Monday, August 31, 2009

Me, Myself and God - a retreat

So my husband offered for me to go up to the trailer by myself on Friday and Saturday...   I went with Bible, journal and books... planning to spend time with God and catching up on some reading.

Here's a little summary of the days.


  • God obviously!

  • the worship songs from Vineyard which moved me while I was driving

  • the upside-down pizza - no comments

  • the giant radishes - the Fraggles would have like them

  • Max Lucado - I finished reading his latest book Fearless

  • the Robot Wars - another book I needed to read to review

  • prayer

  • journalling

  • getting encouraged by Amanda Bennett, the Lamberts (Five in a row), Terri Johnson (Knowledge Quest/Bramley Books), Malia Russel (Homemaking 911) and Cheryl Allin (TOS) from an e-book of TOS

  • the rain falling.... (Saturday)

  • the Word

  • the cry of the owl on Friday night - Oh I wish I could have seen it

  • exploring the book Heart of Wisdom sample document

  • discovering my homeschool planner that I had just bought - The Well-Planned Day - I love it!

  • the reminder to expect the unexpected

  • putting me, the kids and our homeschool in God's hands

  • an Xanadu (the movie)

  • the drive back home in the rain because I couldn't go walk in the woods... well I guess I could have done it but honestly I didn't feel like being wet.

I had a good time but I want to go back when the leaves ar changing colors....

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