Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The motor blew....

.... yes you read it right.   We were on our way to visit my mom yesterday when a bizarre noise seemed to be coming from the motor... oh oh!  So we pulled on the side of the highway (fortunately we were only 40 minutes from home) and check it out.   A provincial police came and asked us if we had a problem.   He took information about our vehicule to let his co-workers know we were turning back and might have some problems on the way back.   He was very nice.   Thanks OPP!

On the way back... we were hoping and praying to be able to get back home.  Unfortunately, it was not the case.  The motor let go three times.  However, we were able to get back to our exit and to a gas station there.    We called CAA!  Thanks goodness we had a card!    Called my in-laws as well to come pick up the kids and I.   CAA arrived before the in-laws...   and we had been told it might took 2 hours.

Got the van towed to our car dealer... the one with a brother in christ from our church there.   It got checked out this morning....  Motor is a goner.  LITERALLY!   Should we replace the motor... 4000$ job or get a new vehicule or wait... with only a little car that can't have three kids in there?   Decisions, decisions to be made...

Husband went to see used vehicules at the dealer...  There is a 2007 Suburban there.    It can pull our RV no problem.   Now if we can get a good price on it...   We never know.

Right now, I am speechless about the whole situation.   Never thought that after getting our van go through the whole inspection and repairs last month that the motor would die on us.    I wonder if God has plans that we don't know off...

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  1. I get so frustrated when things like this happen. You seem really calm. I can tell that you are waiting on the Lord. Hang in there.