Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Devotion time...

Since I've started the year, I am taking the habit of doing daily devotions in the morning...   There are days where it is harder than others but most of the time I am doing good.

This morning though, while reading the part called "Readings for reflection" which was about poor people, it made me think...

It sort of said that poor people are often more patient in trials, rich in hope and strong in adversity.   They bear witness every day that God is present in their lives...   Remember Luke 12:27-31?   This is what we should not forget...  God do take care of us even when we don't see the end of the tunnel.

To be honest, we learned this important fact this year.   In North America, we tend to forget that God is taking care of us in ALL circumstances.  We have it easy really...   2007 was a year of trust in our family.   Trusting that the LORD will take care of us... and He did indeed.   And He continues.  

I give thanks for what He has done so far and what He will do in the future.   May I ever forget how He took care of us during a harder time in our life.

Hallelu Yah!  (which means Praise the LORD!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing what God taught you in His Word this morning. I agree, we serve a great God who has given us so many blessings.