Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, we had a team from Alabama coming to sing in the park and help us reach out to the community.   We had a blast and it was great...   For the event, we have been asked to lent the clown costumes we have so that some of the young adults could use them to entertain the  people in the park.,,

On the Friday we had the grand finale at Saunders Farm before they went back to Alabama.   That's when the costumes disappeared...  Nobody seem to know where they are.   They were in one of the buses at one point but when a friend went to go get them, buses were gone.  Asked the bus drivers to check in the buses and nothing turned out...   So we contacted the team in Alabama, they don't have them...

These costumes were hand-made by my mom and we used them in Dominican Republic when we went in 2005.  

Below is a picture of the costumes...   I have little hope to see them again.  But I know my church will replace them somehow...

Not sure what I am expecting by posting this issue here...  Who knows, they might turn up somewhere.   I particularly liked the two pieces one, the material had bunch of colored hearts on it...


  1. I'm sorry about the loss of your clown costumes. I just happened upon your blog and noticed that you are from Ontario. I am from New Brunswick but live in Ontario now. My husband is a native of Ontario.

    Nice to have a fellow Canadian to blog with.


  2. I am so sorry!!! I pray that they will come back and if not that they are used to bless as others as you have done in the past!!