Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wondering where we are heading...

Ever wonder why the plans you are making are sometimes changed in a matter of a split seconds?

We are experiencing that these days...   We had planned to get rid of debt before making any kind of decision about where we will live...  I mean we are debating between staying here or living in the country.   Have a few acres with a barn where we could have some H.E.A.T. events is a dream.   Hey!   Nothing is lost but somehow God made clear to hubby that we need to finish the basement in this present house so that we can have some training facility for H.E.A.T. .   As off next month we will rent some space in a church downtown our city to have our services.  But if some training is needed for our leadership team or for members of our church we were stuck... Nothing.  

It all started when a client of ours who works in appraisal and have contacts with engineers who designs home told my husband that because of ALL the snow we got this winter there could be flood occuring in the basements...  Mmmm!   Our basement is still crowded with boxes from previous move and all the business equipment is there.   So we started organizing our home to move some things around.   Alexandre and Dominic are now sleeping in the bunk bed and Jérémy on his new bed ALL in the same room.   The previous room of Alexandre and Dominic will become the business office for now and eventually maybe the classroom.   Mind you it is a smart move since the boys will all sleep in the same area during camping in the trailer but we do need adjustments.   So far it is going well...

After we organized that room that's when God spoke to my husband by telling them we need to finish the basement (even if it is partially ie walls, floors...) so that we can use the space for H.E.A.T. - mmmm!  we had thought about that but not this year...   What about our debt?  Looks like it can wait.   So slowly, Rob and the boys are bringing some boxes in the garage which is now empty because we are putting the cars outside (even if it is still cold).   Bottom line is that boxes are not coming back in unless we can put the books or stuff somewhere in the house...   Right - that doesn't include the comics boxes obviously...

So re-organizing we are doing.   And the boys are learning to live together in the same room.   Jasmine is unmoved byt he changed.   The only thing that is changed for her is that she has pierced ears...   She is soooooo cute with them.   Sweet little girl!

Now because of the changes here... I need to re-organize my office so that the server can be put there.   As soon as the basement is finished - we will mark down the floor to sub-divised the area.   A guest room will be there as well as an office for Rob and a bathroom as well.   The rest we need to think about...

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  1. MoreLittleWilsonsMarch 26, 2008 at 9:11 AM

    can you tell me if there are any French - Canadian - homeschool suppliers? what do French homeschooling families use as curriculum?

    A gal from Ottawa is moving to Peru - she wants to fill up on supplies before she leaves. I don't know her.. I just know the missionary in Peru who has recently met her.

    Thanks Sombra