Friday, November 10, 2017

DROPMIX–Music Gaming System

box-dropmix-game-kartu-musikThere is a new game in store this Christmas season – DROPMIX from Hasbro and Harmonix.  Essentially the game is a music mixing game which uses a mix of physical cards that possesses embedded chips.   However, be warned that you will need either an Apple or Android  device to play the game because you have to download the app and communicate with the board via Bluetooth.

The box comes with 60 cards and an electronic game board with five marked spaces.     Each cards represent a different song.   Note that you will also have the possibility to purchase new music samples by getting new cards as booster packs.  Each booster packs contains different number of cards.


Each card can be used on at least one of the four colors represented on the board.  Each color represent a specific aspect of a song.  For example: while yellow will highlight vocals, blue on the other end would have the drum tracks.   So all you have to do is drop the card in the appropriate spot in order to create a mix or make points.


Some cards (FX) will trigger special events while other ones are considered Wild Cards which means you can play them in any mix slots.  You will need 15 cards to make a playlist.  Oh and the cards have a different level of power from 1 to 3.   A card with a power level of 3 will have more impact on the mix compared to a card of power level 1.

As mentioned before the board has five spaces to insert the cards.  Three of these spaces will accept cards of two different colors while the two other spaces only accept a specific color of card.  

There are three ways of playing Dropmix.

  • CLASH: The goal is to reach 21 points first.   You can explore a variety of combos in this version.   Strategically play your cards in order to win and expect the unexpected with the music you create.
  • PARTY: In this mode, you will work together to answer requests quickly in order to get the highest score.  
  • FREESTYLE: In this mode, you can discover new music by connecting the cards on the board.  You have the possibility to customize and tweak the mix until to are satisfied with what you have.  Then you can show it to your family and/or friends.


Additional cards can by purchase with the DROPMIX Discover Packs (series 1 or 2) or the DROPMIX Playlist Pack (Derby-Pop, Astro-Electric, Ouroboros – Rock, or Mirrors – Hip Hop).  Below is an example of some of the songs you could have in the cards.


If you have a budding DJ in your home or if yourself like to mix songs, I think that this game will be interesting.   Not everyone is a big fan of music and mixing your own tunes so I am unsure on how this game will be received.  However, I can see potential with it because you can make your own music for parties and so on.  So yes, the game is in interesting concept that is worth checking if you are into music and mixing. 

DROPMIX and the packs are available at your favorite store, even on and

DROPMIX Starter Kit

Discovery Packs



Playlist Packs


Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.


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