Thursday, November 5, 2015

Build Your Own Adventure with LEGO

I stumbled of two fun products while looking at the book table at my local Wal-Mart.   When I saw them I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone to remember the titles.   Today I am delighted to review these two amazing Build Your Own Adventure with LEGO that is published at DK Canada.

61adCKyp9TLBuild Your Own Adventure LEGO Friends

Build Your Own Adventure LEGO Friends is a book with bricks that will inspire kids to build, play, and learn all about the fascinating world of LEGO® Friends. It combines fan built inspirational ideas for building story starters. Your child will get inspired to build with creative ideas, then play out her own adventures using her own LEGO collection. The book comes with 77 bricks to build one exclusive model that appears throughout the book.

The book will begin by presenting Liza and her touring car.  The child will have the possibility to build the car using the bricks included in this set and following the instructions found in the book.  Once this is done, the child can now begin the adventures in the book.   Five adventures can be taken with this book: Picnic at the park, the horse show, Heartlake City carnival, adventure weekend, and surprise party.  Obviously each adventure will require the child to use her stack of Lego bricks in order to be able to build what is require for the adventure.  



I find the instructions clear to follow and easy to do.   I am impressed on how easy it is to replicate common day things like sandwiches as well as more complicated things like the swan boat. I can’t believe how detailed the campsite facilities are – even a toilet is included.  To think that all these things can be build using regular bricks that you might have already!It is incredible what can be done with bricks and a bit of imagination…

6121iCSg8OLBuild Your Own Adventure LEGO Ninjago

Get ready for your own Ninja adventure with this inspirational book. This fun book will allow your child to play and learn all about the thrilling world of LEGO® NINJAGO™.  LEGO NINJAGO: Build Your Own Adventure combines fan built inspiring ideas with exciting stories. The child will get inspired to build with creative NINJAGO themed story starters, then play out his own Ninja adventures using his own LEGO bricks. The book comes with 74 bricks that can be used to build one exclusive model that appears throughout the book.

The book immediately start with instructions on how to build Lloyd’s Mech.  Once the child has completed this building project, the adventures can start.   There are five adventures included in this book:  trouble at home, jungle battle, going underground, volcano quest, and icy lands.   Please keep in mind that the pieces included in this set only allow you to build Lloyd’s Mech.  To build anything included in the adventures in the book, the child will have to use his own Lego bricks he has at home.



The instructions are easy to follow and the images are very precise in demonstrating what the scene of the adventure should look like.  I am impressed with the creativity included in the scenes to make them realistic as much as possible.   The interior of the cave is interesting and even includes a crack in the wall.  Note that the scenes do not necessarily include step-by-step instructions.  The book could be a bit advanced for a younger child.  However, an older child would take the time to figure out how to build the house or the vehicles.

These two kits could made a great Christmas gift under the tree for a child in your life.   Both Build Your Own Adventure LEGO kits are available at your favorite store, even and

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