Friday, December 15, 2017

Color Yourself to Tranquility

91lVvmhj26LColor Yourself to Tranquility And Reduce Stress With These Beautiful Artworks of Trees
Original Art by Melissa Launay
Published at  CICO Books

About the book

Reduce stress and find inner calm by coloring in these beautiful trees, drawn by artist Melissa Launay.

Get in touch with nature and discover a world of tranquility by coloring in these beautiful illustrations of trees. Coloring provides a gateway to a peaceful state of mind: it has become a form of art therapy, as well as a way to help you explore your creativity.

Here Melissa Launay’s stunning hand-drawn artworks draw you into the natural world. More than 90 trees are portrayed, from the cherry trees with its ethereal blossom to the steadfast oak, and from the simple apple tree to the exotic dragon tree, all in intricate detail, ready for you to color in.

My Thoughts

I love using coloring as a way to relax and reduce the worries in your life.  I personally enjoy doing bible art journaling and illustrating scriptures.  But not everyone desire to develop their skills in illustrating themselves something and ultimately prefers to just be creative in adding some color to an already designed page. 

So this book is perfect for coloring the already designed illustrations by artist Melissa Launay. 


As you can see the images are all about trees.  You will in fact have more than 90 trees illustrated in this book.   Personally, I think it is a bit too much.  I would prefer a variety of illustrations like flowers, mountains, animals and so on.   The whole book has a theme based on trees.   If you like this then you will not have an issue with it.  Mind you trees are peaceful and you can relax quite a bit under the shade of a tree during the summer time.   But I prefer having a variety like I said.  In the end, there will be a lot of green colored pencils that will be use in your box and the rest not as much.   I guess you could be creative a bit and do leaves of different colors if you desire so – like a purple tree for example.

If you know someone who loves trees and enjoy spending time coloring at their own pace, this book is perfect for them.  It could also make a great gift to someone who enjoy coloring for relaxation.

Color Yourself to Tranquility is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore, even on and


Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Allen for sending me the above mentioned books for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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