Monday, December 1, 2008

Soy beverage anyone?

Soy....   This is something new in our household simply because our little Jasmine is having a reaction on the milk protein in the formula.   All my other kids drank milk but it looks like Jasmine might not...

It started about 2 months ago...  Formula in the morning was oka, lunch time I could see that there was a bit of redness in her face but nothing else... in the evening though - that was another story.   The red splashed on her upper body but when we was done with her bottle... without finishing it most of the time, it would disappear.    At first we thought that it was because we got some Parent's Choice Formule (Wal-Mart brand) - which was a first because usually we always get the Kirkland one (Costco brand).   So at one point I drove to Costco and bought some from there...  Same reaction.

About a week ago, I took her to see our family doctor and discovered that she was not tolerating the milk protein.   Great!   Now what to give her.   He suggest to me that we go with Soy.    Soy is not something new in Rob's family because our 2 nieces-to-be can't tolerate the protein in the milk either so I called my sister-in-law and asked her some questions...

Because Jasmine is so close of being 1 year old, the doctor said I could go directly to the Soy beverage not the Soy formula.   So I got one Soy Beverage from the grocery store and gave her some...   She dunked it!!!   Surprise for me since she usually never finished her bottle.   Now she drinks 9 ounces morning, lunch and supper time... WoW!   And you know what I realized this week-end...  she is taking weight - good.   I thought she was a bit small too!   Now her 12 months old pants are holding on her waist while before they would fall down.  

And the best is that the red splashes are gone!   Completely gone!  Hip Hip Horray!

I am so happy that we figure out the problem.... even if it means she will have to dring Soy for many years. 


  1. Wish I could see her. I bet she's really changing.

    My youngest brother is lactose-intolerant.


  2. our son Jackson had the same problem. we found out he was lactose intolerant, which makes sense as I am too. the best 'tasting' soy milk is Silk. pricey but amazing...