Monday, March 30, 2015

WordUp The Vocab Show

imageWordUP! The Vocab Show – The Best Way to Learn Vocabulary from Latin & Greek Roots
From Compass Classroom

About the product

Dwane Thomas, of Visual Latin fame, stars in a zany new show teaching Latin and Greek roots, as well as hundreds of English vocabulary words. Utilizing a new approach to learning, WordUp! seriously expands a student’s grasp of the vocabulary used in literature, science, and standardized tests.

Each DVD or download set includes:

  • 10 video lessons (12-15 min each)
  • 20 Latin & Greek roots
  • 200+ English words
  • Links to online Vocabulary Flashcards

My Thoughts

I have seen a post about this product on facebook and it picked my curiosity.   So I decided to watch the trailer of the game and see what it consisted.   I was hooked because it was a great way to learn Latin and Greek words for kids of any ages.   So today I am delighted to be able to present you WordUp! The Vocab Show and tell you how we enjoyed it as part of our homeschool.  This DVD is consider as Volume 1 which I suspect will be followed by other titles.   It contains ten video lessons and over 200 words in Quizlet. 

Quizlet is an online quiz which allows your student to learn more word based on the lessons presented on WordUp! which will expand the grasp of the vocabulary used in literature, science and more.  The Quizlet provides cards to learn the words and definition, a section where you get the definition and you have to type the word, a speller which encourage you to type what you hear, a test where you can select the question types (written, matching, multiple choice and true/false), a game which consists in dragging corresponding items onto each other to make them disappear and finally a game where you destroy scrolling words by typing in their corresponding term and pressing enter.    Bottom line, the student has no excuses in learning the vocabulary words presented because there are plenty of fun activities for him/her to strengthen the learning of the words.

The best part of this product is that if you are uncertain of how it would be a good fit for your family, you can download two free lessons and try it out. 

WordUp! The Vocab Show is available for purchase directly from Compass Classroom in DVD format or download format.    Each are regularly priced at 15$ but for a limited time they are both available for 9.99$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Compass Classroom for sending me the above mentioned product in download format for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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