Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dreams and Designs: Homemade Supplies... E-Book

Dreams and Designs: Homemade Supplies...
Ebook published at The Old SchoolHouse

Today homeschooling is a decision that many takes for various reasons. And fortunately, there are many companies who are there to provide curricula or supplies to help us to homeschool our children. However, if you don’t follow a budget, it can get expensive. Dreams and Designs is an ebook which will help you achieve your dreams in setting up a wonderful homeschool for your family. In this ebook, you will find tons of wonderful ideas like make your own calendar for example. I tried many times to use a regular calendar but to no avail. I think I will take the time to create one of these this year so that child #2 who is 5 and #3 who is almost 4 can realize that in a year there is a lot going on from the changing of the seasons to the number of days in a month. Another idea was the use of a puppet theater. In our house, we are blessed to have a half-wall behind the sofa in the living room and once in a while the kids use it to create a little show with their stuff characters. We laugh a lot when they do that and it’s time well spent with family. So if it ever got into your mind to get a puppet theater someday, you really need to see the ideas of the author on this activity. She explains how to make one using a display board and transform it as a puppet theater. Another idea that the author gives in this ebook is to create activity bags for the children. When you are on the go or need to go to an appointment, grab one of the activity bags and voilà – homeschool on the road. Desk organization is another issue for homeschoolers. The author suggests various ideas to make your homeschool more efficient. Stop looking for your supplies; have them all at the same place. I am blessed to have a special area in our house that I call the homeschool room and we were able to reuse some computer desks, bookcases and armoire to store our curricula and supplies. The only thing we bought for this room was a board to display some things on it. I even use the sides of the armoire to put up some learning posters we have. You will also find wonderful ideas for kindergartens – like the cards that question the child. I do something similar when we are reading a book but honestly I had not thought of taking pictures and apply them on a card board and then write questions regarding this picture. The funny thing is that I own machine that laminates and I could easily make these for multiple uses. I have now another project to do for the coming year. In conclusion, I grabbed some interesting ideas while reading Big Dreams and Designs . It doesn’t have to cost a fortune for your kids to learn. If you feel like you need to spark your homeschool but don’t have the money to spend that much, check out the ebook Dreams and Designs because it is packed with tons of ideas. And the best thing is that you could do it with your kids – create something together they would use later in their homeschool. It is just the best.

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