adopted four Haitian children and in 2013 she married her best friend, Josh Anderson.

My Thoughts

When I saw this book available for review I was immediately curious because it was about how a young woman has decided to follow God in a country that was in turmoil in order to help kids.   She left everything that she knew about and move to Haiti in an area she had previously went to on a Mission trip.   I love real stories of people selflessly leaving everything behind and going where God has asked them to go.    So I didn’t hesitate a seconds and got the book in ebook format in order for me to immediately start the reading. 

And I got hooked from the first few pages I read.   I was able to read this book within a week – which is a miracle nowadays when you homeschool your four kids and incorporate regular activities in the mix.    And let me tell you that this book will allow you to see God on the move when we seem to doubt about it (well in North America anyway).   God was with Megan Boudreaux from the time she had the dreams through her moving in Haiti, giving her the gift of speaking and understanding Creole, providing for her needs above and beyond she could even imagine, giving her kids, a husband, a ministry that is thriving and much more.   

Reading this book gave me goose bumps and made me dream of bringing my kids on a mission trip in the future.  We have seen God moving when my husband and I were part of a mission trip in Dominican Republic back in 2005.  We know that He is faithful to provide for needs we have.  We believe that He wants us to bring our kids on a mission trip and I trust that He will provide for this to happen.  The story of Megan Boudreaux is touching, real and will bring you in awe of how God can provide.

If you like biographies and stories of how God move in order to bless kids and adults, this book is definitively one that I highly recommend. 

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain is available at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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