Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sense of humor...

...from God???

Yep!  You read it right.   After debating all day what we would do with our vehicule... Should we buy a new one or even a used one? (difficult decision to make since no contracts have been coming in since a few months), Should we replace the motor? (is it worth it?), Should we just live with our little ECHO? (another hard decision to make since we can have three kinds in that one...), Should we get rid of both vehicules to get a new one? (again money wise, not the best decision...)...  we finally arrived to a decision... AND NO we are not getting a new vehicule and we are NOT staying with the ECHO only...  Oh we are NOT going to buy a used one either...

We will change the motor... however, we are not going to the dealer which charge a fortune for the replacement only...  We learned during the day that some scrapyard do replace motor from other vehicules they have... (thanks to my brother-in-law's boss!).   So we called around to ask for prices...   We got a good price for a motor with labour and taxes.   This "new" motor will have 74000KM on it but to be honest, it is better that getting a new loan on a new vehicule for our finances right now.

So we decide that, and funny enough we got two calls for contracts we had been waiting since forever to hear from... BOTH should start next week or so.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Rob and two of our guys will be busy.   When that happened, I looked at my husband and said: "God has a funny sense of humor don't you think?".

No really...   After all the stress I had today only... and believe me I had stress (Yes Anita, I had stress!!!  seemed calm in my previous post but believe me inside it was a tornado!!!).   The news of these two contracts finally coming through is a great relief.   We felt like Job in a way (that's my husband saying) as if God was testing us all this time...   Now I trust Him but couldn't He had done it a bit earlier???   I know... I know... God's timing is not ours...  

I think I will fully relax when the guys start on the contracts.  Thank you LORD for taking care of us! 

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