Monday, January 5, 2009

Planning Strategy for Walt Disney World...

My friend Heidi has an interesting weekly thing called Destination Disney and this week (well okay maybe last week... I'm a bit late) it was about planning your trip.

It has been 10 years last June since we went to Disney - that was before kids!  On our honeymoon...  I had bought books back then to plan our trip.   I'm a MAJOR planner and I like to figure out what to do when...  know what I mean?

So while going through our stuff to see what would go back in the basement and what we are getting rid off, we found the old planning books...  These we didn't keep because 10 years have gone by since then.   But we were planning to buy other books when we would bring the kids to Disney.

It is possible that we do that in 2009.   It will depends of many things but it is one of our potential trip.   The kids don't know...  so shhhhh!   Don't tell them.   It will be a surprise.

While going to Costco not too long ago, I stumble on a special book there.    I showed it to hubby and we decided to buy it.   You've guessed it!   A planning book for Disney!

The PassPorter's Walt Disney World is packed with interesting information and planning guides.    I can't wait to see if we will be able to go this year and then pick up the book and plan our trip!  What a surprise it would be!!!!

You can find this wonderful book at

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  1. Isabelle~ I'm so excited that you played along with Destination Disney this week! I hope you get to go in 2009 and can start participating in the meme every week. You can anyway - just talk about your past trip(s).