Thursday, December 8, 2016

Educational Board Games

If you are looking for educational games this time of the year, you should check some of the games below from Family Games America.  


imageMath Table Junior

Math Table Junior will give a good springboard to young mathematicians when it comes to addition and subtraction.  The game is composed of a doubled-sided game board, four racks, 60 numbered tiles from 0 to 20 and the game rules.   The goald of the game is to place your tiles and perform addition or subtraction until all the tiles are used.   Basically the game is very similar to Scrabble but with numbers instead. This game will take about 30 minutes to play.  It can be played to up to four people and is recommended to ages 5 and up.   An older version of the game is also available which is call Mathable Classic.

imageMark My Words

  • Making words has never been so fun! Each player is given a number of letter tiles to use to make words and score points. As letter tiles keep getting added to the board, new words MUST be made and then marked down for points! This game is definitively educational and will require creativity.   It is perfect for parents to play with their kids as all ages can have fun with it. 

  • To play it is pretty easy.  Turn the tiles face down and pick 14 each. Put the rest aside.   Flip the tiles in front of you and each player places one of their letter tiles anywhere on the board.   Once this is done, every time a new letter tile is added to the game, it must touch one of the already positioned tiles and a word (or words) must be made.  If you make a word, you count it as 1 point.   The player who has the most point is the best word maker.


imageRational Thinking

Rational Thinking is a quick game that will challenge your brain cells with fifty cognitive creations to test your ability to think clearly while problem-solving.   Each of this challenges will make you use your grey cells in order to use facts and reasoning in order to find an answer that is rational.   Solutions are included in the back of each cards included in this pack.  So try to solve the question or conundrum before flipping it over for the answer!

What I particularly like about this little game is that you can play in English or in French as the challenges are written in both languages.   It would make a great tool to use to break the ice on a get-together or just to challenge friends around the dining table.


imageIQ Challenge

  • This quick game will challenge you to complete the 50 cards in 30 minutes to reveal your IQ Rating. Memory, analytic, abstract, spatial and math questions will put your problem-solving skills to the test.  This cognitive creation game is great for people ages 10 and up.  To play you will have to set a time limit of 30 minutes.   It would also be preferable to have paper and pencil close by so that you can make quick calculations.    You will have to answer as many questions as you can during the allotted time.  At the end, tally up the answers and look at the score card in order to find your IQ rating.

  • This game is also bilingual which is very interesting.


  • imageAre we there yet?

  • Have you ever driven somewhere and your kids keep asking “Are we there yet?”.  Maybe this little question brings fear in you… but next time you drive with the kiddos in the vehicle you will be able to take this interesting game that will set the wheels of fun in motion for a travel game that will help them spend a bit of time to be observant with what is outside.   The game comes in a little red auto bag that contain everything you need to play Eye-Spy while on the road.  The goal of the game is to sight the most travel items on the travel cards to win points.  Each player will get five cards.   You will have to set a limit whether in time or distance for the fame.   The player who accumulates the most cards by sighting the most items wins.  


imageRisk Factor

  • Risk Factor is a quick game that can be quickly summarize by this: When to stop and when to risk a roll is what this game is all about. In the package you will find 9 dice faced with the following letters: T-E-N-O-N-E.  The goal of the game it for you to collect 10 points when spelling T-E-N or 1 point when the word O-N-E is made. However if you take a risk and roll without forming a word, you lose your accumulated points! Yes you’ve read it correctly, you lose ALL your points.  So even if you cannot spell T-E-N make sure you can at least spell O-N-E to make 1 point and stay in the game.  Here’s the catch though, when you spell T-E-N, you will have to remove the Ts out of the game.  Same thing happens for the Os when you spell O-N-E.  The game continues in turn with players rolling, spelling, putting Ts and Os aside for points and then risking additional rolls or losses.  The first to reach 200 points wins this dicey diversion.

**When you put the T and O dice aside for points, put them face up so you know what is ten points and what is one point.


imageMilky Words

  • Milky Words is a quick letter game that anyone ages 8 and up can play.  The game is simple.   Spill 3 letter die from the milk carton and be the first to bellow a word that  starts with the first letter, includes all green letters and excludes all red. This game will challenge you to develop quick-thinking and creativity.  It is a great educational and challenging word game. This game is only available in English. 




Most of these fun games are available on



Disclaimer: Thanks to Family Games America for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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