Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nov 1st... soared, sleepless, a date and a cut

You must be wondering what the heck I am talking about in my title...

Last night - Halloween...  Warm night to be honest...  Surprising!  We walked a few streets, the kids went to bed later than usual...  I walked with them since Daddy wasn't feeling so hot himself.   Result?   My back is killing me this morning with a tiny bit of sciatic pain going down one side.    I didn't sleep much somehow - too much exercices maybe?   Anyhow, I was awake at 430am and then decided to get up at 530am...  Couldn't sleep so go up...  Should have stayed down though.   I'm a grump...

This morning I had an appointment with OB.   Dear doctor moved his practice so it took us about 45 minutes to get there... while usually is was 30 minutes.  Oh well, I am at the end of the pregnancy three appointments before the baby is there and then one 6 weeks later.  Got a date too!   19 of December is the c-section date but since he switched hospital as well... well there is a new routine to go through.  The hospital will call after week 32 and I will have to go for a blood test the day before my c-section.   Crumb!   Oh and since it is my 4th c-section well it will be a vertical cut to avoid problems while they sew my back.   Double crumb!   But the bright side is that we will have the baby before Christmas.  I should be back home on the 22nd of December.

Oh last night also, we had a record trick or treaters somehow...   Husband decided to put one of the disco ball outside and it was spinning round and round with bright colors.   Usually, people would just walk past us...  This time, not so.   Dominic wanted to go to the bathroom at one point and we stopped home.   Emptied their bags.  Well daddy had to give some of their stash to keep up with the demand.  Our neighbor ran out as well and ended up giving some $ at the end...   Next year, my husband is planning something bigger with fog machine and many disco lights (all the ones we got for H.E.A.T.) and so on.   It was a big success!

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