Monday, March 31, 2008

Nose story and Great Commission...

You are probably why I linked the Great Commission with a nose story... Let me tell you.

Yesterday morning at 5:30 am  (EST) my daughter Jasmine was crying.  So I get out of bed to give her the soother. But then I decided to go to the bathroom before...   I'm a mom since almost  7 years and I woke up often in the night for various reasons I never had to walked around with my hands in front of me.   NEVER!   But that morning somehow I wasn't following the path and BAM!  I hit the door frame with the nose.   OUCH!   I was in pain - yelled - hubby jump out of bed asking me what happened and if I was hurt... I say "Ice Pack, Ice Pack, Ice Pack!"   Off he goes and come back with three...  LOL  While he is gone I am unsure if I broke the nose or not, if I am bleeding or not, but MAN does it hurt.   You wouldn't believe this for a nose but it does....

Thankgoodness for the ice pack, I think I got the swelling down... but this morning it's bruised slightly.   Cute nose job really!   Light purple and still sore.   Oh well!

But yesterday was a special day for us - we were to be commissioned with our team for H.E.A.T. in our home church - Sequoia Community Church.   So you can imagine what was going through my head when the nose story happened.   Fortunately, I didn't have to go to the hospital. 

So we came to church early since Rob was speaking yesterday - giving the H.E.A.T. story to the congregation.  Two of our team members came and gave some testimonies.   The church prayed for us and off we go to plant in two weeks.   Two weeks before the first service...   Twice a month for three months and then weekly.   WoW!  Time flies fast.

Emotional day for me yesterday... I'm leaving a church family that I love and care for...  Mind you I know I have another church family already with the team but still it's hard to cut the ombilical cord.

To announce the birth of H.E.A.T. we had asked Pastor Rick to become "pregnant" and similate a birth.  Under his shirt - a pillow with the H.E.A.T. t-shirt.   The congregation loved it!    Symbolizing the conception, creation and birth of H.E.A.T.  It was original...  Hey  he made a sermon in a baby outfit a while back why not having him a birth???  LOL

For those of you who want to follow our journey with H.E.A.T., please check out the H.E.A.T. blog.

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