Sunday, May 8, 2016

Risk Captain America Civil War

As may of you know the new Captain America: Civil War movie has come out in theatres. Our children have been looking forward to go see it.  Last Friday, we drove to the theater where the price was the most reasonable for our family of six and we enjoyed watching the latest instalment in the Marvel Universe movies.

imageBut even before the movie came out in theatres many products had found their way on the shelves of stores around you - figurines, clothing, bedding, books and even games.   One of the interesting items I have seen so far is Risk Captain America Civil War Edition.

Essentially this is an updated version of an already popular game with a twist of superheroes.  The game features Captain American, Falcon, Iron Man, and War Machine figures.  

Bottom line the game can be translate like this - Captain America vs. Iron Man in the search for the Winter Soldier.   The battle is set at the airport where you will have to control the most territories, capture the Winter Soldier, and escape with the Quinjet before it reaches the end of the runway.


You can choose to either play as the team of Captain America or the team of Iron Man.   The game also allow 2 different ways to play as you can decide to play with 2 or 4 players.   With 2 players, each person will control either Team Captain America which is composed of Captain America and Falcon or Team Iron Man which includes Iron Man and War Machine.    However, if you decide to play with 4 players each participant will control one hero and works in teams of two people.   No matter which type of play you decide to do, the game is over after five rounds of excitement and strategy.  Whichever team that possess the most points at the end of the game wins!

My husband has played RISK numerous times since he was younger.   Now he find that it is a game that demands lots of time to go through.  Have a limit of rounds is something that he finds really interesting.  He actually prefers having a limited time period when playing games now.    This new edition is something he said he could see himself play – with me or with the kids.    For a family of six, it is a bit disappointing that there isn’t more figures in this board game so we can all play.  After all, each team in the movie is composed of many other characters.  I think it would have been fun to add more figures to this edition of the game in order to make it more realistic.    The scene at the airport is the best scene to have chosen for this game.  I think the game will be really popular within the gaming community and/or comic fans.   

Risk Captain America Civil War Edition is available for purchase at a store near you as well as on and


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