Friday, December 2, 2016

Free admission at Parks Canada for 2017

As some of my readers might know – celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017.  We know that many activities throughout Canada will be happening for sure.   Ottawa will probably have an amazing Canada Day celebrating on July 1st, 2017.  And the celebrations in town will start on Parliement Hill on December 31st at 7pm until midnight with musical performances on pyromusical show and fireworks at midnight.  

Canada 150

To celebrate this milestone for our country Parks Canada is inviting Canadians and visitors from everywhere to come and celebrate while visiting our national treasures from coast to coast.  How?  Well Parks Canada is offering its Discovery Pass for free admission for 2017!  Click on the badge below to access the page to order your free Parks Canada Discovery Pass for 2017.

What does this pass includes?  Well it allows you to get free admission to all national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada.  It also allow you to use lockage for free at Parks Canada’s historic canals and waterways.  Check the full list of Parks Canada places on their website.


However, regular fees will be charged for other experiences and services like camping, backcountry, any other accomodations, Canadian Rockies Hot Springs, mooring, reservation fees, guided tours and hikes, programs not usually included with admission, firewood, backcountry overnight use.  Note that this is not an exhaustive list.  You will have to verify with the location you will be visiting for more details.

To learn more what is going on in 2017 throughout Canada to celebrate the 150th anniversary, check out the Canada 150 website for details.

We haven’t decided what we will do in 2017 – but we know that we want to celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa.   Canada’s 150th anniversary is definitively something we do not want to miss!

Red Canada 150 Logo

And to make celebrations even more interesting – did you know that 2017 is also the 375th anniversary of Montreal?   If you visit Ottawa in 2017, Montreal is only two and a half hours away in the province of Quebec.

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