Thursday, September 5, 2013

I scream for ice cream

When we used to drive to Northern Ontario (New Liskeard to be exact), my husband used to stop on the way in and back to a special ice cream place in Deep River - Laurentian View Dairy.  We would even stop on our way back when it was winter time.   Then the unthinkable happened… my in-laws moved closer to us and we had no opportunity to drive to New Liskeard anymore.IMG_9138

But last month, after we attended the family reunion and were driving back home, I gave one look to my husband and whispered “ice cream”.  A quick look from his part told me that he already thought about it.   We just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share this wonderful ice cream with our kids…

So when we arrived at Deep River, we stopped at Laurentian View Dairy so that we could taste the fabulous ice cream made there!  The place was established in 1945 and offers a restaurant and a dairy bar, manufactures its own ice cream and processes milk and milk products.   From what I understand it’s a location that many people travelling back and forth from Northern Ontario will stop to rest and savour their ice cream.

With over 40 kinds of flavours to choose from who can really resist the ice cream?   The kids each picked their own flavours but my favourite ones are definitively the Raspberry Ripple (full of yummy raspberries!), the Blueberry and the Orange Pineapple (in that order).   But you can also find  flavour like Egg Nog, Tiger Tail,  Boston Cream and Rum-N-Raisin to name a few.


The kids were looking forward into trying something different than the plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream we usually have in the house.


The cones are a bit pricey but how often do you have the chance to try out the most delicious ice cream in the Ottawa Valley? or Ontario for that matter…  Not often.  So if you are travelling in our neck of the wood with your RV, I strongly recommend that you stop at Laurentian View Dairy and try their amazing ice cream.  You won’t be disappointed and will wish you had purchase a container of the ice cream so you can bring it with you on the road.   (We though about it while we were driving back home!).


Laurentian View Dairy
33387 Highway 17,
Deep River

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