Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bring in the creativity with K’Nex

Recently I have received new products from K*Nex to present to my readers.    I am always eager to see what’s new on the market and this time around there is a few surprises for kids who enjoy specific video games like Super Mario 3D World and Plants VS Zombies.    Though I am not familiar with the video games from which some of the packages come from, I think that K*Nex has shown creativity in creating these special toys.

Let me present you the products I have received.

91ZifzKTkDL._SL1500_Cat Mario Building Set91 7yyijgxL._SL1500_

Go on a brand new adventure with Cat Mario as he battles a Mouse! Featuring K'NEX's all new jump disk and launcher that allow Mario to run and jump, like he does in the game. Build Cat Mario use the moveable jump launcher to enter the course. Look out for a Mouse - he could smash you! Defeat the mouse, then use the next jump launcher to reach the high platform and collect the spinning coins! Make your way though the clear warp pip, then pop-up the goal flag and you've cleared the course! Combine your Cat Mario building set with the rest of the K'NEX Super Mario™ building set line to take Mario on an even BIGGER adventure! For ages 8+.


  • Buildable course from Super Mario™ 3D World
  • Includes multiple jump panels to move Mario throughout the course
  • Buildable Cat Mario figure included
  • Mouse figure
  • Includes a clear Warp Pipe, pop-up Goal Flag and coins
  • EXCLUSIVE to this set: Cat Mario figure, Mouse figure, clear Warp Pipe
  • Ages 8+


52 Model Building Set81xqYo2q1DL._SL1500_

Build anything you can imagine for a year with the 52 Model Building Set! Includes instructions/ideas for 52 unique models - 1 for each week of the year! Loaded with over 600 K'NEX rods and connectors you can build trains, planes, animals, and tall structures. Parts can be stored in the convenient plastic storage tub. Perfect for builders ages 7+. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Includes ideas for 52 models - 1 for each week of the year!
  • 600 Pieces
  • Convenient plastic storage tub
  • Ages 7+


91HZS2tdtlL._SL1500_Football Mech Building Set

Beat the zombies, save your brains...with the Football Mech Building Set from the Far Future level! This set includes 1 zombie figure plus a buildable Football Mech that walks with motorized action, just like in the game! Battery-powered motor included plus easy to follow building instructions. For ages 7+. Batteries not included.


  • Buildable Football Mech
  • Includes 1 future zombie figure
  • Battery-powered motor included (Batteries not included)
  • Walking action just like in the game
  • Easy-to-follow building instructions
  • Ages 7+



91Gd6J3mrAL._SL1500_IMC Pilot Strike Building Set

Grow your army and establish the warzone with the K'NEX Titanfall™ IMC Pilot Strike Building Set! Use the IMC Pilot included to battle the Spectre in one-on-one combat. Includes 80+ pieces including an exploding wall to recreate the features of the Titanfall™ game. Combine with the Militia Pilo91BdqLTwBlL._SL1500_t Attack Building Set to grow your K'NEX Titanfall™ collection. For builders ages 8+.


  • Recreates the Titanfall™ game
  • Includes 2 figures - 1 IMC Pilot and 1 Spectre
  • 80+ Pieces
  • Exploding wall
  • Ages 8+


My Thoughts

I love K*Nex because it allow my kids to develop a different site of creativity.  However, I will admit that I personally present kits that will develop that creativity over kits that are based on popular video games.   Probably because my kids don’t play much video games as we have very controlled time over this.   

So my heart is more pleased with the 52 Models Building set as it will allow my kids to use the pieces for personal models as well as models offered in the box.   However, I must admit that the Plants VS Zombies kit as well as the Super Mario Kit are very colorful and attractive in some ways.    The TitanFall kit is not as interesting as I don’t see the point of it.   Yes you can pretend fighting against an enemy but the colors of the pieces are not bright like the other kits.   I like color and having a kit that promote mostly great pieces feels a bit depressing for me.

If you are looking for a fun construction toy for a child in your life this Christmas, check out the K*Nex kits to see which one would be interesting for them.   It promotes creativity and coordination as they build the sets.    It would be money well spent.

All these toys are available at your favourite toy store, even amazon.ca and amazon.com.





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