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NIV Bible for Men

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Published at Zondervan

About the Bible

This is not your dad’s Bible. The highly approachable yet spiritually challenging NIV Bible for Men takes the insights from today’s young pastors and authors—who look and sound the same as you, facing the same expectations and temptations—and the truths of Scripture to create a devotional experience that enriches your spiritual life and brings you closer to God every single day.

My Thoughts

This new bible for men will inspire the man in your life in digging deeper in God’s word in order to become the man He wants him to be.   The daily reading in this bible are challenging, and thought-provoking and will encourage him to grow spiritually and deepen his relationship with God.  

Each reading begins with a tweetable statement that introduces the day's meaningful, concise topic designed to address the challenges and expectations that will instantly connect with today's guys, such as career, sexuality, leadership, pornography, relationships, financial stability, spiritual growth, substance addiction, culture, character, education, self-image and more. NIV Bible for Men features include: 260 weekday devotions from young pastors and leaders such as Matt Chandler, Shane Claiborne, Craig Gross, and Gabe Lyons.


It contains two methods to engage: reading through the Bible canonically from Genesis to Revelation or by topic using the topical index 52 "Myth Articles" state commonly accepted myths in our culture today, then refute those myths with answers from God's Word.   Each devotion is based on a specific verse from the bible and the reader will get a main idea at the top of the devotion.  This main idea could be tweeted if desired.  After reading the devotion, the reader can bring it to life by pondering on questions to see how it can apply in his life.  For an easy access to the next myth the reader can discover the page at the bottom of the devotion.  The following authors have participate in providing devotions in this bible: Sammy Adebiyi, Danny L/ Akin, Thabiti Anyabwile, Steve Arterburn, Simon Baker, Mark Batterson, Jon Bloom, Johnathon Bowers, Stephen Brewster, Kurt Bubna, J/ Budziszewski, John Burke, Matt Carter, Tim Challies, Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Shane Claiborne, Neil Cole, Wayne Cordeiro, Steve Cornell, Larry Crabb, Clay Crosse, Brent Cunningham, Jim Cymbala, Matt Dabbs, Kevin DeYoung, Matthew Dickerson, Greg Dill, Eric Douglas, Ron Edmondson, John Eldredge, Andrew Farley, Nick Farr, Tom Gilson, Bob Goff, Billy Graham, Jim Grassi, Ryan Griffith, Craig Groeschel, Craig Gross, Randy Hageman, Hank Hanegraaff, Josh Harris, Brandon Hatmaker, Chris Haw, Christopher D. Hudson, Todd D. Hunter, Michael Hyatt, Bill Johnson, Dr. James Kennedy, Dan Kimball, David Kinnaman, Ted Kluck, Jared Latigo, Rick Lawrence, Jonathan Leeman, Jason Locy, Ben Lowe, Max Lucado, Gabe Lyons, Jeff Manion, Mike McKinley, Rick McKinley, Scot McKnight, Erwin Raphael McManus, Steve McVey, Erix Metaxas, Tony Morgn, David Murrow, Jeremy Myers, Rory Noland, John Ortberg, Jonathan Parnell, C. Michael Patton, Mike Pettengill, Joel C. Rosenberg, Jonathan Ryan, Chris Seay, Christopher Shaw, Ronald J. Sider, Jerry Sittser, Steve Sjogren, Charles Specht, Andy Stanley, Glenn T. Stanton, Jarrett Stevens, Halim Suh, Dr. Dennis Swanberg, Leonard Sweet, Charles Swindoll, mark Tabb, Tullian Tchividjian, Joe Thorn, Bill D. Thrasher, Chris Tomlin, Paul Tripp, Jon Tyson, John H. Walton, Rick Warren, John White, Darren Whitehead, Steven Wickham, Timothy D. Willard, Jared C. WIlson, Pete Wilson, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Micael E. Wittmer, Philip Yancey, and Dr. Ravi Zacharias.

Looking at the list of the men who wrote the devotions I will admit that I recognize some of the names but many are unknown to me.   However, I am slightly disturbed to see the name Tullian Tchividjian and to see that the biography included in there has not being update.   This man has resigned as the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church after admitting to an adulterous affair (on both side from what has been revealed) and has since filed for divorce back in August.    I would have hoped that the publisher would have been careful in not incorporating a leader who is having personal struggles in this bible geared to uplift men.  So I was curious and checked what he has written in the bible.  Through the list of devotions, I was able to identify four that was written by him (D148, D204, D220, and D238).   I then preceded to check the theme of each of these – one was about legalism, one about idolatry, one about God’s spirit living in us, and finally the last one is about morality vs moralism (the trap of emphasizing the importance of “good” Christian behavior.   To be honest, I wished there would be only one devotion of him in this bible but it isn’t the case.  Nevertheless, though he has issue to resolve in his personal life, I am sure some men can benefit from the devotions written by him.  It is just sad that the autobiography is not reflecting the current position he held and the fact that he is in the midst of a divorce.

As I flipped through the pages of this Bible in order to review it, I can see how it would be beneficial for any men whether old or young (even with the issue mentioned above).  

NIV Bible for Men is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore, even on and


Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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