Thursday, November 15, 2007

Imagine Church Planting Conference

This morning, I am joining my husband to the last half-day of the church planting conference Imagine.   Hubby has been involved in putting this conference together for months.  It started last Wednesday and finishes today.   I couldn't go the last two days because I didn't find a babysitter, besides there was gymnastics on Wednesday and my OB appointment yesterday.

But looks like I missed some good talks about church planting.  Oh well...   At least I was able to do school a bit... on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Made Alexandre watch his lesson 12 of MathUSee last night and he will bring his book to do at grand-maman today.   I added a few little things for him just in case.   Hard to ask my mother-in-law to do school really but he could do things by himself.

His reading has improved a lot which is exciting to be honest.  Now he takes books and read to his little brothers.  Fun!  It saves my own voice (ha ha ha).   I do continue to do read aloud though as they loves to snuggle next to me and listen.

Tomorrow, I am going to a Toy Warehouse Sale with my in-laws (NO KIDS!).   I am hoping to find gifts for my nephews and a little a stocking for my own kids.

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