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My Incredible Body

imageMy Incredible Body – Guide to Learn About the Human Body for Children
By Visible Body

About the App

Wouldn’t it be mind-boggling to look inside the human body and see how the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones work? Wouldn’t it be astonishing to see what swallowing, breathing, and digesting look like from the inside? With My Incredible Body, both children and adults can learn all the pieces and parts of human anatomy in an incredibly fascinating human body guide.  Learning the parts of the human body becomes visually engaging with this uniquely precise virtual guide.

* Zoom inside the skeleton, muscles, organs, nerves, and blood vessels to learn where everything is and how all the parts of your body function!
* Take rocket rides through the human body to experience how blood flows, what lungs look like when breathing, and how the body does its swallowing and digesting. You can even stop and look around!
* Learn how the skull bones fit together, what the busiest muscle in your body is, and other cool science facts like how the iris got its name!
* Watch short movies that show you how your brain works, how your muscles work together, and how your heart functions!
* New in-app purchase features fun quiz questions so kids can test themselves on what they’ve learned!
* Hey parents and teachers: Need help starting the puberty conversation? We've added the Reproductive System as an in-app purchase. It shows basic male and female anatomy and introduces the concepts of puberty and human reproduction at just the right level.

Parents, here’s what you need to know:
My Incredible Body is designed to be both engaging and educational, appealing to the natural curiosity of kids. It’s designed for experimentation, experience, learning, and discovery. And best of all, it’s really fun to use! Medically accurate 3D models and animations of anatomical structures are the hallmark of My Incredible Body. Content includes coverage of the following:  brain and nerves, digestion, lungs and air, bones of the skeleton, kidneys and urine, seeing, swallowing, digesting, breathing, and smelling, muscles, circulation and the heart, puberty and human reproduction

Content is served in a variety of ways to help kids learn about the human body.
* Immersive 3D models allow kids to see inside the body, identify organs and other anatomical structures, and learn amazing anatomy facts about how the body works.
* Children can use their fingertips on their iPad or iPhone to virtually “dissect” 3D models. They can rotate and zoom in and out to see what their insides look like and how the structures work together.
* Children can read and hear fun science facts about each anatomical structure—either with or without a virtual guide for exploration.
* Children can virtually fly through the different body systems.
* Short animations provide educational explanations of the body’s functions.

You’ll be well on your way to becoming an anatomy rock star!

My Thoughts

I learned about My Incredible Body app this week.   Someone mentioned it to me because we will be studying the human body as part of our homeschool coop.    After checking it out, I was very impressed with the quality of it and decided to see if I could review it.    Visible Body agreed and within a day the app was installed on my iPad.

Right from the first time we looked at it, I knew this app was a gem.   Seriously, the kids kept looking at it, learning from the various systems inside our bodies and watching the videos included in it.   The 3D view as well as the videos as simply stunning and permitted them to visualize the various part of the body.   And the use of colors within the app help to better understand the way our body works.

image image

image image

The kids enjoy using the app to learn more about the human body – which is the theme for our next session for our homeschool coop in October.   In the meantime, they will have this app to explore as well as our weekly lessons on the human body which is part of our science curriculum this year.   I have mentioned that the app also uses videos as part of the learning process.   Well these videos are more like simulation on how the body works.  Let’s take the digestive system for example, the simulation will present you how a slice of pizza will travel through the digestive system.   You might think that it will a bit gross but not really.  Seeing the slice of pizza travel through the digestive system is a great way visualizing how food is digested.    

I am very impressed with the quality attached with this app.  If you are planning to study the human body with your child, this is definitively an app that you should consider purchasing on your device.   It is incredibly well done, contains precise information without going in too much details and will allow your child to visualize how his/her body works.   I am particularly please with the fact that when a specific part of a system is presented to the child, the part as well as its name is highlighted in blue. 

Two purchases can be made within the app itself.   The first one, would be the quizzes which will test the knowledge learn after watching the videos, learning how a specific system work and so on.  The second one is about the reproductive system – not all parents would like to have this included in the app without their knowledge so you have the option of adding it if you desire.   I have watched the information of the reproductive system.   The information contained in it is pretty clear.  Two videos explain the puberty for each boy and girl.  Another video also indicates how a baby is conceived (without going through too much details.   Both can be purchased for the price of 99 cents each.


My Incredible Body app is available for purchase on iTunes for the prices of 4.99$.   The app is also available for Android and Windows Touch.

If you have a child who studies in university and would need an anatomy app on his/her device, check out the other apps for college/university students that Visible Body offers.  They are stunning!   With a child who would like to become a doctor in the future, I will know where to look when comes the time for him to get a special app to learn more about the human physiology during his studies.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Visible Body for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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