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About the product

Unleash the rapid-fire fury of the Mega RotoFury blaster! This long-range blaster launches darts up to 90 feet from its. Who will withstand your attack when you can fire up to 10 Mega Whistler Darts at your target without reloading? The Whistler Darts will scream through the air as you dominate the battlefield with the rapid-firing Mega RotoFury blaster!
Includes blaster, 10 Mega Whistler Darts and instructions.
• Mega RotoFury blaster fires Mega Whistler Darts up to 90 feet
• Includes 10 Mega Whistler Darts
• Rotating drum fires 10 darts at a time without reloading
• Slam-fire action
• Mega Whistler Darts scream through the air

My Thoughts

Geared for people ages 8 and up, this mega blaster will bring some joy for any child who is into Nerf blasters.   My junior high has Nerf nights throughout the year at the church (yes you have read correctly – at church!) we attend where the kids can be strategic and have a blast at the same time.  My son missed the first Nerf night a couple of months ago because he had a fresh stitch from a recent accident he had after the swimming lesson.  He was so disappointed that he couldn’t attend it.  Consequently, he is so looking forward to the Nerf Night on December 18th.  So I know without a doubt that he will enjoy having this jewel of a blaster in his hands.   969BE29050569047F5923C3A447A4C44

The blaster comes with 10 darts that are bigger than the regular darts from other Nerf blasters.   That is why it is part of the MEGA series.   The dart are huge in comparison of the ones we usually have.    The Rotofury has a rotating drum which will shoot the 10 darts rapidly directly in a slam-fire action to an unsuspecting target.   To make it more fun for the person controlling the blaster, the whistler darts will scream through the air as it try to reach the target.  The dart themselves could go as far as 24 to 28 meters .  A Mega dart performance chart can be found in the back of the box.

The Nerf N-Strike Mega Series Rotofury blaster is great for indoor and outdoor play.   Make sure you keep track of the darts so that you don’t loose them.   The Rotofury blaster apparently works better with Mega Darts only.  It is strongly recommended not to modify the darts or the blaster itself and to use only darts designed for this product. 

The NERF N-Strike Mega Series Rotofury Blaster is available for purchase at your favorite toy store, even on and



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