Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp adventure

Ant-Man_and_the_Wasp_posterLast Friday, July 6th, we had planned to go to the Landmark Theater in Kanata to see the movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp” with our whole family.   We enjoy seeing the new super-heroes movies in theater so we splurge a bit and bring our kids to these movies.   We arrived for the 1145am showing.

The movie was going on when suddenly the screen when blank and emergency lights opened in the theater.  We were literally about 15-20 minutes close to the end of the movie.   After waiting 15 minutes or so, we decided to checked on the website for Hydro and saw that there was an IMG_0462

issue in the area we were located.  The theater is smack in the middle of the bottom section on the photo below.

We decided to leave and request some free tickets – the theater was already giving some away.   We were disappointed but we needed to go to our campground from the week-end and could not wait until 330pm for the outage to be fixed as mentioned on the twitter account of the Hydro company.

So we drove and as we got closer to our destination, we jokingly said “What if the theater in Renfrew had the movie starting at 1pm? We could arrive where we were at when we were at Landmark.”  So hubby said that if it was the case, he would go in and offer to pay a reduce amount for us to see the end of the movie.

Well…. we arrived on main street.  Usually we turn to go to our campground before the theater but we see the sign.   And guess what….. the movie had indeed started at 1pm.   And there was a parking spot in front of the theater on the other side of the street waiting for us.  Hubby and one of our boys go in the theater.  He asked if he could pay a small amount for us to see the end of the movie and explain what happened.  The lady at the OBrien Theater in Renfrew allowed us to go in for free so we can see the rest of the movie and the fun part during the credits. 

The best part is that when we sat down it was about 5 minutes before the movie stopped at Landmark so we were able to catch the part that we had missed earlier in the day.

And after checking later that day for the outage – it was not fixed until 530pm and it happened because some trees fell on the lines due to high wind.

We were blessed by this lady at the OBrien Theater and are thankful for her willingness to let us see the end of the movie.

Many thanks from our whole family.  You have made our day on July 6th, 2018!

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