Thursday, October 29, 2015

DK Gift Boutique for this Christmas season

DK Canada has once again put a wonderful Gift Boutique in order to offer fabulous titles for adults or children for this upcoming Christmas season.  I had the privilege to review one of the titles offered in the DK Gift Boutique and can tell you right away that this is a book that all LEGO fans would want to have.  

61dfRyDKXrLThe LEGO Awesome Ideas book contain new ideas that will unlock the secrets of LEGO building and show your child how to create a world with their imagination.   When I was younger and received my first LEGO box, I had no idea that once day my own kids would play with these as well as their own.   I remember using a book with ideas on building things quite often.  That book I still have but it is nothing compared to the books that DK Canada has published in the past and definitively nothing compared to the new LEGO Awesome Ideas book.   First let me tell you about the cover.  This hardcover book has a 3D section which allow you to see the dimension of an item built with LEGO.  The bird in the left side corner can just start flying away almost!

The book is packed with stunning photography and informative text as it demonstrates how entire models are built up.  Also, the reader will obtain step-by-step visual breakdowns and offering alternative ways to build models.   Each chapter can be easily explored as it steadily creates a themed world and ultimately showcases a dynamic diorama of the complete build, showing readers that they too can build up an entire LEGO world from scratch — model by model, brick by brick.

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The book covers five worlds:

Outer Space: mech walker, all-purpose robots, forklift robot, space rover, space equipment, planetary pod, space door, sci-fi doors and walls, gear doorway, research lab, hydroponics bay, lab tools, aliens and alien life, space-plants and scenery, micro-scale spaceship, micro-space fleet, micro-scale space buildings, Zycon shuttle, and outer space diorama.

Modern Metropolis: basic building, modular buildings, city buildings, city museum, building roofs, tables and chairs, furniture, around the city, making a car, city vehicles, auto bumpers, lights, signs, signals, farmer’s field, crops and vegetables, plants, on the farm, leisure activities, farmhouse, and modern metropolis diorame.

The Wild West: wagon, wagons roll, western scenery, cavalry fort, jailhouse, around town, Wild West saloon, building signs, tow items, steam train, train carriages, old mine, rolling riverboat, outlaw hideout, and Wild West diorama.

Fantasy Land: fantasy house, cube village, fantasy roofs, fences and pathways, waterfall, fantasy river, flowers, fantasy creatures, tree slide, tree-house, castle walls, castle tower, fancy towers, castle features, cream-pie catapult, and fantasy land diorama.

The Real World: cell phone, technology, stationary, kitchen scale, bathroom, science kit, banana, fruit and veg,  gingerbread man, cakes and pastries, popsicle, frozen treats, candies, box of chocolate, and real world diorama.

The book will show how to build the most imaginative world using techniques that will be easy to follow and do for anyone – kids or adults alike.   The images included in the book are bright and will demonstrate what the instructions are explaining.  I really enjoyed looking at all the examples included in this book.   I am speechless to see how the Fantasy river is made – so easy to do…. if only we had all the pieces required.  Another favorite of mine is definitively the butterfly and the flower gallery.  Oh and the adorable crayon box is just the perfect one to build for playing with dolls for my daughter. And to surprise someone this Christmas you could trick them with a false box of chocolate before giving a real one!

With creative model ideas and visual tips and techniques, LEGO Awesome Ideas will inspire anyone, from beginners to accomplished builders. It is definitively a perfect gift for the LEGO fan in your life this Christmas!  Don’t forget the LEGO Ideas Book and the LEGO Play which also contains a ton of ideas to build.

gift-boutique-button-185x185The Gift Boutique of DK Canada offers ideas for adults and children.   In the adults section you will see titles like Smithsonian Design, Musicals, Smithsonian Wildlife of the World, LEGO Star Wars Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy, The Sherlock Holmes Book, Marvel Avengers Encyclopedia, Desserts, Disney Book, Art a Visual History, Alpine Cookbook, UFC Visual History, Bon by Design The Art of the James Bond Films, Smithsonian History, Quen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, Smithsonian Music, Paper Craft, The Tea Book, Smithsonian Great Maps, James Bond 50 Year of Movie Posters, Modern German Cookbook, Ultimate Star Wars, Smithsonian History of the World in 1000 Objects, Marvel Comics 75 Years of Cover Art, and Photography.

In the children section, DK Canada suggests titles like Smithsonian Picturepedia, Let’s Knit, LEGO I Love That Minifigure, Star Wars – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Utterly Amazing Human Body, Great LEGO Sets Visual History, Smithsonian Cars, Trains, Ships & Planes, Star Wars Rebels Epic Battles Visual Guide, Senseational Illusions, Super Shark Encyclopedia, Strange but True!, LEGO Awesome Ideas, Sophie’s Little Library, Frozen The Enchanted Guide, Smithsonian Space! and The Big Book of Dinosaurs.

The LEGO Awesome Ideas is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore, even and





Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned book for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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