Monday, April 25, 2016

International TableTop Day


The International TableTop Day is coming on April 30th, 2016. And to celebrate this many places will have fun little tournaments in their stores. 

We will be participating to our first International TableTop Day by participating to our first ever Ticket to Ride Tournament which is held in one of the Mrs Tiggy Winkles stores in Ottawa.

We think it will be a great opportunity to meet other Board Game lovers, play together and have fun at the same time.  The four kids are looking forward to this event and have been talking about it since we registered about a month ago.

Apparently there will be 20 participants to this tournament.   We have been practicing with our board game as well as with the app version.   We are looking forward for a fun day at Mrs Tiggy Winkles on Saturday.

Ticket To Ride is game that is so quick to learn and so fun to play! You can check out a game in action in this episode of TableTop

Another tournament of Munchkin is also happening at the Westboro Village store on the same day.

Unfortunately both tournament are full at this point in time.   I think there will be event throughout the city at various places –whether comic book stores or gaming stores.  Check your local store to learn what they are doing.   Another suggestion would be to make your own tabletop event at home with your family.  Take out a board game and play with your kids.    Start a new tradition of playing board games on a weekly basis with them.   Build memories.

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