Monday, November 26, 2007

Sleeping issues?

Well...  Three more weeks to go - three weeks where I sure hope I can sleep well at night.   Right now, there is only one side I am comfortable and after a while my leg hurt.  So I switch sides and since the baby is mostly on that side it hurts even more so back on the original side...  ARG!   Back is out of question obviously...

I do have a body pillow... but somehow it is not doing the comfy part this time.   So I take the sleep I have and pray that I will go through my day - homeschooling included!

Another issue we have is figuring out what to do for when my mom will come down.   We lost our guest room since Jérémy is in there...  So we thought to put the three boys together but I am wondering if this is wise...   We need to go borrow a single bed at my in-laws - Alexandre will sleep on this one directly on the floor and mom will take his bed.   Dominic's bed we can move easily...

Talking of bed - I was away for the week-end at a leadership training with a bunch of other women from my church.   My dear husband decided to vacuum under our bed which means removing the mattress than the splitted boxspring.   Problem is the footboard broke.  Oh he fixed it all right but now we need to glue some wood and color it...   I guess there was not enough screws holding it!   Oh well... It is just furniture after all...

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  1. Bonjour!! Hi, I'm a Quebecer relocated to Saskatchewan. I saw you linked at Mary's (Canadagirl's)

    I have 5 and one on on the way.

    And I completely understand bed issues.We have to build more bedrooms in the spring, and my two littlests share a room right now, but they spend most of the night in our bed.. sigh.. too cramped.. especially when i start to get big!