Thursday, March 9, 2017

Reflections on when your husband is away for a period of time

This past six days, my husband flew in a warmer place in order to attend a conference.  The trip has been planned for a few months and we knew it was coming.   But it is unusual for him to leave on a business trip and well.... let's be honest here - we are not used to it because it is rare that he leaves for an extended period of time.  As a matter of fact, I can count the numbers of times we were separate on the fingers of one hand.

Okay.   So here I am, on the day he comes back, reflecting on what I have learned this past few days without him at home.

1) The weather will not be cooperating with you.  We had some days where it was extremely cold and two freezing rain warning.  One morning we woke up with ice all over the place - the street was almost a giant skating rink.

2) That sometimes when you feel discourage small blessings from above can happen.   My husband went to Chipotle on Sunday after attending church where he was and he just could decide what to take.  You see it was his first time ever to go there (I never went either but I told him about the restaurant).   Anyhow, he somewhat mentions that it is his first time and he got a surprise when it was time to pay...

3) Going shopping with boys is exhausting.   You literally have no time to enjoy yourself because when they are done, they're done and it is the incessant question of when we go back home.  Shopping trip was cut short rapidly. 

4) It is hard to steep alone when you are so used to have your husband next to you.   Yawn!   Oh I slept... but it is just not the same.   Made me realized that if anything happen to him it will be hard to adjust myself.

5) I wish I can visit that area one day.   I never went to Arizona and I hope that some day I will be able to go with him so he can show me the view from the mountain in person - not just photos.  

6) Sunsets are stunning - no matter where you go.

7) Cacti can make you think of underwater garden...

8) Trips like this can stir your marriage positively.  The saying is true: " Distance makes your hearth grow fonder."

Well - that's my tidbits of wisdom on business trips and family life.   I look forward to have my husband back today.   Tomorrow I declare PD day for us.   Dad is home and the kids will be excited.   No point of doing school. We will enjoy spending time with him and looked at his pictures. 

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