Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mixed feelings...

We had our OB appointment this week.   Hubby came with me to see what the doctor would say.   We learned that he will be changing hospital (a bit further from our house).   So two options are offered to us...

1) We follow him to this new hospital which is okay, more French, not as new as the one I was before.

2) He gives us a doctor that stays at the hospital where I was before which is closer to the children's hospital (actually it is communicating from the basement).

So you can see the debate here.   We love our doctor and he did all the previous c-sections on me... but if there is complications and the baby needs to be transferred to the children's hospital then I should stick with the hospital I was before.

I hate making these kind of decisions...   What to do?   No sense of peace in me and I don't sense what God is telling me....  


  1. Wow! What a decision to make. I would choose the doctor that you feel comfortable with, however, I have never had a c-section and therefore never felt the fear of complications in that way. This may sound silly, but what does your doctor think is the best option? God bless!


  2. Oh that is hard to make a decision when you feel you can't hear what God wants. I will pray for wisdom and and quidance

    from the Lord.

    God Bless my SSiC

    In Him<><