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Family Guide Florida

F120c68fc75924bd09f4692bf8d044fb8amily Guide Florida – Where to play, what to see, where to stay
Eyewitness Travel
From DK Canada

About the book

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Florida will lead you straight to the best attractions the Sunshine State has to offer.

Explore the state's history, architecture, wildlife, beaches, and scenic walks. This in-depth guidebook covers all the major cities and sights, from Miami Beach and the Florida Keys to the Everglades, the Gulf Coast, and more. It provides the insider travel tips you need, whether you are making the most of the nightlife or discovering historic towns.

Discover DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Florida.

+ Detailed itineraries and "don't-miss" destination highlights at a glance.
+ Illustrated cutaway 3-D drawings of important sights.
+ Floor plans and guided visitor information for major museums.
+ Guided walking tours, local drink and dining specialties to try, things to do, and places to eat, drink, and shop by area.
+ Area maps marked with sights and restaurants.
+ Insights into history and culture to help you understand the stories behind the sights.
+ Suggested day trips and itineraries to explore beyond the cities and towns.
+ Hotel and restaurant listings highlight DK Choice special recommendations.

With hundreds of full-color photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, and custom maps that illuminate every page, DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Florida truly shows you this state as no one else can.

My Thoughts

This year we have decided to bring our four kids to Florida.  It might be the last “official” family trip we are making – the kids are growing and one is finishing high school next year – and we have decided to bring the kids there for an extended period of time.  My husband and I will also be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this coming June and for us it will be a trip to go back where we had our honeymoon.  Needless to say we are excited about the trip and look forward for our kids to discover Florida and Walt Disney World.

Planning is also a big part of my gifs and for a good plan you need good books.  That’s why I was very interested in reviewing the Family Guide Florida, a book in the Eyewitness Travel series from DK.   This guide will help me to plan a stress-free vacation so I can enjoy the time with my family when we are there.  Oh in case you are wondering we will be driving with our RV in order to save money on the stay portion of the trip.   We have decided to stay at some state parks which are very reasonable price wise even though they are not close to WDW. 

The inside of the book has a map of Florida with color coded sections on it.   Each color correspond to a section of Florida which can be quickly found in the book.  For example, Orlando and the Park is in light orange color while Miami area is in pink.   When you look at the side of the book, you can easily find the Orlando and the Parks section by the color light orange. 



As I mentioned above the book is divided into sections – Miami, The Gold and Treasure Coasts, Orlando and the Parks, The Space Coast, The Northeast, The Panhandle, The Gulf Coast, The Lowed Gulf Coast/Everglades/Keys.  Each section will have an introduction as well as the best things for families to see and do.   A regional map will also indicate where the cities are located.  Each section features a number of destination that will be fun to do with the family.  Each sightseeing page also possess a Kid’s Corner section which highlight special information for them.  The Kid’s Corner sections have been designed to involve children with games, cartoons and fun facts.  You can also find places to stay at the end of each section of the book.   However, I would have very liked to see some campsites that are reasonable in prices as well as maybe highlighting the state parks option.   Finally at the end of the book a whole section can be found with maps from all the areas of Florida.

This book will definitively found it’s place in our luggage when we pack our RV.   I am not leaving our home without it.   It contains a ton of information about the places we are planning to visit – whether beaches or parks. 

Family Guide Florida is available at your favorite bookstore, even on and


Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for allowing me to promote these books. I was not monetarily compensated for this post . Please note that the post was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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