Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh my.... what a mess!

I am TOTALLY discourage every time I get into my office... Even with the purchase of the desk organizer I got while going in NY state, it is quite messy... Books everywhere, paper everywhere, stuff from Alexandre everywhere, a couple of shorts or pants from the husband somewhere on the floor... notebooks ie journals for the boys and mine somewhere in a corner...   I can't seem to get over the pile of things that keeps accumulating.   Does anyone has a solution to paper junk?  Arg!   it drives me nuts.

Now to top it off I have two toys to test... one gross with Venon and glue stuff to catch Spider-Man and a game called BAM (Brain A Mania) with tiles that has braille on it.   Kind of interesting.  Just need to find time to do them.

On another matter, I calculate the number of people coming for Alexandre's birthday party and I thought that I might be short of cake... so I cooked some cupcakes.   The cake he will have is made of cupcakes but the icing is illustrating a racing track with Lightning McQueen on it...  Cool!   So I made chocolate cupcakes... while hubby was away this morning since cooking chocolate with him in the house can give him massive headaches.  Yes my hubby doesn't like chocolate that much.   More for me and the boys!!!

Oh and we got a Lightning McQueen pinata and Dominic and I filled it this morning with Dollar store candies.   Mmmm!   We had fun.

Well, that's about it... Still can't figure out where to put everything.   I think I'll take pictures of Alexandre's art stuff and dump it in the recycling bin.   At least I will have memories.  Can't keep everything for sure...

I am waiting patiently for my Come Sit by Me curriculum.    Alexandre is finishing school this Thursday.   Soon we will try to take some advance with Math and French....   Especially on those very hot days.

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  1. Rules for paper.... throw it all away. I have a personal problem with paper, I like to print everything so I can read it later and sometimes never get to it so first I had to brake that cycle but any how I throw all my papers away. I'm not sure of your hs laws but here in Michigan we don't have to record anything so I grade the paper ,put it up on the refridgerator for a week and next week a new one goes up the old one hits the trash.

    Hope the party was a lot of fun.