Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby it's hard in the world

Eveyrone around the world is experiencing hard times.

We thought we might not feel a thing since back in the 80s where there was a recession hubby didn't felt a thing because of being in the National Capital.

But this is a different time.   We are in 2009 now... and it hit hard everywhere.

We are currently looking in various options for us... for the company... for homeschooling.

I still have hope but the thread is thin.  very thin.

Only a miracle would help.   So God please bring contracts our way!  Thanks


  1. It's hard on everyone right now. Is there anything I can do to help you guys? I'll be praying.


  2. IKWYM about times being hard. I recently had to re-enter the workforce, after 13 years at home. That has been really hard. On top of that, after going back to work, I got diagnosed with asthma, and we have no insurance to pay for any of the medical expenses.

    I need to see an asthma/allergy specialist, but it would be $1200. thanks. I'll just keep praying the Lord gives me direction in how to keep the asthma under control.

    Praying things start looking up for you. Our hope is in the Lord, and if we lose our hope, we have nothing left. One thing that keeps going through my mind is that scripture where it talks about some trusting in horses and chariots, but WE will trust in the LORD OUR GOD!