Monday, June 27, 2016

Amazing Quiz Books


Summer is finally here and with it a brand new boutique that is just in time to celebrate all things Canadian.   The Oh Canada Boutique from DK Canada put the emphasis on books that highlights Canadian contents of all sort.   As a for post to celebrate the Oh Canada Boutique, I will be reviewing three amazing books that contain fun quizzes for your kids; Amazing Animal Quiz Book, Amazing Space Quiz Book and the Amazing Earth Book.


Each of these books is jam-packed with incredible facts and eye-catching images .   Inside the books you will find over 1000 brain-straining questions that can become as addictive as  they are fun. Covering a vast range of subjects from creepy crawlies to our home planet and beyond these books can become a lifesaver when waiting for an appointment, travelling to visit family, or just to keep the kids busy at the campground.  

You will find three different levels of difficulty for the quiz - easy (green), medium (blue) and hard (red).   Each question will have a multiple choice answers where the child has to choose from.   Also throughout the book you will discover fun facts about the subject of the book.    For example, in the animal book you will learn that a housefly’s feet are 10 million times more sensitive than a human tongue.   In the Space book you will learn that the first record of a meteorite fall is in an Ancient Egyptian papyrus.   In the Earth book you will learn that coral reefs are home to 25 percent of all marine fish species.  Also at the end of each book you will also discover more about the subject in hand with fast facts. And to top it off, all answers are found at the end of the book. 

Wondering what kind of questions you will find for each level?   Here’s a sample (answers will be at the end of this blog post).


Frog spawn is laid in clumps.  How do toads lay their eggs?
a) individually   b) like frogs   c) in strings  d) in circles



Which of these animals can propel itself through the water by clapping the two halves of its shell together? 
a)swan mussel   b)scallop   c)oyster   d)giant clm



What do ghost knifefish use to communicate? 
a) bubbles   b) color Changes  c) electrical signals   d) chemical signals


I find these books to be great to quiz your kids on specific subjects.  Like I mentioned I have received the Animal, Space, and Earth books.   A fourth title is also available which covers dinosaurs.   These books would make a great addition to a personal library whether you homeschool or not.  They are packed with great questions that you can challenge your kids to find the answer whether by digging in books or do a search on the internet.  I think these books are great to pack for a long trip, to bring along in the car, to discover at the dentist, or simply use in the backyard.   They are perfect in many ways and can be a source of learning where your kids learn something while having fun at the same time.

The Oh Canada Boutique contains numerous other titles that could be interesting for you.

The Amazing Quiz Books are available at your favourite bookstore, even on and



Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for allowing me to promote these books. I was not monetarily compensated for this post . Please note that the post was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

ANSWERS:   Easy: C  -  Medium: B  -  Hard: C

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