Friday, August 23, 2019


I recently had the privilege to pre-screen the movie Overcomer which comes out in theaters today.

Overcomer tells a story that illustrate how life can change overnight.   One of the main characters is an high school basketball coach and he sees the big potential that the team has for the upcoming year.  However, some unexpected events will turn the dream into a series of challenges that many people through the town will have to face in the days and weeks to come.  At some point, he is asked to fill-in for as coach for a sport that he doesn't know or understand. This is were he will meet a student who is also struggling through her own journey in life.

I won't tell you much more than that because I truly believe that this movie is worth watching.  Not only would the story touch you in many ways (bring some tissues with you) but you will also appreciate the transformation in the lives of many characters in this movie.

The Kendrick's brothers have produced numerous faith movies through the years (Flywheel in 2003, Facing the Giants in 2006, Fireproof in 2008, Courageous in 2011, and War Room in 2015).  One comment I have told my husband after viewing Overcomer was that you can see the quality of their movies has become better through the years.

When we watched this movie our family was short of a few people as some were at camp and another were helping a family member.  We have enjoyed the movie and its synopsis.  I cried - I admit it.   I was touched for various reasons throughout the movie.  It made me realize that I am also an overcomer in many ways - particularly this year when some challenges have shown up in my life and I had to go through them in order to become the person God has in mind for me. Sometimes when life is challenging you need to face it and be willing to get help too. 

This movie is perfect for the whole family - young and old.  It is inspiring in many ways and will leave you filled with hope and will challenge you to ponder on this question: "What do you allow to define you?" 

The movie will be playing at numerous theaters throughout Canada.  To get a full list of the theaters, please go to the Overcomer Canadian website.

In Ottawa the movie will be showing at the following theaters:
  • Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata
  • ScotianBank Theater Ottawa in Gloucester
Check out the trailer before heading to the theater.  It will give you an idea of what to expect.

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