Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC's to Help You Grow

Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow
By Kenneth N. Taylor Illustrated by Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic
Published at Tyndale KIDS

About the Book
Ken Taylor’s best-selling book is now updated with all-new bright and colorful illustrations and a larger trim size. Using the alphabet as a learning tool, the easy-to-use format of this beloved picture book connects Bible themes and verses that teach kids ages 3-7 Christian values. Each spread represents a letter of the alphabet and a Christian value or moral lesson beginning with the same letter. Kids are encouraged to find the lesson being modeled (or not) in the illustrations. They are also asked questions to help them apply the lesson to their lives. This book is sure to win the hearts of kids and parents alike.

Who is Kenneth N Taylor?
Throughout his publishing career, Dr. Kenneth Taylor's dream was for all peoples of the world to read and understand God's Word and experience its power at work in their lives.
From his earliest children's books to his generous support of Christian ministry, this vision was (and still is) reflected in his work. Ken Taylor, founder of Tyndale House Publishers, died in June 2005 at the age of 88.

For more information about Kenneth N Taylor, please go to the Tyndale site.

My Thoughts
I while back I reviewed two interesting little books for children; Who Made the World? and What is the Bible? Both these books had my favorite little bug in it – yes you’ve guessed it the LADYBUG! Well when I mentioned it in one of the reviews, my contact at Tyndale told me about the book Big Thoughts for Little People that was coming in the Fall. She said that I would love it as well because there were ladybugs in it too! She then informed me that she will send me a copy when it will be available. Mind you I had forgotten about it until I received a package from Tyndale this week. What? I didn’t recall asking for a new book to review. I opened the package and discovered that I had just received a copy of Big Thoughts for Little People. But when I opened the book I was surprised by a multitude of tiny ladybugs. That’s when I remember the e-mail from my contact at Tyndale. Thanks Christy!

This colorful book literally goes through the alphabet with the child. Each alphabet letter has two pages; one containing the text and the other illustrating what is written. Each letter teach the child about a Christian value or moral lesson that begins with that specific letter.

The illustration will help the child to engage in the book and discover the lesson being taught. Inside the illustrations, you will also find objects or actions that would start with that letter. And yes there are ladybugs all over the book. For each illustration you can take some time with your child and search for the ladybugs. I would also strongly suggest that you discuss about the illustration by using the questions found in the previous page or by just playing with your child – counting the objects in the page, describing what the child see, talking about the illustration, etc.

Finally scriptures related to the theme of the page are also included for each letter of the alphabet. This touch will help the parent to instill God’s Word in the life of their children.

This book is an updated version of the original print published in 1983 and will permit parents to introduce a new generation of children to the lessons from Kenneth N. Taylor.

Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow will be available in November 2009 in every good bookstore even on amazon.ca and indigo.ca.

This book was provided for review by the Tyndale House Publisher.

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