Monday, October 20, 2008

Another field trip... this time to a bird sanctuary!

On Sunday we packed the kids in the truck, brought lunch with us and decided to go pick more apples... Well there wasn't apple left in the trees where we went so since we were about 20 km from a bird sanctuary we decided to go.   We had the time of our life.   We had fun and watched the Canadian geese flying around.   Then since we were 45 KM from Massena, NY... well you can see where I am going...   We crossed the border - good thing we don't have to have the passport yet!.   We then went to Wal*Mart and Kentucky Fried Chicken (believe me when I tell you the Kentucky int he States is WAYYYYYY better than the one in Canada - finger licking good!).  Then we drove back to home crossing the other bridge....

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