Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Special theme nights at camp

My kids go to a Christian camp during the summer and during the week that they are there they have some special events happening.  Last year for example, they had a space them evening.  You should have seen the decorations they had put in the dining hall.   It was impressive…

So this year, before Girl’s overnight stay camp, I received an email telling me what will be the themes.   One was Hawaiian which is not a problem.  The other theme was about Canada’s 150th birthday which we are celebrating this year – 2017.   In the email it mentioned that the camper can dress into something old (like grandparents), a candle or a cake.  

And guess what my sweet and adorable daughter picked – a CUPCAKE! 

Here’s the thought that went into my head…. “hmmmm!  cucpake…. How in the world will I pull this off?” yeah….   I told her that I would google to see what I can come up.  

And I did find a website telling me how to make a cupcake costume.  SERIOUSLY!   Someone came up with this idea for a low cost…

So I found a laundry basket that was not too heavy.  Cut the bottom and put up some bungy cord.


Then I went to the Dollar store and purchase some big carboard in order to make the bottom part of the cupcake.   It wasn’t perfect but it did the trick.


Fortunately, I have some pink material that I could use for the icing part.   All it took was cutting, sewing and filling it.  At first I had put too much of the white fluffy stuff in it…. I had to reopen the tubes and remove about half of it.   The bottom part was glued at first but it wasn’t sticking so I used double-sided velcro which we had at home and it did the trick.   For the top part of the icing I decided to sew it to the bottom section both outside and inside the costume.  That way it will be more stable.


And then it was gluing the part with the pompoms which represent the sprinkles.

And voilà!  My daughter has her cupcake costume for the Canada’s birthday theme event.  Needless to say, she was delighted with the results.


This week I have received the email for Boy’s overnight stay camp.   They have three theme – Super-heroes (not a problem in this house since we have plenty of costumes super-hero related), Canada’s 150th birhtday (however this time they asked the boys to show their patriotism – easy red and white eh?) and instead of gentlemen night they will have a filthy evening – which I assume will be disgusting.  

Every year when the kids come back from their camp, they have made incredible memories.   This year will be another great year for sure…

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